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Chapter 293 - What Are You Thinking About?

Can't Take My Eyes Off You
     Chapter 293: What Are You Thinking About?

    Jiang Yao’s sudden silence exacerbated the delicate atmosphere in the room, compelling Lu Xingzhi to look at the lady lying on his bed.

    Coincidentally, their gazes met. Noticing that she was checking him out, Lu Xingzhi beamed. He sat at the edge of the bed asking, “What are you thinking about?”

    “Well, I was thinking that you are so good-looking. Why didn’t you seduce me with your looks back then?” Jiang Yao lifted Lu Xingzhi’s chin up and gave him a kiss on the lips. Just as swiftly, she changed the conversation. “Next time, do not hide your injury from me.”

    She sighed, “Of course, I can’t expect you to never get hurt. It is what it is.”

    It was understood that she had no wish for Lu Xingzhi to retire from the military. She respected his decisions, all she asked for was honesty and proper communication from him.

    “We are husband and wife. I do not want you to tell me the good news only, alright?” She scooted over to the opposite edge of the bed, signaling for Lu Xingzhi to come closer.

    Butterflies in his stomach, that was all Lu Xingzhi felt listening to Jiang Yao.

    He lay down on the spot where Jiang Yao had initially lain, feeling the warmth she left behind. Listening to her gentle voice filled with affection, he could not help but feel weak.

    “Seduction?” This was the first time Lu Xingzhi was described using such a phrase. He was confident of his looks; however, he did always look aloof. He did not understand how his frigid features could be used to seduce a woman.

    Moreover, with his icy temperament, not many people dared to make a joke at his expense.

    “That is right. Seduction.” Jiang Yao nodded gently, and nuzzled against his body, stretching her arms in the process.

    “If you seduced me back when we first got married, I would have fallen head over heels for you.” This was the first time Jiang Yao ever mentioned the initial events of their marriage.

    Lu Xingzhi had never spoken about it.

    It was just over a summer break when she changed drastically. He was shell-shocked, but he did not ask any questions at all.

    Carefully and gently, he looked after the changed Jiang Yao, safeguarding their relationship.

    If the future stayed the same, he would never mention it. He thought that Jiang Yao would do the same.

    Suddenly, those awkward times in the past were brought up by Jiang Yao in a half-joking manner.

    He tenderly caressed her head. She smelled of him. Her hair filled with the fragrance of his lemon-scented shampoo. She curled up against him, signaling that she had full trust and faith in him.

    “What happened afterwards? Why did you just…” After some hesitation, Lu Xingzhi asked.

    Why? You protected me with your life. Your existence was to make sure I stayed happy. Supporting my headstrong pursuits and stubborn attitude, your passion and kindness stirred the emotions buried deep in my heart.

    “Lu Xingzhi.” Jiang Yao called out his name. Even if she told him the reason, he would not understand.

    Thus, she smiled and said, “I think it was the day when I fell sick. Even after knowing that I acted stubbornly without thinking of the consequences, you took all responsibility on yourself and faced the repercussions for me. From that moment on, I fell in love with you.”