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Chapter 326 - Don’t Be Afraid

She Became a Heartbreaker After Entering the Novel
     Chapter 326: Don’t Be Afraid

    Ning Meng fell straight onto the man's chest. With her legs now dangling mid-air by the bed, she instinctively tried to struggle away to stand back up, and yet, suddenly, a pair of powerful arms circled her waist and pulled her toward the bed even more. In an instant, she was now pulled up entirely into the bed and enveloped by the warm blanket.

    Under the blanket, her husband, Huo Beichen, was now hovering atop her, rendering her unable to move.


    Ning Meng's eyes widened as she tried to escape, but her limbs were now locked tightly onto the bed by Huo Beichen. At this moment, she could not help but recall all those TV soap dramas about the royal family in the Qing Dynasty. She was now in the same position as those royal consorts that were sent to the emperor's bed, unable to move and escape… All they could do was wait for the emperor to have his way with them.

    So… this darned Emperor Huo Beichen had purposely waited for her to finish her bath and step into the bedroom squeaky clean?

    Ning Meng opened her mouth to protest, however, before she was able to say anything, Huo Beichen lowered his head and sealed her lips with his.

    Rays of silver moonlight shone upon the bed from the window as though blessing their upcoming union in flesh and soul while thousands of stars hid behind the thick, grey cloud, almost as though they were blushing shyly at the love birds in the room.

    After an uncertain amount of time had passed, Ning Meng's plush lips were finally let go by the loving man. Gasping in short, passionate breaths, Ning Meng looked at the man before her. She could feel his breathing begin to heat up as he breathed on her perky nose.

    In a fit of embarrassment, every muscle in her body tensed up as she closed her eyes anxiously. In the cover of darkness, she could hear the man snicker next to her ear. His voice was deep and enticing, luring her to breathe even more heavily. It was as though he was drawing all the air from her lungs with his wicked, magnetic voice.

    Thousands of thoughts flitted through her mind. She wanted him. She yearned for more of his embrace. She wanted to claim all of his being to herself, and herself alone….!

    As she was deep in her thoughts, the man opened his mouth and breathed three words into her ear.

    "Don't be afraid."

    Then, as his huge, manly figure continued to hover astride her thighs, his huge, warm hand smoothly caressed her messy yet silky hair. Gazing at her intensely blushing face, he stood up and moved away from the bed before sighing, "I'll go take a shower."

    After the man had stepped into the bathroom, Ning Meng finally came to her senses. Recalling the impossibly intimate moment earlier, she was overwhelmed by a mix of embarrassment and delight as she rolled back and forth on the bed.

    She was… she was lusting for him… when she was lying beneath him…


    A rush of embarrassment jolted her mind before she buried herself into the blanket.


    And not only that, this man… he had stopped halfway after so much teasing! Was he not going to take responsibility to soothe this burning desire that he had sparked in her?!

    As she was pouting blushingly under the blanket, the bathroom door was opened before an inviting voice could be heard from inside. "Meng Meng, let's share a bed tonight."


    Poking her head out of the blanket, Ning Meng stuttered, "I…I am… It's…"

    "Don't worry. I promise I won't do anything or take advantage of you."


    Ning Meng stared at the bathroom door speechlessly.

    ‘…actually, I would welcome it!'

    However, she felt that they had been advancing their relationship way too quickly to… to do "that".

    Thus, she involuntarily shoved that "I would welcome it" down her throat and softly mumbled, "Okay…"

    Huo Beichen, on the other hand, took a whopping half an hour to take his shower—a cold shower, at that. After the cold shower had finally cooled down his burning desire, Huo Beichen dried his body with a towel before stepping out of the bathroom, only to find that his dear goddess was already fast asleep on the bed.

    Pausing for a moment, Huo Beichen treaded lightly to the bed to tuck her into the blanket. Then, he stood there and gaze at the sleeping beauty.

    He had stopped at the last moment. Was he afraid? Well, indeed, he was. He was afraid that the girl might find that they were progressing too quickly to make love to one another, and not only that, he was afraid that she might… disappear if he had done it.

    If they had done it… would he wake up the next morning to see her still in this body?

    No. He could not risk losing her again.

    Thus, he silently stepped to the other side of the bed and tucked himself into the blanket as well. He decided to wait for a better time, to be patient…


    Perhaps due to them finally sharing a bed, Ning Meng and Huo Beichen were now like a pair of love birds that were on a honeymoon, and they were essentially inseparable.

    Ning Meng decided not to step out of her home anymore for the time being and instead focused on continuing to draw her comic. It was about time to give "Lifebloom" a finale.

    Thus, a week had passed by peacefully when Huo Beichen finally received Fei Bai's phone call.