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Chapter 316 - I Was Bawling My Eyes Ou

Beware Mr. Officer, Tread Carefully!
     Chapter 316: I Was Bawling My Eyes Out

    She moved like this for half an hour. Finally, she managed to carry Tang Jinyu down the hill.

    The others came rushing toward them when they saw that they were back.

    “What’s wrong with the boss?” The others were worried. They quickly helped her to carry Tang Jinyu while being anxious at the same time.

    Jian Qi was panting heavily. Then, she smiled and said, “He’s fine. He has just fainted. He’ll be fine after he wakes up.”

    “What happened?” Lightning asked anxiously.

    “It’s not a big deal. I knocked him out!” Jian Qi smiled calmly.

    All of a sudden, they turned to look at Jian Qi.

    “Big Sister Qi, are you joking?” Crocodile laughed and asked her.

    The others then turned to glance at Jian Qi suspiciously.

    “Are you doubting me?”

    Jian Qi raised her eyebrow and walked toward Tang Jinyu calmly. Then, he flipped open Tang Jinyu’s collar and showed them the marks she left on his neck. Soon, they saw clearly her finger marks and the marks she left on his neck from being strangled by her.

    They turned to look at each other and gave her a thumbs up. “Big Sister Qi, you’re incredible!”

    Jian Qi smiled softly. “It’s not a big deal.”

    They were surprised when they saw how humble she seemed. But, she spoke again with her cold voice, “I’m just slightly stronger than Instructor Tang.”

    The others were speechless.

    They did not know how to respond to her narcissism.

    “Make sure he gets some rest. If not, I’ll be sad if he’s freezing.”

    Jian Qi smiled wickedly. “Don’t you forget that you still owe me a promise. I need to go back and think about it properly.”

    The others looked at her mischievous face. She was indeed arrogant and smug!

    Feng Yi was puzzled. “What did you promise her?”

    Lightning forced a smile. “It’s nothing. Let’s send the boss back to his room.”

    They put Tang Jinyu on the bed and covered him with a quilt. Then, they left his room.

    The room was finally quiet after they had left. Tang Jinyu then opened his eyes slowly.

    He rubbed his neck that was karate-chopped by Jian Qi.

    ‘This rascal is really viscous!’

    He closed his eyes and fell asleep after he had relieved some of the pain around his neck. Finally, he was able to get proper rest.

    Jian Qi returned to her room which was next to Tang Jinyu’s room. She threw herself onto the bed and fell asleep within seconds.

    It was indeed exhausting!

    Jian Qi woke up after sleeping for several hours. She saw that the door of the room next to hers was open the minute she opened the door of her own room.

    Soon, her face lit up with a smile. Then, she walked toward him and started teasing him. “Instructor Tang, I dreamed of you just now. Now, I’m even bumping into you the minute I open the door. Don’t you think that we’re indeed a perfect pair?”

    Tang Jinyu looked at her coldly. “How dare you knock me out!”

    “Instructor Tang, what did you say? Have you not recovered your senses yet? You fainted after you rolled down the hill. Did you have a nightmare just now?”

    “You sure know how to tell lies!”

    Jian Qi. “…”

    “Little Tang Tang, you don’t even know how scared I was after you fainted. I was so frightened when I carried you down the hill. I was afraid that you might die. I was bawling my eyes out… Luckily, you’re alive…”

    “Continue on with the lies.” Tang Jinyu stared at her frostily.

    She was indeed annoying when she was energetic.

    “Don’t you believe me?” Jian Qi looked at him with a pitiful look. “All the crying almost made me blind.”

    “Big Sister Qi, didn’t you tell us that you knocked the boss out? You seemed so happy back then when you were telling us about it!” Lightning’s voice was then heard. He sounded like he was enjoying her misfortune.

    Jian Qi. “…”


    She did not see this coming. Were they not having their training outside?

    Why were they here?