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Chapter 327 - Name Cleared!!

She Became a Heartbreaker After Entering the Novel
     Chapter 327: Name Cleared!!

    After receiving the phone call from the police, Ning Meng felt a massive sense of relief, as though a tremendous burden had been offloaded from her shoulders in an instant.

    Instead of continuing with her artwork, the next thing she did was to dial up Zhen Shanmei's number. She wanted to break the good news to her friend immediately!

    However, as soon as the other side picked up, before she was able to say anything, Zhen Shanmei had shot a question through the phone loudly. "Meng Meng! Qi Shan is such a straight-laced moron oaf! How is he going to find a girlfriend at this rate?"

    "What's the matter?"

    "I asked him why he wanted to go steady with me, and he said ‘because you're a good woman'. So, naturally, I asked him, ‘what's so good about me?'. And then… can you guess what he said next?!"

    In just a millisecond, Zhen Shanmei quickly roared into the phone, not waiting for Ning Meng's response, "He said I'm a woman with an unquenchable appetite! Gawd! He meant to say that I'm a glutton! Sure, I know how to appreciate food with proper servings, but still, that isn't the only good thing about me, right?"

    "… Yeah. There are still a few more good things about you."

    "And what is that?"

    Picking up her pen, Ning Meng began to draw a panel of her comic while replying, "Firstly, you don't waste food. Secondly, after indulging in eating, you will gain weight. Look, pork isn't cheap nowadays. If we put you up for sale, your meat could surely be sold for a good price."

    "Why, you little sharp-tongued twerp! I'm telling you, I'm not fat! I've always paid close attention to my diet! Not only that, but I'm also always heading to the gym to stay fit!"

    What with Ning Meng being Ning Meng, she just could not help herself and kept on with the roast. "But~ diet and exercising doesn't work. Have you read Journey to the West? Zhu Bajie, the Pig Monk had walked hundreds of thousands of miles on foot to Sukhavati and yet, he did not slim down at all. Heh, and best of all… he was a vegetarian!"

    "… did you call me up just to piss me off to death?"

    "No, of course not. I've got some good news! The police have finished with their investigation and are going to clear my name soon!"

    Hearing this, Zhen Shanmei jumped in joy. "Oh, that's wonderful news! Gosh, you have no idea how much rage I've had to deal with in the past few days!"

    Finishing the final touch on the comic panel, Ning Meng asked, "What rage?"

    "I didn't dare to tell you about it because I feared that the rage would drive you mad! That good sister of yours has been using your story as bait for pity and endorsement. Even though your incident has not been put up on the Hot Search Engine, the entire internet is already talking about it. Remember that slap you gave her? Her face was still swelling from that slap even after a week, so now, she wanted to use this incident against you! There was a journalist who interviewed her today, you know? And guess what she said? She said ‘My sister has a bad temper. She was born into a prestigious family, so this was quite expected from her.' I really wanted to walk through that TV screen and spit on her face that night! However, thanks to what she said, now all those things about how you bullied her as a child has now gone up to the Hot Search Engine. The internet and her fans are now practically on the same team!"

    "Alright. I'll download Weibo to check it out right now."

    It did not take long to install the app onto her phone yet again.

    As soon as she logged into her Weibo account, her phone rang non-stop! The number of notifications that swarmed into her phone almost bricked her phone, and after vibrating for 30 whopping minutes, it finally calmed down.

    Picking up her phone at last, she saw that the notifications were capped at "99+". There were so many of them that her phone, a machine, had lost count of the number!


    Oh, another notification. It was a Weibo post from Su Tiantian's official account, embedded with that interview video.

    @SuTiantian: [Don't worry, everyone. I'm fine now. Let bygones be bygones, shall we?"

    Naturally, there were countless comments in response to her.

    @Mikasukasa: [You have my sympathy, babe. That B*tch Ning is such an ugly witch! She has bullied you since you were a young girl. She doesn't deserve to live!]

    @HanEmperor01: [If that Ms. Ning doesn't issue an apology to the farmers, I'll boycott every product from Huo Group and Lemon Entertainment!]

    @NingMengIsABitch: [Yeah, me too!]


    Then, suddenly, an official statement was released from the Chinese People's Armed Police Force, glaringly sliding itself into the middle of all the negative comments about Ning Meng: [After days of efforts, we are happy to announce that we were able to disintegrate a human trafficking ring in Jingdu City. We would like to commend Ms. Ning Meng for her full cooperation and aid in accomplishing this mission. The recent untoward event in regards to Ms. Ning's quarrel with the farmers was in direct correlation to the human trafficking case. Her silence and reluctance in issuing any clarification was a request from the police force, hence, we would like to express our gratitude to Ms. Ning Meng for her cooperation. @ComicArtistLemon]