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Chapter 561 - Crisis Public Relation!

Medical Master
     Liu Tianle, the chairman of the Letian Pharmaceutical Company, also raised his eyebrows and said in a cold tone, “Why only the six of us?”

    “Yes.” Commander Zuo said, “It’s just the six of us. Based on this, it’s clear that this boy is coming to us.”

    Upon hearing that, the leaders of the other five companies nodded quietly.

    At this moment, in addition to these six companies, the leaders of other companies all went back to their rooms to sleep at ease after confirming that Fang Qiu would not continue to reveal the news.

    There were only six people headed by Commander Zuo in the reception hall.

    After the others left, Commander Zuo asked, narrowing his eyes, “How did the boy know about this?”

    The other five people shook their heads.

    “We kept everything hidden. We only sent someone to contact. We didn’t reveal the information about our company at all. How did this guy know?” Ma Guoyong was confused as well.

    Commander Zuo analyzed. “At first, he was calm in the face of the rumors, and then he openly confronted those rumors on Weibo and even left his phone number. Then, when things were at their worst, he was even able to appear on the Network News Broadcast. Connecting all these things together, I think this boy may have a powerful background.”

    The others all nodded.

    They didn’t pay much attention to it before. When they heard that Fang Qiu was on the Network News Broadcast, they also thought that he was just taking advantage of it while the country was developing Chinese Medicine. But now, after thinking about it carefully, no one was allowed to appear on the Network News Broadcast if they were not decent citizens. Fang Qiu was able to get on the Network News Broadcast while he was libeled, which made them suspicious of his background!

    However, it didn’t matter how powerful his background was.

    They were indeed at a disadvantage in this matter. They didn’t even have the chance to fight back. The only thing they could do was to face it head-on.

    But they would never forget this enmity.

    After this thing was over, they would definitely teach Fang Qiu a bloody lesson no matter what it took. They should let Fang Qiu know that he couldn’t afford to mess with the wrong people!

    At that very night, the subordinates of the six companies called their leaders one after another.

    They were all seeking suggestions, wondering what they should do next.

    When the six people answered the phone, they exchanged glances.

    Ma Guoyong spoke first. “Now let’s do the right crisis public relations. The only way now is to work like a gecko. You have to lose your tail to survive!”

    As they heard that, the chairmen of other companies also nodded.

    “First, since it is a crisis public relations issue, and the matter has developed to this extent, we should have a good attitude no matter what. First of all, we must thank Fang Qiu and tell people that we really don’t know our mistakes. As we know about it, we will definitely correct it right away and project the right image.

    “Second, no matter what it takes, issue an announcement to collect the medicine from all over the country.

    “Third, for the people who have bought our company’s problem medicine, as long as they have an invoice or a receipt, we will return and compensate them double the price.

    “Fourth, strictly investigate the relevant problem and follow the law. We’ll accept all the punishments!”

    After Ma Guoyong finished giving his orders, he hung up the phone.

    The leaders of the other four companies also gave the same orders.

    After the leaders of the five companies finished speaking, Commander Zuo who looked gloomy suddenly asked, “What do you mean by this?”

    Ma Guoyong replied, “These are crisis public relations.”

    Liu Tianle echoed, “Yes, Commander Zuo, we can only do this now.”

    “Humph!” Commander Zuo’s face turned cold and he said, “If you do this, then what about our company? The PR department has sent a lawyer’s letter, and the relevant matter has also been denied in the letter. If you do this, it will only mean that what we did before is wrong. And we’ll be criticized by the public.”

    “Commander Zuo, this is the only way.”

    Ma Guoyong shook his head with a smile and said, “There’s no other way. The first one Fang Qiu came to is Siqi Pharmaceutical Company. In order to solve this problem, your company can only pay more than ours. For example, you can fire the head of the PR department and some related people who are responsible for this matter.”

    As soon as he said that, the chairmen of the other four companies nodded and smiled.

    However, Commander Zuo’s face became more gloomy as he saw the smirk of the other five people.

    Obviously, Siqi Pharmaceutical Company had completely taken a bullet for the other five companies in this matter.

    “That’s the only way.” Commander Zuo stood up and looked haggard. He glanced at the chairmen of the five companies and then turned back to his room.

    After that, the chairmen of the six companies returned to their own rooms and then called their staff one after another, telling them how to solve the problem. Moreover, they repeatedly told them that they must get things done perfectly before the opening trade at nine o’clock tomorrow morning, so as to make up for the loss of their companies as much as possible.

    In Dormitory 501 of the University of Jiangjing Chinese Medicine, Fang Qiu directly turned off his cell phone and fell asleep after posting all the photos.

    The only thing he had to do now was to wait and see the reaction of the six major listed companies, as well as the response of the Chinese Medicine merchants.

    Different from Fang Qiu, the netizens, who were excited about the breaking news, could not fall asleep at all.

