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Chapter 315 - I Have to Carry Him Back Because I’m the One Who Knocked Him Ou

Beware Mr. Officer, Tread Carefully!
     Chapter 315: I Have to Carry Him Back Because I’m the One Who Knocked Him Out

    Tang Jinyu was just beside her. He took a look around before he turned to stare at her coldly. “Get up and leave if you’re not dead. It’s not safe here. We must leave immediately.”

    Then, Tang Jinyu pulled her up from the snow.

    They moved fast. In fact, there might be another snowslide in the near future. They might not be so lucky next time.

    Jian Qi smiled and said, “Instructor Tang, you’re holding my little hand again!”

    Tang Jinyu stopped walking. He lowered his eyes and glanced at the hand around Jian Qi’s right wrist. He then realized that he was indeed holding her hand.

    He released her hand calmly. Then, he took big strides forward.

    Jian Qi smiled and said again, “Instructor Tang, what did you want to say just now before the snowslide?”

    “Nothing.” Tang Jinyu replied.

    Jian Qi smirked. “So, does it mean that there’s not a winner yet?”

    Then, she stretched her hand out and attacked Tang Jinyu directly. She pinned one of his hands behind his back and strangled his neck.

    “Instructor Tang, how about now?” Jian Qi exerted force around his neck.

    Tang Jinyu remained calm as his lips twitched. “Do you want to win so badly?”

    “I don’t care for that much. But, it becomes much more important if my opponent is you.”

    Jian Qi smiled wickedly. Then, she exerted even more force.

    Tang Jinyu raised his eyebrow and he appeared helpless.

    He stretched his hand out and tried to pull her off. However, he soon stopped his movement the minute he touched her left hand. Her hand was frozen.

    “Let go! I’ll give up now!” Tang Jinyu said.

    Jian Qi raised her eyebrow. Clearly, she was surprised.

    ‘That easy?’

    She was ready to continue fighting him but he agreed to give up so easily.

    “Really?” Jian Qi was unsure so she asked him.

    “Yes.” Tang Jinyu replied with a stony voice.

    Jian Qi’s smile deepened. She smiled and said, “Instructor Tang, I told them that I want to torture you. If we go back like this, they would never believe me.”

    “What do you want to do?”

    Jian Qi smiled cunningly. She released her grasp on him and raised her hand quickly. Then, she took advantage of him and swiftly chopped down on the back of his neck.

    Tang Jinyu was massaging his neck after she had released her hold. He stopped his movement and moved his hand to the back of his neck instead. Then, he turned slightly and looked at Jian Qi.

    The moment he saw her, he fainted.

    Jian Qi released her hand and looked at the man who was knocked out. Her smile widened.

    After that, she squatted down and stared at him. She smiled deviously and said, “It’s really not easy to tackle you!”

    In fact, it would be a big problem if he did not give up and they continued to fight against each other.

    He was indeed powerful in close quarter combat.

    It seemed like she needed to ask somebody to practice with her so that she could improve her skills.

    Now, how was she supposed to carry him back?

    Then, she took a deep breath and pulled him up in a single breath. Then, she threw him over her back and walked downhill.

    The snow was falling even more heavily now. Jian Qi started to regret what she had done halfway through the way back.

    If she knew better, she would have carried out her plan later.

    Nevertheless, she had to carry him back because she was the one who knocked him out.

    Now, her stamina was finally put to good use since she always had to carry weights and run for several kilometres on a daily basis.

    Jian Qi could not help but complain about it. “Instructor Tang, just take a look at you. How comfortable you are! We’re walking back but you get special treatment. I’m carrying you back.”