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Chapter 370 – Infinite Token

Refining the Mountains and Rivers
     Whoosh –

    A figure flew out from the dense canopy of trees. Blazing sunlight sprinkled down and the hot and dry temperature caused him to squint his eyes a little. This cultivator was Qin Yu. After ten days of travel, he finally left the wilderness.

    In front of him was a vast desert that stretched for thousands of miles. It was a wasteland of yellow sand without a single bit of life anywhere; it was completely different from the ancient forest and yet both sides were directly connected to each other. It was like someone had forcefully created this desert, interrupting the expanding wilderness!

    Sweeping his eyes around, Qin Yu teleported several times and left the scope of the desert. Greenery appeared before him once more with signs of cultivators present.

    At this moment, a fierce ring resounded, mixed with powerful fluctuations of aura.

    Qin Yu’s eyebrows rose up. This was actually a battle between two Blue Sea masters. Carefully sensing their auras, the cultivation of these two people shouldn’t have reached the Revered level yet; they probably had around a hundred dragons of strength. Even so, when placed within the Land of Divinity and Demons, this combat strength was enough to awe and rule their own stretch of land.

    Whoosh –

    Whoosh –

    Several figures whistled past him, directly heading towards the scene of battle. A pair of eyes glanced at him; a mere second level Divine Soul wasn’t worth caring about at all.

    At this moment, Qin Yu only wanted to stabilize his boundary and didn’t want to cause any trouble. Although it was rare to see two Blue Sea masters fight, he had no intention of taking a look. But soon, his complexion changed because those two people were rapidly approaching his direction.

    “Meng Taiqing, don’t push things too far!”

    “Hand over the token or don’t blame me for being heartless today!”

    “Damn you! I’ll fight with you!”

    Qin Yu rapidly retreated. He could faintly feel the thunderous words behind him.


    Who cares what that is; it was best to leave as soon as possible.

    Whoosh –

    Qin Yu left the reach of the Blue Sea battle shockwaves and then vanished from sight.

    Approximately 10 cultivators had silently gathered around the edges of the battlefield. A woman looked at Qin Yu and jeered. “A battle between Blue Seas is such a rare and magnificent sight, yet he doesn’t even have the guts to stay and watch. I really have no idea how he managed to reach the Divine Soul realm.”

    A middle-aged cultivator to the side shook his head, saying, “Qiu Yao, you must remember that there are far too many powerhouses in this world. Before having sufficient strength, it’s best to leave as soon as you sense danger. That junior only has a trivial second level Divine Soul cultivation. If he were stuck by a shockwave his soul and body would be destroyed, so the natural choice would be to run away.”

    The female nodded but still had an expression on her face that said she thought otherwise.

    The middle-aged cultivator frowned. But at this time the battle was reaching its superhot phase so he looked back with rapt attention, not speaking again.

    Whoosh –

    Qin Yu landed on the ground and looked at the city in front of him – Square Wave City.

    Yes, this should be the city marked on the map. He tidied up his black robes and walked through the city gates with the flow of people.

    After paying some spirit stones, he smoothly entered Square Wave City. Without any thoughts of taking a stroll around, he found a large inn.

    “I want a separate courtyard. Quiet, with no one disturbing me.”

    He paid the fee, and then a young servant bowed and guided the way. After crossing the noisy front hall, they made their way to a small lake at the back. Around the lake were a dozen some courtyards and Qin Yu’s dwelling was located amongst them.

    “Dear guest, if you have need for anything you may contact the service desk using the phone in your room. I wish you a pleasant stay.”

    Qin Yu tipped several more spirit stones. The young servant’s smile brightened and he bowed before leaving.

    He pushed open the doors and entered. He held a control token in his hand. While he lived here, he could use it to control all the array formations within this place.

    He carefully investigated and found that this place was worth its price. The array formations were quite remarkable and were clearly arranged by a master.

    Not sensing anything wrong, Qin Yu went straight to the training chamber. He took out Ninth Province and isolated outside senses, and then took out some pills and swallowed them. Although his soul had touched upon the rules and his cultivation would rise drastically for a continued period of time, if he had the support of pills he could accomplish all of this faster.

    Qin Yu had no lack of pills so he naturally chose the faster method.

