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Chapter 344 - King Kong and Miss Venom.

The Genius System Without Equal
     Chapter 344: King Kong and Miss Venom.

    Ji Siying drove with Xiao Luo to their destination, the NSA’s headquarters. They stopped in front of a building at the easternmost end of the city center after an hour of driving.

    The high and thick walls, the heavy gate, the awe-inspiring atmosphere, and the national flag visible through the gate made this place sacred, especially the indifferent men standing at the gate holding guns. There was no doubt that they would dare to shoot if someone dared to intrude.

    “This is NSA’s headquarters?”

    Xiao Luo looked at the surrounding environment, it was a strange place to say the least. Normal people would need to have more or less some preparedness and vigilance at this place.


    Ji Siying looked at the front door and answered truthfully, “Covering an area of 680 mu¹, there are science and technology buildings, training grounds, office buildings, leisure venues and so on. Many soldiers live in these buildings and are all bent on improving their strength so as to serve the country better.”

    [T/N¹: mu is Chinese measurement. In this case, the sq. ft. equivalent is 4879639.38890842]

    “What is the relationship between the NSA and the police? Who’s in charge?” Xiao Luo was suddenly curious about this question.

    Ji Siying smiled gently, “There is no question of who is in charge of who. However, if there is a conflict between the two jurisdictions, the police must give in to our NSA. After all, national security is greater than the sky. It’s similar to the relationship between the public security brigade and the army warlords when there is chaos.”

    “So you mean we, NSA, are big warlords?” Xiao Luo jokingly asked.



    Ji Siying couldn’t help but laugh out loud and smiled like a blooming flower, “Mr. Xiao Luo is really humorous.”

    The two people entered the main entrance, the armed guards saluted as they passed.

    Passing through a training ground. One could see many people training, similar to those of the army. Xiao Luo could see that they were not ordinary soldiers. Every muscle in their bodies was exerted to its fullest extent, it was not bulky nor overwhelming. But their explosive force was incredible. They could punch through sandbags with one punch, smash boulders with one hand, and pull large trucks forward to showcase their strength and physical ability. Their skin was bronzed due to constant outdoor training.

    The training ground was divided into two camps according to gender, men and women, separated by high barbed wire. Both parties worked very hard, shouting loudly and inspiringly.

    “They are all elites selected from various special forces in the country. This is only a small part. There are still many people currently performing the secret tasks assigned by NSA. The tasks include escorting important figures, obtaining information from enemy countries, and conducting latent operations. Perhaps it won’t be long before the NSA will also assign tasks to Mr. Xiao.” Ji Siying stopped for a moment.

    Xiao Luo’s eyebrows raised.

    Shifting the topic, “By the way, according to Zhang Gu, NSA has two S-class fighters?”

    Ji Siying nodded, “Yes, their code names are ‘King Kong’ and ‘Miss Venom.’”

    King Kong? Miss Venom?

    Xiao Luo frowned, feeling that these two code names were strange.

    Ji Siying carefully examined the personnel on the training ground before withdrawing her eyes, “They are currently not on the training ground. With their strength, they do not need any additional training. If there is no mission, then Mr. Zhang would arrange for Mr. Xiao meet with them. Mr. Xiao Luo does not need to be on guard against King Kong, but please do when it comes to Miss Venom.”

    “Why?” Xiao Luo asked curiously.

    “Miss Venom’s body is highly toxic, including her blood, body fluids and even the breath she exhales. As long as she touches something, it will be toxic. If you meet her, Mr. Xiao must remember not to be too close to her.” As Ji Siying said this, her eyes were filled with deep fear.

    Xiao Luo was stunned, “Toxic?”

    “Yes, I’ve only seen it on martial arts TV before. If I hadn’t seen it with my own eyes, I wouldn’t believe that there would be such a constitution in the world. It is difficult to explain scientifically.” Ji Siying nodded heavily.

    Xiao Luo’s face turned pale slightly. The world was indeed big. There should be nothing strange about it. But still… a poisonous body actually exists.

    “Mr. Xiao must not get too close to her. She is highly toxic. Researchers have tested and compared the poison in her body with the African black mamba’s venom. A drop of a black mamba’s venom can kill a 260 kg pig in 45 minutes. But the poison in her body is even more toxic than the black mamba’s. It only took 15 minutes to kill a pig of the same size.” Ji Siying said gravely.

    Xiao Luo was stunned. Even with his mental capacity, he still felt his scalp tingling. It was no wonder why Zhang Gu said that S rank soldiers are terrifying. The most horrifying thing in this was that her poison could kill people through an act as simple as breathing.



    In the science and technology building, Xiao Luo met Zhang Gu.

    The old guy’s body was as healthy and strong as before, with straight waist and sharp eyes. His face always gave the impression of a shallow smile. His all-white hair did not make him look old, but instead added a special quality to him.

    Next to him was a middle-aged man, whose age was almost the same as that of Zhang Gu. He seemed to be well maintained, with fewer wrinkles on his face than Zhang Gu. In addition, his hair was all black and not a single strand of white hair could be seen.

    The two men stood together in suits, their white and black hair were a sharp contrast.

    “Mr. Mie, after hearing your name for quite some time now, I finally had the chance to meet you.” The man warmly took Xiao Luo’s hand and smiled broadly.

    Ji Siying introduced the man to Xiao Luo, “He is our deputy director, Mr. Dong Fangshuo Yu!”