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Chapter 246 - A Little Like You

The Queen of Everything
     Chapter 246: A Little Like You


    The thick bookcase smashed back onto the ground, and the pile of books was nearly destroyed.

    The noise was frightening.

    Su Cha rubbed her sore shoulders and looked at the boy Le Anqi was carrying. "Is he okay?"

    The surrounding children had been crying from the start until now. When they saw the little boy being rescued, they surrounded him and looked at their little friend with teary eyes.

    Le Anqi was at a loss as she carried the child. After Su Cha asked her, Le Anqi shook her head hurriedly. "I… I don't know."

    Only then did she react. She looked at the bookcase on the ground and then at Su Cha.

    She felt that something was amiss.

    Su Cha did not have much of a reaction. She quickly regained her composure. "Take her to the hospital for a checkup."

    No matter what, the little boy had fainted.

    "Child, child…"

    Dai Xiaofu finally appeared. Her face was pale, and she was followed by a crying female university student.

    There were also a few young men who looked flustered.

    However, they were stunned when they saw the scene in the classroom.

    Su Cha shook her head. "It's fine, the child has been rescued."

    Dai Xiaofu was stunned.

    The female university student stammered, "How could you have…"


    Her eyes almost popped out.

    She had just attempted to lift it with Le Anqi and her arm was nearly broken. The bookcase had not moved a single inch. How was it that she only just went out to call for help and the child was already rescued?

    The children who were panicking earlier started to cry again. All of them went to stand beside Dai Xiaofu and started crying.

    Although she could not speak clearly, she could clearly express her thoughts.

    One by one, they pointed at Su Cha and told Dai Xiaofu that it was this big sister who lifted the bookcase up.

    Dai Xiaofu looked at the heavy bookcase on the ground and then at Su Cha, who had a calm expression.

    She fell silent.

    The child was sent to the hospital. Dai Xiaofu notified the parents to follow him to the hospital and to wait for her. This was a serious matter. Logically, such a heavy bookcase should not have suddenly collapsed.

    Dai Xiaofu did not explain anything. After that, she asked Su Cha and Le Anqi to go back first. She told Su Cha to wait for her notification if she would continue to attend class tomorrow.

    On the way home, Le Anqi expressed her shock. "Su Cha, when did you become so strong?"

    She looked at the weak Su Cha and could not believe that the world was so magical.

    In the end, the bookcase had been lifted up by a few well-built men who were around 1.8 meters tall. The men's faces turned red, which proved how heavy the bookcase was.

    However, Su Cha had held it up alone…

    Le Anqi recalled how Su Cha used to beat people up in the past and how strong she was now. She felt that Su Cha was too magical.

    "No, I'm just stronger than normal people," Su Cha casually said.

    Le Anqi: "…"

    Should she believe that or not?

    Since Su Cha refused to tell her about it, Le Anqi could not probe further. However, she thought of something strange. "By the way, did you notice the little boy we saved today?"

    Su Cha shook her head and looked at her. "His face was always facing you, I didn't see it clearly."

    Le Anqi frowned and hesitated. "I don't know if I'm thinking too much, but I think that little boy looks like you…"