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Chapter 956 - No Longer of any Use

Reborn Aristocrat: Return of the Vicious Heiress
     Chapter 956: No Longer of any Use

    At this moment, Avrora was lying on the bed while staring blankly at the blown-up portrait of herself which was taken during a major equestrian competition amongst the wealthy heiresses. In the photo, she was riding Snow White whose fur matched her red horseback riding attire. She looked as eye-catching as a flame.

    She was holding onto the reign with one hand and the whip with the other, the crystal crown on her head making her look extremely suave.

    She still remembered the scene that took place back then, during which lots of wealthy heiresses and aristocrats were green with envy. Plenty of men yelled her name hysterically. From then on, she had a new nickname—Princess Avrora!

    However, she did not expect that everything that she had painstakingly built would be ruined.

    If she had merely lost the competition, she would at most be embarrassed.

    However, she had lost the power and pride that the Moville Family relied on to survive. She could imagine how enraged Duke Moville was at the moment as well as the consequences that she would be facing.

    The door was pushed open and Boris stood by the entrance with a deadpan expression. “Avrora, your Grandpa wants you to go to the study.”

    Avrora’s eyes were a little blank and she struggled to get out of bed while bearing with the pain of her injuries. Staring at her swollen legs, she thought about what the doctor said about her having damaged her tendons. It would take at least half a year for her to recover completely.

    Bearing with the pain, she headed to the study under the aid of the servant.

    There was no one else in the study apart from Duke Moville, who stared at her coldly and sinisterly, making her shiver uncontrollably while being overwhelmed with fear.

    Avrora’s legs turned into jelly and she knelt on the ground while bawling loudly. “Grandpa, I’m sorry. I know I was wrong. Please just forgive me this once! I won’t do it again…”

    With anger written all over his face, Duke Moville gave her a hard slap across the face with all his might. “You silly thing. I actually thought that you were an intelligent child and even taught you myself. Yet, you were so brazen and opinionated as to take our family’s pride and reputation as a stake. I won’t let you off easily.”

    The impact of the hard slap made her lose her balance and knock against the vase in the corner, after which the glass fell onto the ground and smashed into Avrora.

    “Ah!” Avrora shrieked in terror as the blood on her forehead flowed continuously.

    Duke Moville stared at his favorite granddaughter coldly as she laid on top of the glass shards, her skirt stained with blood. However, he was not at all fazed and instead continued, “Touching the stamp without permission is an unforgivable mistake. Who gave you the audacity to do that?”

    Unbothered by the pain at all, Avrora struggled to get up onto her feet and crawled towards Duke Moville while weeping.

    “Grandpa, I was wrong. You told me to suggest competing with her for the matriarchal token of Lucifer and horseback riding is my forte. It’s all that Bella’s fault. She laid a trap and made me think that she could not ride horses. That’s why…”

    If it weren’t because of Wen Xinya who misled her into thinking that she could win, she would not have fallen into the trap and allowed Wen Xinya to defeat her and at last, coerce her into making the wrong decision.

    Duke Moville chuckled sarcastically and said, “Why didn’t you inform me that something so major had happened? Since that Bella could set you up, do you really think you’re her match? Do you really think you can get that document back yourself? You’re just a dimwit.”

    Had he found out about it at firsthand, there wouldn’t be such a situation.

    Avrora’s lips shivered and she was at a loss for words. She laid on the ground, the pain in her face and ears debilitating. Her skin was punctured by the broken pieces and her warm sweat flowed into her eyes, making her eyes feel terribly uncomfortable. She felt like her body temperature was plunging and warmth was leaving her body like her blood.

    Duke Moville barked angrily. “Do you know that your stupid actions have sabotaged our plan to marry you to Rex and caused our reputation and power to be damaged? We’re even facing a major loss. You’re all to blame.”