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Chapter 244 - Chaos

The Queen of Everything
     Chapter 244: Chaos

    “Who is the music teacher recommended by Teacher Quan?”

    After Le Anqi finished talking about Su Cha, she walked out of the elevator and looked outside curiously.

    Su Cha: “The teacher is my mother.”

    Le Anqi: “…”

    Le Anqi suspected that she had heard wrongly.

    However, Su Cha had already walked straight into the classroom. There were more people in class today than yesterday. Dai Xiaofu walked out in a black-and-white checkered dress. When she saw Su Cha, she revealed an obvious smile. “You’re here? Let’s continue with yesterday’s lesson.”

    As she spoke, she saw Le Anqi wearing a puzzled expression. Su Cha took the opportunity to introduce them. “Mom, this is Le Anqi, my friend, as well as another participant in the competition this year.”

    Dai Xiaofu was stunned when she heard the word “mother.” However, she immediately understood something and said with a faint smile, “If that’s the case, you two can study together.”

    After saying that, she walked into the classroom. Su Cha followed her and Le Anqi came up to her. She was shocked. “Why is the music teacher recommended by Teacher Quan your mother?”

    Su Cha pondered for a while. “Actually, I didn’t know about it in the beginning. My mother and my father divorced very early. I didn’t contact her much, so…”

    Actually, Su Cha had had no choice.

    Su Mingzhe was not her father, and so not many people knew that Dai Xiaofu was not her mother.

    If she could not explain it clearly, there were many things that others would not be able to understand about the situation.

    Naturally, the explanation had to be based on their past relationship. Even if Dai Xiaofu was not her biological mother, she was still Su Cha’s mother in name.

    Dai Xiaofu naturally understood Su Cha’s meaning immediately.

    Le Anqi was a little conflicted when she heard that. The coincidence aside, there was still the fact that Su Cha’s mother did not look like Su Cha.

    Her mother had a gentle temperament, but she did not look outstanding. She did not look at all like Su Cha.

    However, Le Anqi had never seen Su Cha’s father before. Could it be that his father was very good-looking?

    Le Anqi looked at Su Cha’s perfect and exquisite profile and fell into deep thought.

    Su Cha could guess what was running in Le Anqi’s mind, but she did not explain anything. She brought along Le Anqi to learn music from Dai Xiaofu.

    Dai Xiaofu was indeed good at teaching. It could be seen that she was very professional. She could point out many of Su Cha’s problems accurately and give Su Cha a lot of feedback. Le Anqi was just here to join in the fun and was dragged into the class. After a day, Le Anqi had acquired some understanding of singing skills.

    It was not just music; Xiaofu was also good at musical instruments. Most of the students who came to her class were children from wealthy families. It was obvious from their clothing.

    Dai Xiaofu was also giving piano lessons that day.

    Le Anqi and Su Cha were quite curious to be in the middle of a group of children. A group of little children surrounded Su Cha after class, saying that she was beautiful and sweet.

    Su Cha smiled.

    In the afternoon, Dai Xiaofu taught Su Cha and Le Anqi some basic skills. The two of them were then left alone in a small classroom. When they were halfway through their practice, they suddenly heard a “boom” from next door. Soon after, a girl’s scream and children’s cries could be heard.

    Su Cha and Le Anqi paused. The two of them rushed out of the classroom and saw the commotion coming from a classroom full of musical instruments and music books.

    At this moment, the room was in a mess. A huge bookcase had fallen down. The books were scattered all over the place. Beside them was a bunch of musical instruments, surrounding a group of children who were crying loudly.