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Chapter 248 - If I Make You Uncomfortable, I Will Let You Stop Liking Me

The Queen of Everything
     Chapter 248: If I Make You Uncomfortable, I Will Let You Stop Liking Me

    No matter how angry or irritable she was…

    Bo Muyi could not bear to say anything to Su Cha.

    He could only follow Su Cha's intentions. His heart ached as he touched her shoulders and kissed her forehead. His clear voice was very low, deep, and sexy. "Sleep, my baby."

    He pulled Su Cha into his arms again to ensure that her entire body was covered by his aura before she gradually calmed down.

    When she woke up in the morning, Su Cha felt that Bo Muyi was already awake.

    A faint voice could be heard from the study room in the bedroom. Su Cha walked over after putting on her clothes and heard the voice of Ah Chen, Bo Muyi's bodyguard.

    "I'm sorry, Young Master. It was my fault. I accept the punishment willingly."

    Bo Muyi's voice was cold and sinister. "I asked you to protect her well. You have to keep an eye on her. If this happens again, Chen, you will really disappoint me. This time around, you can go and receive your punishment."

    Ah Chen said respectfully, "Yes, Young Master."

    Hearing this, Su Cha walked straight in. "I was saving someone. This should be a good thing. It's just an accident, and it has nothing to do with him."

    The two of them were not surprised by Su Cha's sudden appearance.

    Hearing Su Cha speak up for him, Ah Chen glanced at her in surprise.

    Bo Muyi's expression softened when he saw Su Cha. He said softly, "Cha Cha, this was his fault. You have nothing to do with my punishing him."

    Ah Chen also said slowly, "Miss Su, this was my fault. I did not properly carry out the mission that the Young Master appointed to me."

    Su Cha's injury was his failure.

    "I didn't say it had anything to do with me."

    Su Cha walked forward, her eyes clear and calm. "Muyi, I know you sent him to protect me, but it's only right for him to stay behind in certain places. If he always stayed by my side, what would the difference be between that and spying on me? Did you forget what I told you?"

    Bo Muyi's eyes flashed with annoyance when he heard Su Cha's words.

    How could he have forgotten?

    Su Cha did not allow him to send people to monitor her.

    He waved his hand and Ah Chen left.

    A look of grievance flashed across the handsome face of the man who had still been imposing just now. "Sorry, Cha Cha, I was wrong this time."

    "You always do this."

    Su Cha walked over and sat on Bo Muyi's lap. She sighed softly and said, "Muyi, I'm not a delicate little girl. It's not a big deal for me to be injured. It's still because I saved someone. You should praise me!"

    Bo Muyi: "…"

    He made a sullen face and praised her!

    Just because he could not bear to scold her.

    "But you're hurt. It hurts, it hurts, it hurts."

    He grabbed Su Cha's palm and placed it on his chest. As he also listened to the beating of her heart, his perfectly sculptured face was filled with stubbornness and seriousness. "It's worse than death."

    Su Cha lowered her eyes and swept her eyelashes up and down. In the end, she did not say anything and only promised, "I promise you that I won't get hurt in the future. If you feel uncomfortable, I will feel uncomfortable too. If I feel uncomfortable, you will feel even worse. Think about it, should we continue to feel uncomfortable?"

    Bo Muyi: "…"

    Although Su Cha's words made sense, Bo Muyi felt that Su Cha was just making excuses.

    He gathered Su Cha into his arms and kissed her. He announced in a domineering but sincere tone, "I won't let you suffer. I won't let you suffer in the future. If I let you suffer, I will let you…"

    He furrowed his eyebrows and a thick haze flashed across his eyes. He lowered his voice and said, "Let you not like me anymore."

    If Su Cha no longer liked him, Bo Muyi's life would be meaningless.

    This oath was childish but serious enough. Su Cha could not help but want to laugh, but her eyes were a little sour.