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Chapter 325 - Their Love That Invites Envy

She Became a Heartbreaker After Entering the Novel
     Chapter 325: Their Love That Invites Envy

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    This "Other Ning Meng" had liked a Weibo post that claimed she was not good enough for Huo Beichen. So, this meant that this woman agreed with this Weibo user, right?

    Ning Meng thought that this was a possibility indeed since this woman was Huo Beichen's ex-girlfriend after all.

    As Ning Meng was deep in her thoughts, Zhen Shanmei's WeChat message came in: [Ahhhhh! Meng Meng! Have you seen it!? Your hubby Lord Chen is such a bae!!!]

    Zhen Shanmei: [I'm so excited now that I'm going crazy! It is as expected from Lord Chen! Good job!]

    Ning Meng: [?]

    A few seconds later, Zhen Shanmei sent her two links. When Ning Meng clicked into them, two Weibo posts popped right into view.

    @HuoGroup: [Allow us to clarify again. Ms. Ning Meng is indeed Mr. Huo Beichen's wife. He was the one who pursued her for the marriage, not the other way round.]

    @HuoGroup: [The missus is a stunningly attractive woman. Due to that, there are, still to this day, many men trying to court her. However, Mr. Huo did not mind all that. He is fiercely devoted to her and hopes that the missus does not leave him.]


    Reading the two posts, Ning Meng was stunned! Wow, Lord Chen was slapping all those keyboard warriors' faces in huge strides!

    Surely all those people who were bad-mouthing Ning Meng, saying that she was "a shameless hen" or "not suitable for Huo Beichen" would now know their places!

    And it was expected.

    Suddenly, the comments began to change in tone.

    @Nuwa2002: [Hey, Huo Group. What happened to you? If you're being kidnapped by that Ms. Ning Meng, you should tell us out loud.]

    @Googooroo: [What is the world coming to?! Oh My Gawd! The famous CEO of Huo Group would spend his free time defending his wife on the internet!?]

    @MsFabulous: [Ahem! To be frank, that Ms. Ning Meng is quite attractive. She's so beautiful that most celebrities in the entertainment scene pale in comparison to her! It is believable that Mr. Huo would fall for her. Look, I am a woman and I'm already falling for her!]

    @QianDu: [I'm so envious of them. They have been married for 6 years and they are still deeply in love. I've heard that Mr. Huo is also a looker! Oh my, I am willing to wager all my money that their kids will grow up to be Greek gods and goddesses!]


    Ning Meng's mouth twitched as she read the comments.

    Kids? If these people knew that she and Huo Beichen had not even consummated their marriage in the last 6 years, they might be laughing their guts out of their mouths!

    Instinctively, Ning Meng shifted her gaze toward the master bedroom nearby.

    Hmm? Ning Meng's eyes sparkled as she noticed something. She stood up and inched closer toward the bedroom.

    Hmm~ the door was not closed properly.

    Oh my goodness! This handsome man was having a sleepover at a girl's place. How could he be so careless in protecting his dignity? Was he not afraid of her sneaking into the bedroom in the middle of the night and having her way with him in every repulsive manner imaginable?

    Pushing the door open, Ning Meng saw that the window's curtain was not shut and a few rays of dimming moonlight shone onto the bed.

    Oh? He had been posting all kinds of stuff on Weibo earlier and now he was fast asleep?

    Tiptoeing toward Huo Beichen, Ning Meng covered her mouth as she giggled mischievously. She was wearing a white, silk nightie tonight. Standing before him in the middle of the night like this… if Huo Beichen opened his eyes, he might think she was a ghost, right?

    Ning Meng lowered her head and looked at the man before her.

    In the dimly lit room, she could see the man's refined jawline, so masculine and exquisite. He was like a polished marble statue, his looks were so out of this world.

    Lowering her head further, Ning Meng pecked him on his forehead. The man's hair had a whiff of the aroma of her shampoo, giving her an impression of warm kindliness.

    As she raised her head, Ning Meng was shocked to see that Huo Beichen's black obsidian eyes were wide open, gazing at her lovingly.





    Several exclamation marks popped up alarmingly in her mind. Well, even an infinite amount of exclamation marks were not enough to express how surprised and awkward she felt at that very moment.

    She froze up and stood by the bed, their eyes locked on one another as their breathing intertwined in the air under the cloak of night.