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Chapter 317 - A Proud ‘Wife’

Beware Mr. Officer, Tread Carefully!
     Chapter 317: A Proud ‘Wife’

    When Jian Qi noticed that everyone was watching her, her smile became even brighter.

    There was light in her eyes.

    Everyone looked at Jian Qi and they knew that something was wrong.

    Jian Qi started complaining, “Instructor Tang, they were the ones that forced me to torture you. How would I have such a thought when I like you so much. They were the ones that asked me to torture you because you have been ruthless to them. I didn’t want to do it at first but they say that we are a team and we must work together. Hence, I could only agree to their malicious plan…”

    Everyone. “…”

    ‘Girl, aren’t you being too heartless?’

    “Boss…” Lightning was irritated. “About this matter…”

    Before Lightning could finish, Tang Jinyu stopped him. “I have been ruthless to you guys?”

    Everyone shook their heads.

    Tang Jinyu said coldly, “I’ll show all of you what being ruthless means. Gather at the training field now!”

    Tang Jinyu left after saying so.

    Everyone turned and looked at Jian Qi speechlessly.

    Crocodile was upset. “Big Sister Qi, why did you set us up?”

    Lightning was gnawing his teeth. “Big Sister Qi, you were the one that said it. Why did you make us your accomplice?”

    Jian Qi laughed and patted them on their shoulders. “We are comrades after all. We have to stick together in happiness and sorrow, right?”

    Everyone was gnawing their teeth as they watched Jian Qi walk away.

    Lightning. “…”


    “Don’t tell me you guys didn’t want to expose her.”

    Everyone. “…”

    Lightning continued complaining, “Who knew that this girl would set us all up!”

    They were supposed to be ordinary passersby but now they were all cannon fodder!

    Training went on for the rest of the day until the middle of the night.

    Everyone was exhausted after the training.

    But they had to stand up still.

    Tang Jinyu looked at all of them and said, “In order for all of you to get used to the weather, the eleven of you are going to stand sentry at each checkpoint half an hour later.”

    Everyone. “…”

    Indeed, the boss could be really scary when he was out of his mind.

    Everyone finished their meal within half an hour and they were ready to go to their assigned checkpoints.

    During midnight, the temperature below the mountains dropped drastically and there was snow everywhere. There was no shelter at the place where Jian Qi was at and her cap was covered in thick snow.

    She glanced to her side, looking at Lu Yao who was not moving at all, and asked, “Instructor Lu, are you still alive?”

    Lu Yao replied coldly, “Stand still and stop talking.”

    Jian Qi, “…Instructor Lu, you sound exactly like my Instructor Tang. Now, I’m even more convinced that the two of you are a thing!”

    Lu Yao took a deep breath.

    Why did they put them together?!

    “Instructor Lu, allow me to interview you. How did you feel when you were eliminated by my Instructor Tang in one shot?” Jian Qi asked.

    Her words hit him right in the heart.

    Lu Yao was irritated and he wanted to beat her up so badly.

    “Even though my Instructor Tang can be a real psycho, he isn’t bad at all. He was so manly.”

    Jian Qi was smiling like a proud ‘wife’.

    Lu Yao was gritting his teeth and he replied, “Yes, he’s great. Can you shut up now?”

    “Instructor Lu, you’re clearly in a love-hate relationship with my Instructor Tang!” Jian Qi giggled.

    Lu Yao. “…”