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Chapter 258.1 - Bai Zhi Yan, You Might Really Be A Pig

Black Bellied Belle: Demon Lord, Bite the Bait Please
     Chapter 258.1: Bai Zhi Yan, You Might Really Be A Pig

    At that moment, the two men became a little panicked, not knowing how to comfort Qing Lan Fei who had tears of joy flowing down her face.

    It took her a good while before she was able to calm herself down, where she then shook her head while laughing: “I’m alright. I am just feeling too happy.”

    Qing Bei followed suit and came to reveal a smile on his face before he said: “It would’ve been great if Qing Yu is here as well.”

    Upon hearing that, Mo Jing Yu immediately opened his mouth to ask: “What is that lass? Why isn’t she with you? And….. how did you come to appear here in the Divine Healers Sect?”

    There were just too many questions in his mind that he could not make head or tail of at all. He had clearly gotten news that they were still in the lower realms not that long ago and all of a sudden, they have come up here into Cloud Heaven, where his son had even appeared here right before his eyes.

    That was what Qing Lan Fei had wanted to as well and she turned to look questioningly at the handsome looking youth.

    “It’s a long story.” Qing Bei said with a helpless sigh. “We were recently still in the Constellation Continent when Qing Yu suddenly went missing. Bai Zhi Yan then brought me here to Cloud Heaven, and he told me that Qing Yu had been abducted by one of the powers here in Cloud Heaven.”

    Upon hearing that familiar sounding name, Qing Lan Fei was a little surprised. “Is this person you are speaking of….. the Young Lord of the Divine Healers Sect?”

    If her memory served her correctly, there were many occasions that Bai Qiu had repeatedly mentioned that name.

    “That’s him alright.” Qing Bei nodded his head and replied.

    Qing Lan Fei could not help but think it even more puzzling. Her brows knitted together as she continued to ask: “How did you come to be acquainted with the Young Lord of the Divine Healers Sect?”

    She must not be blamed for thinking it rather bewildering. People who were from completely different realms suddenly crossing paths, that would sound rather incredulous to anyone.

    Qing Bei seemed to understand why his Mother was so surprised and he could not help but laugh aloud when he came to think about it. His face took on a rather mischievous look as he said: “Mother, it wasn’t me at all. They were all Qing Yu’s friends, and that was how I came to know them. Not only that, I even got to know the great demon lord of the Dark Lands, Lou Jun Yao.”

    As predicted, the moment he said that, the look on Qing Lan Fei’s face went beyond mere surprise. Her beautiful eyes widened up as she exclaimed: “You’ve….. even met that child, Little Jun?”

    Carefully counting back on the time since she left Cloud Heaven, she had not seen that child for more than a hundred years. He had been a young tender youth back then and she wondered what he could have grown up into now.

    After she came awake, she had heard quite a bit about his exploits and knew that that child had gained a warmer and kinder disposition than before, seemingly more mature and steady in the manner he handled things.