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Chapter 328 - Tiantian’s Payback Time

She Became a Heartbreaker After Entering the Novel
     Chapter 328: Tiantian’s Payback Time

    As soon as the inspector returned from his mission, he immediately caught up on the recent adversity that Ning Meng had had to tank through. Thus, he decided to hold a press conference to clear the issue up that very night. This Weibo post was just an early announcement so that the public and press had a basic idea of what he wanted to clarify later.

    Of course, it was just one Weibo post, and so, it did not catch on until much later, close to the night.

    At the same time, Su Tiantian had released another Weibo post with a clip of the live interview she had done the other day.

    This time, the swelling on her face was quite visible in the video.

    The journalist had asked, "Ms. Su, rumor has it that Ms. Ning doesn't have a good temper at home, is that true? What is your opinion regarding that incident where she had a quarrel with the farmers?"

    Su Tiantian beamed up a smile before answering, "Well, I believe that she was in the wrong. Sure, that person scratched her car, however, fixing that would not have used up too much of her money. Besides, that girl looked very ill. Not only that, but she also kept on apologizing to her. Now, I've grown distant from the Ning Family, so there is not much I can say to talk my sister into admitting her mistake… but I hope everyone can give her some space. She's not a bad person…"

    The journalist probed further, "I've heard both of you are not on good terms. Why is that? Is it because she looked down on you?"

    "She did look down on me. She thought I was some redneck from some uncultured village. However, after I gained fame, we grew even more distant. I suppose she did not expect me to be this successful after all these years. Nonetheless, I'd still like to thank Lemon Entertainment for some of their aid in starting my career as a singer."

    "Some of their aid? Do you mean that they did not give you many opportunities to shine at all? And about your departure from Lemon Entertainment… rumor has it that Ms. Ning was jealous of your success and thus, they kicked you out. Was this true?"

    "No, I wouldn't think that's true. Sis isn't that kind of person."

    "Then, how is she like? As we all know, she had shamed and insulted farmers publicly… and I've been meaning to ask this earlier… what happened to your face?"

    Su Tiantian then looked to be in a bit of a panic. "Let's stop our interview here, shall we? I still have some scenes to film later in the day."

    Then, the video ended. At the end of the Weibo post, she had even added a sentence: [It's still not too late to repent, sis.]

    After this Weibo post had been posted, the incident of Ning Meng and the farmers became even more widely known than ever, indirectly giving free marketing for "Love in the Summer".

    Seeing more and more comments supporting her and asking for Ning Meng to issue an apology, Su Tiantian let out a snigger.

    Su Tiantian's manager, who stood next to her, said, "Wow, there are so many people resharing your Weibo post. They are all saying that they are going to support ‘Love in the Summer'. Now, our TV drama has gotten so popular with the public even before it is broadcasted."

    Nodding her head, Su Tiantian stood up from the sofa. "I'll continue filming. Remember to film my daily life on the production team. We need to maintain my image of a hard-working woman."

    "Yes, Ms. Su."

    The manager snapped a few more pictures and videos of Su Tiantian filming her scenes of the TV drama before posting them on the official Weibo of Sweet Scent Studio. A few minutes later, many fans began to leave comments, cheering for Su Tiantian.

    After filming a few scenes, Su Tiantian started to boss the production team around.

    "Li Dao, I'm tired. I'll take a break for a while."

    As Su Tiantian was the main actress of "Love in the Summer", Li Dao did not dare to offend her. Thus, no matter how much he was annoyed by her attitude, no matter how many of his staff complained about her, Li Dao still smiled at her tolerantly. "Sure, sure! Go ahead. Rest well."

    Li Dao knew that Su Tiantian was giving him hell on purpose. This was her payback for him pillaging her dignity in bed to acquire this TV drama's lead role.

    Nonetheless, Li Dao needed to tolerate her unreasonable requests for now because she was quite popular with the public at the moment.

    Just as he was deep in thought, Li Dao's assistant rushed toward him anxiously. "Mr. Li! Look at this Weibo post! You've got to check it out!"