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Chapter 313 - I’m Warm Because I’m Hugging Little Tang Tang

Beware Mr. Officer, Tread Carefully!
     Chapter 313: I’m Warm Because I’m Hugging Little Tang Tang

    “Instructor Tang!” Suddenly, Jian Qi became serious. “Your little cutie is angry now. Be careful! Don’t say that I didn’t warn you!”

    She moved again after she said that.

    Her right hand was locked by Tang Jinyu so she grabbed some snow with her left hand and threw them at Tang Jinyu’s face quickly.

    After that, she threw a heavy punch at Tang Jinyu’s handsome face with her left hand.

    Tang Jinyu frowned. He raised his hand and was ready for an attack. Suddenly, as if he had just thought of something, his movement became slower and he turned into defense mode.

    Jian Qi was strong. Tang Jinyu was only defending himself. He took the blow head-on and retreated a step backward.

    He released his force on Jian Qi’s right hand slowly.

    Hence, Jian Qi grabbed that chance and freed herself.

    Yet, she did not move away. She threw herself at him again right after she broke free.

    It was different from her previous attacks. Jian Qi became faster and more powerful. She doubled her speed and force.

    Tang Jinyu frowned as he was slightly surprised.

    It seemed like she would not go easy on him.

    Thus, Tang Jinyu tackled her carefully. He dodged from her punches but she moved even faster and threw another punch.

    Tang Jinyu frowned slightly.

    She was fast and strong. There were no unnecessary moves. It appeared like her only aim was to beat him up.

    So, she did plan to torture him vigorously.

    In fact, Tang Jinyu was an expert in close quarter combat. Jian Qi knew after having fight with him several times. As such, she would never be able to beat him up if she did not use tricks.

    She grabbed a chance and attacked his lower body.

    Suddenly, Tang Jinyu’s facial expression changed. He blocked her incoming leg with his hand.

    Jian Qi seemed rather savage and dangerous at the same time. She stretched her hand out and grabbed Tang Jinyu’s clothes. Then, she moved fast and attempted to put him in a chokehold.

    Tang Jinyu frowned and held her right hand that was around his neck. He grabbed her hand and stopped her from using force around his neck. Then, he pulled her hand away forcefully.

    Jian Qi frowned. How could she allow him to free himself so easily? She grappled his neck with her left hand again.

    The ground was rather slippery because of the snow. They fell down on the ground again during their close quarter combat.

    They fell onto the ground with a great loud thud.

    Why was she the one beneath him?

    Even so, she did not plan to release her grasp. She strengthened her force in her left hand and tightened her grasp around his neck.

    Tang Jinyu grabbed hold of Jian Qi’s right hand with one of his hands. Then, he stretched his other hand out to pull away her left hand.

    However, he paused when he was holding her left wrist.

    At the same time, she strangled him and exerted even more force. Then, she pulled his head backward.

    “Little Tang Tang, do you want to give up now?” Jian Qi said cunningly.

    Needless to say, Tang Jinyu was feeling uncomfortable in that position.

    On the other hand, Jian Qi was not enjoying herself very much. Her right hand was being gripped by Tang Jinyu. It was hurting like hell.

    It was not as painful as when her hand was broken that time. But, it still hurt.

    It seemed like the two of them had fallen into an impasse.

    Jian Qi would never strangle him to death. She just did not want to give up and release her hold. So, they reached an impasse and it lasted for around ten minutes.

    Now, their bodies were covered with deep snow.

    After a short while, Tang Jinyu asked hoarsely, “Aren’t you cold?”

    Jian Qi was beneath Tang Jinyu. They were covered deep in snow. Now, only her head was exposed.

    Jian Qi said with a shudder, “I’m quite warm because I’m hugging my Little Tang Tang.”

    Her words sounded affectionate but the force around his neck became stronger.