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Chapter 247 - Injured

The Queen of Everything
     Chapter 247: Injured

    Su Cha stopped in her tracks.

    "Like me?"

    "Yes!" Le Anqi nodded. "But it might be a coincidence. I just feel that he looked like you. Now that I think about it, I don't think so anymore…"

    Su Cha could not help but laugh. "Then what were you just saying? There are many people who look alike in this world. After all, facial features can be the same."

    Le Anqi sounded like she was joking. Su Cha did not take it to heart, but she was a little puzzled.

    After returning to the Lookout Pavilion, Su Cha realized that her shoulders had turned red.

    She had held on for more than a minute. With such a heavy force on her body, red marks would definitely appear.

    Her skin was originally delicate, but now it was a little red.

    She sighed. If Bo Muyi saw this, he would blow up again.

    However, Bo Muyi called back tonight. He had an important meeting and had to come back late; he told Su Cha to rest early.

    After Su Cha had dinner, she practiced her martial arts for a while before she slowly fell asleep.

    After some time, Su Cha vaguely felt that Bo Muyi had returned.

    She did not open her eyes but heard Bo Muyi's series of movements.

    He took a shower before lying down beside Su Cha.

    He was not well-behaved when he was lying down. His thin lips rubbed against Su Cha's cheeks and neck for a while. Probably because he was afraid of waking Su Cha up, his movements were light.

    His fingers gently caressed Su Cha's shoulder. In a moment, he felt that something was wrong.

    In the darkness, the man's eyes seemed to flash with a dark light and he frowned slightly.

    He touched Su Cha's shoulders and finally confirmed something. He turned on the bedside lamp.

    As he did not want to interrupt Su Cha's rest, he did not turn on the bedroom lights.

    As soon as the lamp was switched on, he could clearly see red marks on the girl's shoulder. It was as if something had pressed down on her, leaving a faint dent.

    No wonder he felt something was wrong.

    The man's eyes turned red in an instant. The girl's eyelids moved subconsciously the moment the light was switched on. Her pupils narrowed slightly as she groaned and shrank into Bo Muyi's arms.

    She was already awake.

    "Cha Cha, how did you get injured?"

    There was a trace of panic and ferocity in Bo Muyi's hurried tone. His murderous aura was released almost instantly. When he saw the marks on the girl's soft skin, he felt as if someone had dug out his heart. It was so painful that he could not breathe.

    "I'm fine…"

    Su Cha was still sleepy. She was a little unhappy that she was woken up by the noise, but she still explained to Bo Muyi properly, "A child got buried under something today. I propped my shoulder and used it to push against the pressure. It's fine. I applied some medicine and it'll be gone when I wake up."

    Her voice was soft and confused. After she finished speaking, she squeezed herself into Bo Muyi's arms.

    Bo Muyi gathered her into his arms. Even after Su Cha had explained, the malicious look in his eyes did not disappear. "But you are injured! Why do you care about others?"

    Bo Muyi did not have much sympathy for others. To him, Su Cha must not be hurt or he would cut the cause of it into pieces.

    Even if Su Cha was hurt while saving someone.

    "I'm really fine. I'm not that weak. Don't worry."

    Su Cha's voice was as lazy as a kitten's. She coaxed him and rubbed against his chest. "Can you just sleep? I'm so sleepy…"