    In the blink of an eye, ten days passed.

    The training chamber opened and Qin Yu walked out with a smile. The gifts that the Southshine Nation’s Old Ancestor had given him were more than he had imagined. Once his boundary stabilized, his cultivation unexpectedly rose all the way to the middle fourth level of the Divine Soul realm. And within his soul space, the pure soul force of the soul bead continued to emanate outwards, causing his soul to grow stronger at a completely tyrannical pace.

    He picked up the guest room phone and made a request to the service desk. Soon, a person from the inn knocked on his door. Qin Yu opened it and his eyes flashed; the one across from him was actually a Divine Soul cultivator.

    “Dear guest, how do you do? According to your request, in order to use the training field you must pay 1000 spirit stones every two hours.” The cultivator smiled, his demeanor pleasant.

    “Not a problem!” Qin Yu swiped his card.

    “Dear guest, please follow me.” The Divine Soul cultivator led the way. Soon, Qin Yu arrived in front of a black stone building. “This is an entry card; there is a limit of two hours and it will begin counting down once you enter.”

    Qin Yu took the card and brushed it across a sensor. The black iron gates slowly opened, and after he entered, they automatically closed behind him.

    In front of him was a training field similar to the one arranged at the Dao Arena. But, the various tools and instruments were more than one level worse.

    Of course, the Dao Arena’s fee compared to here was also as different as the heavens and earth!

    Qin Yu only wanted to test his strength; he didn’t have many requirements for this place. Still, he checked around the area first, and once he discovered there was nothing wrong, he stepped in front of a metal column.

    Taking a deep breath, Qin Yu punched out a fist.

    Bang –

    Silver lights rapidly circulated, taking the form of his result: 466 flood dragons.

    Qin Yu’s eyes brightened. This was a bit higher than what he had estimated.

    Within his dantian sea, the Five Element Nascent Souls erupted altogether. He struck out a second fist.

    Bang –

    The silver lights deepened. After several breaths of time his result appeared: 4582 flood dragons.

    A cultivation method that superimposed his strength ten times over.


    Five colored divine lights erupted and lingered atop his fingertips. The air seemed to sizzle as if it were being cut off.

    Secret technique, Five Element Swords!

    Bang –

    There was a dazzling burst of silver light: 18024 flood dragons!

    Qin Yu’s body began to pop and crack. His powerful heartbeat pushed blood through his body, causing it to gallop through his veins.

    The strength of a king step Demon Body erupted!

    Bang –

    The silver light was so bright it seemed like a full moon had appeared. It was only after a dozen some breaths of time that his result appeared: 109047 flood dragons.

    The entire metal column violently buzzed and even the ground shivered. Anyone who saw this would worry that the metal column would be torn out from the ground in the next moment and sent flying away. Fortunately, this destruction of public property didn’t appear. Qin Yu looked at the slowly scattering numbers and smiled.

    A combat strength of 109 dragons wasn’t bad even at the Blue Sea realm. It had to be known that a Blue Sea was not a Divine Soul. With every extra bit of combat strength one obtained, the difficulty of increasing it further would rise at an exponential rate. A combat strength of 300 dragons was considered an absolute peak amongst the Blue Sea realm. Most cultivators who managed to reach the Blue Sea realm would be stranded at around a hundred dragons of combat strength for the rest of their lives.

    Although combat strength didn’t represent everything, if he had 100 dragons of combat strength in his hand then even a Revered Blue Sea who wasn’t expecting anything would find themselves eating a loss. Moreover, Qin Yu also possessed the power of the burning heavens that he didn’t dare to use. If he were forced into a truly desperate situation, it might be possible for him to kill off a Revered Blue Sea super powerhouse! If he were to erupt with everything he had and overwhelm them with absolute strength, then even if they controlled the power of the rules, they still might not have the time to use them!

    After erasing the data recorded in the metal column, Qin Yu washed himself up and then left.

    There was still a great deal of time remaining from the two hours.

    Space twisted in front of him and the Divine Soul cultivator from the inn appeared. “Dear guest, if you leave now, we cannot refund you your spirit stones.”

    Qin Yu shook his head, “I know.”

