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Chapter 509 - The Human-Rabbit Hybrid Clan’s Secret (3)

The Unparalleled Spiritual Doctor: Demon Emperor's Defiant Love
     Chapter 509: The Human-Rabbit Hybrid Clan’s Secret (3)

    Advisor Jun quickly flew over to take a look at the cave that A’gu mentioned. He looked somewhat embarrassed when he came back, saying, “The cave is a little small and not comfortable to stay in.”

    “It’s fine, as long as it’s livable.” Now was not the time to pursue comfort and spaciousness.

    “Go over there and take a look first!” Advisor Jun and A’hui carried Yun Jiuge and flew toward the cave.

    In fact, this cave was very wide but just not deep enough. While sitting inside, the mountain wind whistled endlessly. It was really not a good place to rest.

    “Why don’t we change to another spot?” A’gu felt somewhat guilty. In order to be closer to Guo’er, he would stay in any place no matter how broken it was.

    But he really felt apologetic to mistreat Miss Yun in such a way.

    “It’s alright. It’s fairly good,” Yun Jiuge shook her head, and then said to A’gu, “Guo’er has tired herself out for so long, she must be hungry. Why don’t you throw a bag of Potato Herbs inside? Then head nearby to get some things to raise a campfire and boil some hot water, so that she can drink it as soon as she comes out.”

    “Miss Yun is right,” said A’gu as his eyes lit up at once.

    He flew to the cave to throw the bag of Potato Herbs and Green Moss inside, and shouted, “Guo’er, there are some things for you to eat.”

    A white furry paw soon reached out from the mouth of the cave, and quickly dragged the cloth bag in.

    A’gu chuckled for a bit. Feeling really pleased with himself, he then flew out to look for dead branches and fallen leaves to raise a fire.

    “Advisor Jun, send some people to find Sisi Grass to weave a hanging screen to block the wind. And then get some Daqing Grass which can stem any bleeding. The human-rabbit hybrid clan must have people who are injured. It’ll come in useful later.” Her Spiritual Pills had a limited effect here, so it was more effective to use local medicinal herbs to treat ordinary wounds.

    “A’ping, A’fei, you two go,” Advisor Jun commanded the two Eagle Clan members behind him.

    “Yes.” The two young Eagle Clan members immediately flapped their wings and left.

    “I’ll go out and take a look at the situation under the cliff,” said A’hui, who was a cautious person. Every time he went to an unfamiliar place, he had to survey the surroundings before he could be at ease.

    “Go ahead but be careful. Keep an eye on any movements around our area here from time to time. Come back if you hear any shouts,” Advisor Jun urged.

    “Yes!” A’hui nodded and then flapped his wings to head down the cliff.

    “Miss Yun, are you cold?” Advisor Jun opened his wings to block the cave mouth, trying to ward off the wind. But the whistling gale still blew the hair in front of Yun Jiuge’s forehead into disarray.

    “I’m not,” Yun Jiuge replied. She did not feel cold now, but it was difficult to say if she would be later on.

    “When A’fei and the others bring back the Sisi Grass, it’ll be better,” said Advisor Jun, who became silent for a moment before carefully asking Yun Jiuge, “I wonder how his Royal Highness is doing?”

    “He’s doing well.” Yun Jiuge took A’dai out of the Spiritual Beast Bag.

    The rotund A’dai still appeared to be sleeping very soundly. His shaggy and chubby face had an expression full of happiness, making people gnash their teeth in annoyance by watching him.

    “Miss Yun, is it true that His Royal Highness will wake up in six days?” Advisor Jun always remembered Yun Jiuge’s words. One day had gone by yesterday, so there were six days left.

    “Actually, six days are still too long. If it’s possible, I hope he can wake up earlier.” She felt uneasy today about the human-rabbit hybrid clan being chased and killed.

    If these attackers were also sent by Nangong Yue, then it was certain that she entered the Secret Realm solely for the mysterious force.

    Yun Jiuge herself had just found out that others had begun to plunder. This feeling was really uncomfortable!

    “He definitely will.” Advisor Jun nodded hard, and then secretly reached out to pluck a feather from his Highness’ bottom, hoping that it would wake him up sooner.

    A’dai peevishly kicked out his fat leg and turned around irritably to continue sleeping.

    “Don’t disturb him,” said Yun Jiuge as she rolled her eyes at Advisor Jun and put A’dai away.

    “Since you’re idle, you might as well help me get a big stone over. I’m going to make some stone bowls,” Yun Jiuge said to Advisor Jun. They only came out bringing food but did not bring a single item of those heavy utensils.

    “I’m not idling. I’m going to protect you,” Advisor Jun stressed it earnestly, and then shouted to A’hui at the bottom of the cliff, “Get a piece of stone over. Miss Yun wants to make stone bowls.”

    Soon, A’hui came up carrying a big stone.

    “What’s at the bottom of the cliff?” Yun Jiuge asked A’hui while she made markings on the surface of the stone.

    “Only some broken stones and a piece of dead land. There’s nothing else special there. I’ll go get some water.” A’hui could not sit still and flew out of the cave after he finished speaking.

    Yun Jiuge took out the Wicked Blade which had become scrap metal. She dug and scraped on the gray stone until she finally made a large stone bowl and five small stone bowls with some scrap material left.

    “What is this thing? It’s so powerful!” Advisor Jun stared dumbfounded at Yun Jiuge’s hands.

    Such a hard stone was more fragile than mud in her hands.

    “It’s called a knife.” Yun Jiuge showed the Wicked Blade, which happened to have a special use for stones. Otherwise, it would have been useless if she were to use other Spiritual Tools.

    “This is the legendary Spiritual Tool of the Holy Soldiers!” Advisor Jun looked at the Wicked Blade with a face of admiration.

    “You think too much. It can only cut stones, that’s all. Oh, that’s right, what kind of weapons do your Eagle Clan members usually use?” Yun Jiuge asked.

    Even though Nangong Yue had not come for them yet, there would certainly be a battle once she showed her might. As the warrior clan, the Eagle Clan would definitely have to go to the battlefield.

    “We usually use spears to kill the enemies when we swoop down,” Advisor Jun said with pride.

    Their Eagle Clan members were immensely powerful when they swooped down. They could even kill a big brown bear in the Secret Realm.

    “I thought you would use crossbows and arrows.” Yun Jiuge was a little surprised. The Eagle Clan members knew how to fly and were natural archers. As long as they flew far away from the beasts, who could get close to them?

    “We don’t know how to make crossbows and arrows,” Advisor Jun said, shaking his head.

    “You’ve fought with the human-snake hybrid clan for so long. Don’t tell me you’ve never grabbed a few to give it a try?” Yun Jiuge asked.

    “We did snatch them. But the human-snake hybrid clan’s crossbows are specially made. They can only fly from the bottom up. We basically can’t shoot straight from top to the bottom,” said Advisor Jun with a face of disappointment. He had snatched a crossbow after much difficulty but could not do much with it.

    “There’s actually such a crossbow.” Yun Jiuge did not pay any attention to the human-snake hybrid clan’s crossbows before. She still thought that they were of the ordinary type.

    “The Divine Envoy said that they had customized a lot of weapons for the major clans, and even stated that as long as the Eagle Clan submitted to them, we would get the weapons that worked best for us. It wouldn’t be a problem for us to dominate the Secret Realm.” When Advisor Jun spoke, he still had a little yearning at first, but it quickly turned to disgust.

    As a warrior, he certainly wanted to get a powerful weapon that suited him.

    However, the moment he thought of how the Divine Envoy had made those things to instigate the human-beast hybrids to kill one another, he felt incomparable pain and hate.