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Chapter 245 - Rescue

The Queen of Everything
     Chapter 245: Rescue

    The scene was chaotic.

    Le Anqi was stunned.

    Su Cha had seen the girl who played the piano under Dai Xiaofu’s teaching. She covered her mouth and shouted in panic, “There’s someone else below, there’s a child below!”

    She was completely dumbfounded and did not know what to do.

    No wonder the surrounding children were crying.

    Su Cha’s eyes narrowed as she saw a large pile of musical instruments behind the bookcase. The bottom of the bookcase was completely covered by fallen books. The surrounding air was filled with children’s cries, and it was impossible to hear if there was anyone below.

    The children were in a flurry as they cried. However, the bookcase was too big.

    Given the size of the bookcase, it could not have fallen so easily.

    Su Cha and Le Anqi hurried over. Su Cha carried the children who were digging the books away and Le Anqi started moving the huge bookcase.

    However, the bookcase did not budge at all. The frightened female student also came forward to help.

    She did not know where Dai Xiaofu went during the chaos.

    The cries around them became louder and louder. Su Cha uncovered a child’s arms and realized that there really was a child under the pile of books. The whole person was buried under the bookcase and could not be seen. Only one hand was revealed, and the bookcase was pressed on his body.

    Le Anqi and the female student tried their best but to no avail. The female student started crying.

    As she cried, the situation became more uncontrollable.

    Time waits for no one. Su Cha’s face darkened as she pulled her away gently. “Let me do it, move aside.”

    At the same time, she frowned at Le Anqi. “Anqi, help me carry the other side.”

    Actually, Le Anqi was useless.

    She was too weak. Su Cha only needed Le Anqi to put on a show.

    Le Anqi did not understand these things. When she heard Su Cha’s words, she immediately held a corner of the bookcase nervously.

    The female student at the side cried, “I’ll call someone over, I’ll call someone over!”

    She ran out in a panic. Su Cha used her hand to prop up a corner of the bookcase. After giving it a try, her heart sank. She gritted her teeth and exerted her strength.


    The thick and sturdy wooden cabinet was moved by this force!

    Su Cha’s hands started to tremble.

    This was a bookcase made of solid wood. An adult man could only barely shake it with all his might. She had already given her all.

    If not for the rapid increase in her strength, she would not have made a difference.

    A corner of the bookcase was moved away, and parts of the child buried underneath were revealed in the shadows. Such a large bookcase could basically kill anything it had smashed down on, but the child’s luck was too good. The books that fell from the bookcase actually formed a small natural defense for him. The bookcase smashed onto the pile of books, and nothing had happened.

    However, the child still suffered a huge blow and fainted.

    It was only through the clothes that one could tell it was a little boy.

    Su Cha’s originally gloomy face started to show a hint of pain. She forcefully moved the bookcase up and used her shoulder to support it. The sweat on her forehead seeped out almost instantly. She said in a low voice, “Anqi, quickly, carry him up!”

    Le Anqi panicked. “Can you hold on if I let go?”

    Su Cha: “…Hurry up!”

    Le Anqi shivered and did not dare to delay. She let go of her hold and quickly dragged the little boy from the floor.