    Those who liked to use Weibo kept browsing Weibo and taking part in leaving comments.

    Those who liked to use the post-bar would also send a post and invite all the master players to have a discussion.

    Just as everyone was engaged in a heated discussion, an eye-catching post suddenly appeared in the post-bar.

    “As regards Fang Qiu’s revelation, a prediction about the crisis public relations related to the six listed companies.”

    As the post appeared, it immediately attracted the attention of countless people.

    As people took a look at the post, they found that there was a detailed prediction of the public relations of the six companies.

    “Prediction of crisis public relations.

    “First, the six companies will certainly admit their mistakes and claim that their companies have been dedicated to making contributions to the pharmaceutical industry. This time, it’s the negligence of a department or a staff member of the company. At the same time, they will thank Fang Qiu for his revelation.

    “Second, after admitting their mistakes, the six companies will definitely collect the problem drugs and compensate for the loss of the consumers!

    “Third, in order to prove the integrity of their companies, the six companies will certainly make a strict investigation and punish related staff and so on so as to express their determination.Read More chapter on our vi pnovel

    “Fourth, those marketing Weibo accounts will take this as an opportunity to promote and compliment these six companies for their contributions to the pharmaceutical industry and help them get out of the trouble. In order not to provoke people, they will definitely praise and thank Fang Qiu in these articles.

    “Fifth, except for the above points, the six companies may even invite Fang Qiu to visit their pharmaceutical factories. They may even invite him to be an honorary employee, a quality inspector, or even an honorary manager of the production department, or to take other positions that are meaningless.

    “The above-mentioned methods are all the predictions. Let’s wait for the six companies to carry out crisis public relations!”

    The post ended here.

    After many people read this post, they left messages one after another.

    “The post writer is so awesome that he or she can even think of this kind of prediction.”

    “It seems that this prediction post is quite reliable. I’m waiting for the results of the prediction.”

    “If the six companies really do as what the post writer said, it should be able to reduce the hostility of most of the people toward them.”

    “Give it some thoughts. This should be the best crisis public relations method.”

    The post didn’t only appear on the post-bar.

    With the popularity of this post, someone soon reposted it to Weibo.

    For a moment, many netizens on Weibo also participated in the discussion of this post.

    The staff of the six companies were busy preparing materials and articles about carrying out the crisis public relations. No one had time to see this prediction. Everyone was working as soon as possible according to the leaders’ requirements.

    Early the next morning, it was eight o’clock.

    As the netizens who were waiting all night expected, the six companies released statements one after another.

    “Letter of Apology About Problem Medicine

    “Distinguished consumers:

    “First of all, we apologized deeply to all the customers of our company and the people of all fields in regard to the excess of harmful substances such as pesticide residues, heavy metal content, sulfur dioxide, and so on, which appeared in No.1030-1037 drugs.

    “Because of the rapid increase in sales, there is great pressure on the production capacity of Siqi Pharmaceutical Company. It is under this pressure that our production department made irreparable mistakes in the processing of drugs. In regard to the mistakes we made in these drugs and the impact and inconvenience we brought to the consumers and other people, we’re deeply sorry.

    “The incident this time had not only made us feel ashamed of our company but more importantly, we felt deeply sorry for failing our customers. We felt guilty for the support we had from our customers, and we disappointed the people in society.

    “We’re sorry, please accept our sincere apologies.

    “Meanwhile, on behalf of our company, we express our sincere gratitude to Fang Qiu who corrected our mistakes.

    “Thank you for correcting our mistakes, Fang Qiu.

    “We believe, under the guidance of Fang Qiu, Chinese Medicine will have a brilliant future. We, the Siqi Pharmaceutical Company, also hope to follow behind Fang Qiu and be strict with ourselves at all times to supervise the manufacture and tests of our drugs so as to provide better and healthier drugs for the patients all over the country and even around the world.

    “We want to thank Fang Qiu again!

    “In addition, we also saw the bad impact of this matter. With the discussion of the chairmen of the board, we decided that we would buy all the medicine at the original price from the consumers who bought the medicine of No.1030-1037 batch. And we would give double compensation for the consumers with sincere apologies.

    “In the end, we will do our best to find out the cause of the incident and fire the staff responsible for the major mistakes.

    “Siqi Pharmaceutical Limited Liability Company.

    “June 28, 20XX.”

    The first letter of apology was posted by Siqi Pharmaceutical Company.

    After that, the other five companies also posted an apology letter of the same type.

    After these letters of apology were posted, many paid Internet trolls started to pour into the official Weibo accounts of these companies and led the public opinion.

    “It’s fine as long as you’re aware of your mistakes.”

    “It’ll be finished if you can just admit your mistakes earlier.”

    “Whoever makes mistakes must be punished. That’s how a listed company does things!”

    “You are sincere when it comes to admitting your mistakes, and you are willing to make corresponding compensation. Listed companies are also very humane.”