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Chapter 560 - Expose Six Companies in a Row!

Medical Master
     Chapter 560 Expose Six Companies in a Row!

    Faced with the compliment from his three roommates, Fang Qiu shook his head and smiled.

    On the Internet, the netizens’ discussions became more and more intense.

    “Looks like I won’t be able to sleep tonight.”

    “Fang Qiu is really so good at this. He is exactly the quality inspector in Chinese Medicine!”

    “Let’s remember this historic night. Fang Qiu, the first quality inspector in the Huaxia medicine circle, is appointed tonight!”

    “Why is there no response from these companies? Except Siqi Pharmaceutical Company giving response at the beginning, other companies haven’t made any move at all.”

    “Isn’t it clear? Fang Qiu’s revelation is all true. The other companies have no way to deal with it now.”

    “Ha-ha, these unconscionable pharmaceutical companies should know the cost. If they dare to harm people, they must be willing to bear the consequences. Anyway, from now on, I will never buy the drugs of these pharmaceutical companies!”

    “I’m going to tell my relatives and friends about the news so that they won’t buy medicine produced by these companies in the future!”

    With the development of public opinion, the companies that were exposed by Fang Qiu were quickly boycotted by all the people on the Internet!

    All the leaders or presidents of those major Western Medicine companies, who were attending the health summit, gathered together in the reception hall of a luxury hotel.

    After tomorrow’s meeting, these people could go back to their own companies.

    But now, it was obvious that they couldn’t wait any longer.

    In the reception hall, the atmosphere was very solemn.

    Everyone frowned. The company’s presidents who were confronted by Fang Qiu were racking their brains, wondering what to do. While those companies’ presidents who had not been confronted were all flustered and worried, for fear that Fang Qiu would expose their companies.

    If that happened, they would be in big trouble!

    At this moment, all the people present were thinking about something.

    “It seems that we’ve provoked a powerful guy this time!”

    From the time they decided to slander Fang Qiu, they had never taken Fang Qiu seriously.

    It was their conceit that led to this situation.

    The most important thing was that they had messed with the wrong person.

    An ordinary college student would be speechless when he came across all the libel on the Internet. He would be anxious to explain and was helpless and desperate. He would not have a clue what to do at all.

    But Fang Qiu was different.

    In addition to his status as an ordinary college student, he also had an even more important identity, which was the martial arts guru in the martial arts circle!

    In Wulin, Fang Qiu was the person on the top.

    He was the man almost everyone in the martial arts world looked up to.

    A guru naturally had the pride of being a guru!

    Fang Qiu’s pride had already been integrated into his flesh and blood, so even if he faced these large listed companies as an ordinary college student, he was not afraid at all.

    One of them said, “The revelation won’t matter so much, at most he can just make a stir in the next few days. The most important thing is that tomorrow’s stock price will definitely fall after what happened today!”

    As soon as he said that, the leaders of the major companies present suddenly had a headache.

    The stock price was a symbol of the company’s value. If the stock price fell, it would not only affect the company’s value but also greatly reduce the operation and transfer funds of the company.

    The social status of these leaders who were sitting here would also be affected, which was what they were really worried about.

    In the reception hall, Commander Zuo glanced at Liu Tianle of Letian Pharmaceutical Company and Ma Guoyong of Taikang Pharmaceutical Company. Then he turned to look at the chairman of the fourth company, whose medicine had just been exposed by Fang Qiu, and then looked at the fifth one.

    Commander Zuo said, “It seems that it’s not your turn yet.”

    Upon hearing that, the president of the fifth company suddenly changed his expression and said in a dignified tone while frowning helplessly, “He just came to us.”

    Meanwhile, Fang Qiu’s Weibo was indeed updated.

    This time, it was the fifth large listed company.

    In the reception room, the atmosphere was even tenser. Everyone looked at the president of the sixth company.

    However, the president didn’t even have the courage to look at others. He was raising his eyebrows and secretly praying that Fang Qiu wouldn’t come to him.

    But half an hour later, Fang Qiu issued two posts in a row.

    The first post was about the test result of the fifth company’s drugs.

    Surprisingly, the second post was about another medicine’s problem.

    And as expected, this medicine was produced by the sixth large listed company.

    Fang Qiu exposed six companies in a row!

    This kind of terrifying revelation had never appeared before. Even on the World Consumer Rights Day, people didn’t see so many large listed enterprises be exposed at one time.

    But Fang Qiu just did it anyway. Moreover, he even made those large listed enterprises unable to refute.

    With Fang Qiu’s revelation, not only were the people of the six companies worried, but all the people in the stock groups also went crazy in the country.

    “What the f*ck! Fortunately, I didn’t buy the shares of these companies.”

    “I’m so lucky. I was going to collect some money to invest in Siqi before, but before the money came out, such a big thing happened. It really saves me from a disaster.”

    “Who told me that the pharmaceutical company’s shares are the most stable and easiest to make money? I’m about to lose all my money!”

