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Chapter 957 - Removing the Bulle

Reborn Aristocrat: Return of the Vicious Heiress
     Chapter 957: Removing the Bullet

    Wen Xinya pulled him to the operating room in the mansion. Just as Yueze was about to tag along, Gu Yuehan stopped him. “If you don’t want Sis-in-law to bully you, you’d better not tag along.”

    Yueze rubbed his nose and decided not to follow them after thinking about how badly bullied Xu Xianghu was.

    The operating room was well equipped with the best and most advanced medical technology and equipment in the world.

    The doctor and nurses were already waiting in the theater.

    Wen Xinya helped Si Yiyan onto the operating theater.

    The doctor immediately proceeded to help Si Yiyan check his wounds.

    Wen Xinya stood by the side to wait, feeling tense and nervous as she watched the doctor cut his clothing open with the scissors to reveal the bullet hole on his arm.

    Wen Xinya extended her hand to cover her mouth, trying to force herself not to scream. The bullet hole was covered in blood, and blood still flowed out of it slowly. It looked extremely daunting.

    Actually… it was much better than she had imagined.

    She still remembered the scar on Si Yiyan’s left arm, which he had gotten after being slashed by Shen Mengting. The wound was exceptionally long and blood flowed out of it incessantly, before drenching his shirt.

    Although the scar had faded and become much less grotesque than before, it still looked very daunting.

    The doctor explained, “The bullet is about two centimeters deep into his flesh and the wound is about 20 centimeters long. His tendons are intact and there is not too much of a blood loss. It’s not a severe wound.”

    Wen Xinya heaved a sigh of relief and clenched her fist before relaxing.

    Good that it was not severe!

    The doctor cleaned Si Yiyan’s wound with the alcohol swab.

    She knew how painful it was when alcohol came into contact with a wound. Hence, she immediately said, “Doctor, let me do it!”

    The doctor looked up at Wen Xinya and said, “You have to disinfect the wound properly.”

    Wen Xinya frantically grabbed the alcohol swab from the doctor and wiped his wound as gently as she could, just like how he cleaned her wound back in the Duke Moville’s Residence.

    Si Yiyan watched as she helped him clean his wounds while appearing pale.

    Wen Xinya made a conscious effort to be careful and she would look up at Si Yiyan’s expression every now and then. He was not the kind to show that he was in pain and he would choose to bear with it, regardless of how painful it was.

    After cleaning the wound, Wen Xinya sensed that his arm was stiffening. She asked softly, “Does it hurt a lot?”

    Shaking his head, Si Yiyan answered, “It’s alright. You didn’t hurt me!”

    Wen Xinya was well aware that it would still hurt even if she did not hurt him. Besides, not everyone could tolerate the stinging pain caused by alcohol.

    She subconsciously moved her lips towards his wound while mimicking him by blowing air onto his wound.

    The numbness of it miraculously made his wound hurt less.

    After the wound was cleaned, the doctor prepared the sterile scalpels before getting ready to help Si Yiyan remove the bullet.

    Wen Xinya frantically asked, “You haven’t added the anesthesia?”

    The doctor’s professionalism was again doubted. Slightly displeased, he retorted in a hostile tone. “A minor wound like this doesn’t warrant the need for anesthesia.”

    Wen Xinya bit her lip and swallowed the rest of her words.

    Previously, Si Yiyan did not even opt for any anesthesia to be administered when his arm was wounded.

    The doctor said, “It might hurt a lot when I retrieve the bullet. Ninth Young Master, bear with it. I’ll remove it very soon.”

    Si Yiyan nodded and said, “It’s alright, go ahead!”

    The doctor whipped out the scalpel and made a slit in his skin before accurately finding the position of the bullet. He then removed it with a pincer.

    The entire process only required a minute.

    However, it felt as long as an hour for Wen Xinya as she watched the doctor probe and prod his flesh in a bid to find the bullet while blood flowed out of his wound continuously. The doctor also wiped the blood away incessantly to stop the bleeding.

    The various bloodied cotton balls in the doctor’s tray made her heart scrunch up.

    Wen Xinya felt like barfing upon sight of the bits and pieces of flesh attached to the cotton.

    It was her first time witnessing the process of removing a bullet from someone’s flesh. Due to the fact that the bullet would be stuck to the flesh, some of the flesh and fibers would be torn and removed together with the bullet. The entire scene was bloody, gruesome and awful.

    Si Yiyan had turned as pale as a sheet and his face was covered by sweat. His lips were equally pale and yet, he did not once complain about the pain or even wince or groan. However, Wen Xinya could tell that he was in immense pain because of the continuous movement of his Adam’s apple.

    It was an excruciating and unbearable pain.

    How much willpower must one have in order to bear with such a terrible pain?

    How many injuries must he have experienced to be able to remain so collected?

    Wen Xinya stared at the bullet that was covered in blood and flesh. She covered her mouth and tried her best to curb the nausea and get a grip on her emotions, though she could not stop herself from crying.

    The doctor explained, “The bullet has been removed. After the bleeding stops, we can carry on with the lacerations. The wound is not huge. I’m guessing five stitches will be enough.”

    Si Yiyan nodded and remained silent.

    The doctor helped Si Yiyan wash his wound and stop the bleeding before stitching his wound up.

    It was not Wen Xinya’s first time witnessing Si Yiyan getting stitched up. However, she still could not stand it. She said softly, “Doctor, please hurry up and be as gentle as you can.”

    The doctor remained silent, though his movement was quick and steady. After every stitch, he would hurriedly stop the bleeding and carry on to the next stitch. He performed every move with finesse and skill.

    However, Wen Xinya was extremely uncomfortable and miserable.

    It was as if her heart was the one getting stitched up, making it scrunch up. She suddenly wished she could take the stitches in his place.

    Si Yiyan blamed her for taking the risk for him. However, hadn’t he also done the same for her?