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Chapter 302 - She Isn’t Miss Xu. She’s Mrs. Gu (2)

My Mr. Gu is Courting Death Again
     Chapter 302: She Isn’t Miss Xu. She’s Mrs. Gu (2)

    To the doctor, Xu Weilai's laughter was like a ray of sunshine. Her happiness meant that Mr. Gu would be happy too. Likewise, Mr. Gu's happiness meant that he was less likely to give him the stink eye.

    The doctor sighed to himself in relief and wiped the cold sweat off his brow. He was about to leave the room with his nurse and had barely taken a step when Gu Yu's voice rang out again.


    The doctor stopped in his tracks and began trembling uncontrollably. With a grimace, he turned to face Gu Yu and cautiously asked, "Is there something else you need from me, Mr. Gu?"

    Gu Yu looked up. His words were clearly directed towards the doctor, but he kept his eyes focused on Xu Weilai lying on the bed. As the creases between his brow smoothed out, his tone turned gentle as he remarked, "She's not Miss. Xu. She's Mrs. Gu."

    The doctor was too stunned to reply.

    At that doctor's lack of a response, Gu Yu turned towards the dumbfounded doctor. With darkened eyes, his voice turned cold as he asked, "Did you hear me?"

    The doctor took some time to regain his senses and belatedly processed what Gu Yu had just told him. Xu Weilai didn't go by Miss Xu anymore; she was now Gu Yu's wife, Mrs. Gu…

    Gu Yu was famous, the most eligible bachelor that almost every woman dreamed of marrying. He was now married?

    ‘Oh my gosh! That explained why when Miss Xu…I mean, Mrs. Gu was unconscious… No wonder why Mr. Gu had been so anxious…' the doctor thought.

    The doctor quickly nodded his head repeatedly, "I heard you, Mr. Gu!"

    He turned to Xu Weilai right away, and said respectfully to her, "Hello, Mrs. Gu! Goodbye, Mrs. Gu!"

    With that, he didn't dare to remain in the room for a moment longer. He quickly slid out of the room as if the soles of his shoes had been oiled.

    Xu Weilai stared after the doctor's back with a pitiful look in her eyes. How could anybody withstand the chill emanating from Gu Yu's icy glare and his cold demeanor? She could stop herself from saying, "Gu Yu, could you speak a bit more gently in the future? Look at how much you scared the doctor!"

    "No," Gu Yu replied without any hesitation.

    Xu Weilai couldn't think of a good way to respond.

    The day before, he had held her in his arms and promised her to make an effort. Was that all just a dream? Did he consider his current behavior to be making an effort? How could he reject her without any explanation?

    The next second, Gu Yu added, "Only towards you."

    When Xu Weilai heard those three words, she initially reacted in shock. As the initial shock subsided, she began grinning involuntarily before quickly hiding it for fear of looking like a fool in front of Gu Yu. However, she still couldn't his the happiness radiating from her eyes.

    Xu Weilai turned around. With the back of her head facing Gu Yu, she pursed her lips before secretly smiling to herself.

    Night fell.

    Because of Xu Weilai's weakened state, she constantly felt exhausted. Her injury seemed to have something against her; whenever she tried to sleep, the wound began to itch and hurt. There were several times where she couldn't resist her urge to scratch it, but Gu Yu's eyes seemed to be trained on her at all times. He always pulled her hand away in time.

    Because of Xu Weilai's discomfort, she found it hard to keep her spirits up. Regardless of how much she tried to control her emotions, her efforts were in vain. The more she tried to hold back, the worse she felt.

    Upon witnessing this, Gu Yu got up and walked towards her. He touched her face gently with his fingertips and said, "Give me a moment. I'll be back soon. I'll get you some painkillers. Don't scratch your wounds while I'm gone, alright?"

    Xu Weilai's eyes lit up immediately. She looked at him pitifully and replied, "Hurry!"

    Gu Yu patted Xu Weilai on her head and turned around to leave.

    Approximately 20 minutes later, the door to the hospital room opened. The man walked in and Xu Weilai looked over with anticipation. However, what she saw in his hand wasn't the medication she was expecting. Instead, it was…