    “I’m done! It’s my hard-earned money in the past decades!”

    “Sell it, everybody, sell it immediately. Sell as much as you can as soon as the opening trade begins. Don’t have the mentality of being lucky. If you sell it now, you can still get some of your money back. If you don’t do it fast, you will lose everything!”

    Shareholders were talking crazily in the Wechat groups. Some felt lucky, the others were complaining. Still, others even said that they were going to attempt suicide cause they would lose all their money. Everyone tried to persuade them.

    At this time, the stock analysts in the groups also came out.

    “This accident has come too suddenly. For the next period of time, this fluctuation of stock will continue. So I’m warning you, don’t touch your stocks now. Whoever touches it will lose everything.”

    Upon hearing that, the discussion among the crowd grew even more heated.

    “There’s no fluctuation here. It’s simply an earthquake!”

    “Fang Qiu is too awesome. After what he has done, the share price of the six companies will disastrously decline.”

    “Just listen to the analysts. In this period, don’t touch your stocks again.”

    On the Internet, countless people were discussing fiercely.

    After Fang Qiu confronted three of the companies, everyone felt that it was worth the wait. This was indeed breaking news.

    When Fang Qiu exposed the fourth and fifth listed companies, all the netizens were shocked and marveled at Fang Qiu’s action.

    Seeing Fang Qiu reveal that there was a problem with the medicine of the sixth listed company, netizens almost knelt down.

    Fang Qiu revealed six listed companies in a row.

    The strength of these six large enterprises were all at the top of the country. And these enterprises paid the country taxes every year, which was a huge sum of money.

    Only Fang Qiu dared to confront them so openly.

    Even some people of government departments would only give warnings first when they found the problems of the drugs of the six companies. If the warning didn’t work, they would crack down one or two of these companies as a warning to others.

    In this way, the impact on society was the least.

    Therefore, it was impossible for the six enterprises to be exposed at the same time.

    But now, Fang Qiu really did it.

    He was incredibly brave and bold.

    If he wasn’t careful, he might be avenged. To put it bluntly, he didn’t even know how he would die at the end of the day.

    After all, Fang Qiu was just a freshman. But the market value of these six companies was worth tens of billions. With Fang Qiu’s revelation, the market value of these companies would lose at least several billion.

    Once the six companies were enraged, Fang Qiu’s life would be put at risk. People now lived in the age while money was everything, so there would be lots of people willing to do anything for money.

    For a moment, many netizens began to worry about Fang Qiu.

    Meanwhile, everyone was also waiting to see if Fang Qiu would continue to expose.

    However, after waiting for more than ten minutes, Fang Qiu didn’t update his Weibo anymore.

    It seemed that he wouldn’t post anything else tonight.

    However, it did make sense.

    There had been so much breaking news this night. If he kept doing this, maybe someone would come to his door before he finished telling the breaking news.

    Many netizens also exclaimed below Fang Qiu’s Weibo.

    “It’s true. This is the first time that I’ve seen Fang Qiu being so active on Weibo since I followed him.”

    “Ha-ha, it’s normal that Mr. Fang Qiu hasn’t updated his Weibo for a few months.”

    “I used to read his posts one by one. Tonight, I have read enough at one time. He not only issued so many posts but also revealed such big news. It’s really exciting!”

    “Look carefully, everyone. Master Fang Qiu has joined Weibo for such a long time. There are only a few posts on his Weibo. If we exclude all the posts this evening, you will know how difficult it is to wait for Fang Qiu to post something.”

    “Even so, I still like Fang Qiu and support him!”

    “I support Master Fang Qiu!”

    “Good job, Master! You can do it!”

    “Fang Qiu, we’ve always got your back!”

    “Does Fang Qiu even need us? He’s his own back-up. Can’t you see that? No one can get away with it if they dare to mess with Fang Qiu.”

    “That’s right. But it seems that none of the six companies have ever messed with Fang Qiu!”

    “How do you know that they have never offended Fang Qiu? Master Fang Qiu is not the kind of person who likes causing trouble.”

    “I hope it can be dawn right now. I want to take a good look at these big companies and see what they look like tomorrow.”

    “Of course these companies are going to suffer tomorrow!”

    The chairmen of the six listed companies led by Commander Zuo had also been following Fang Qiu’s Weibo.

    However, after waiting for an hour, Fang Qiu didn’t post anything.

    Commander Zuo said, “It seems that this kid doesn’t have anything to expose now.”

    Hearing this, all the presidents of the other companies, except for the six companies, breathed a long sigh of relief. Fortunately, he stopped. If things kept going on like this, they were definitely going to suffer.

    However, after Fang Qiu’s actions, the presidents of these big companies also made a decision that they must start to supervise the quality of medicine and make preparations in advance tomorrow. Otherwise, they would get into trouble next time.

    “Just the six of us?” Chairman of Taikang Pharmaceutical Company, Ma Guoyong, gritted his teeth and narrowed his eyes. His face darkened.