    “Very well. Then allow me to see you out.” Just as the Divine Soul’s voice fell, he looked up to see two fighting figures soaring through the skies. Then, they crashed into the inn’s lake, causing massive waves to appear.

    “Humph!” A towering figure suddenly appeared in the skies above the lake. He lifted a hand and pressed down, and the space below seemed to freeze. The two fighting cultivators were instantly suppressed.

    “You dare to fight in my family’s inn? You are both in trouble!”

    After speaking, he picked up the two pale cultivators and left.

    The inn’s Divine Soul cultivator had a helpless expression, “Guest, please follow me.”

    Qin Yu’s eyes flashed. “Is Square Wave City always so chaotic? When I arrived I also encountered two Blue Sea powerhouses fighting each other.”

    The Divine Soul cultivator shook his head, “It’s not normally like this. It’s just that the opening of the Infinite Realm is imminent and Infinite Tokens have appeared in Square Wave City, so it has caused people to compete for them.” He glanced over, “Dear guest, you shouldn’t have come here for a token, right?”

    Qin Yu was startled. He honestly shook his head. “I’ve never heard about this before.”

    The Divine Soul cultivator was clearly surprised, but he soon smiled. “The 1000 spirit stones that guest paid haven't been fully spent yet. If you are interested, I can tell you about these things.”

    Qin Yu knew that this person had probably guessed something from his reaction. But, he was no longer the little rookie boy who had just entered the Land of Divinity and Demons. He calmly nodded.

    “In the legends, it is said that the Infinite Realm is a fragment left behind by the collapse of a great world. There are countless dangers and lucky chances that can be found within. Many years ago, the rules of the Infinite Realm were still relatively complete and cohesive, so Blue Sea powerhouses could enter and wander about. But afterwards there was a collapse, and now it can only withstand Divine Soul cultivators and below entering.

    “Because there is simply far too much good fortune to be found in the Infinite Realm when Blue Sea powerhouses were still able to enter, it was a complete slaughterfest with various powerhouses vying and competing for lucky chances. After the accident, every faction gathered together in discussion and decided that the Infinite Realm would be a place where they sent their young disciples to find their own lucky chances. Every time the Infinite Realm opens, it would draw in all the young elites, the proud children of heaven, and numerous other cultivators. Even the disciples of the fabled transcendent Immortal Sect and Demonic Path would not miss out on such a chance.

    “Of course, the Immortal Sect and Demonic Path both have great figures assisting them. When the Infinite Realm opens, Infinite Tokens are condensed. These great figures can capture a sufficient amount for themselves to use, and with the seven great empires also obtaining their own tokens, only a small portion is left over that eventually falls into the world of the more mundane cultivators.”

    The Divine Soul cultivator wistfully said, “The battle you saw just now was a result of the Infinite Realm opening and Infinite Tokens appearing in the world.” He shook his head and looked at Qin Yu as if they both suffered for the same cause, “Unfortunately, both your cultivation and my cultivation is too weak, so we simply don’t have the qualifications to compete for lucky chances in the Infinite Realm. And even if we had tokens, entering would simply be suicide. As for those two Divine soul brats, they simply don’t know the immensity of the heavens and earth. Them going would be no different from seeking death.”

    Noticing Qin Yu’s silence, the Divine Soul cultivator only assumed he had suffered some psychological attack. He shook his head, not saying much. After bringing Qin Yu back to his dwelling he bid his farewells and left.

    One the courtyard doors closed, Qin Yu could no longer contain the excitement on his face.

    With the opening of the Infinite Realm, the proud children of heaven that were at the Divine Soul realm would gather together. As for Ning Ling, with her talent she would surely have obtained the qualifications to be personally taught by someone. After being in the Land of Divinity and Demons for such a long time, there was a high chance she had already reached Divine Soul.

    In other words, there was a large likelihood that Ning Ling would enter the Infinite Realm.

    The happy surprise came too quickly. Qin Yu took a deep breath, forcefully suppressing his surging thoughts. At this time he could only think of one thing – he had to enter the Infinite Realm!

    The Immortal Sect was simply far too distant. The Infinite Realm might allow him to meet her ahead of time. He impatiently wanted to see Ning Ling and tell her that he was keeping his promise and had arrived at the Land of Divinity and Demons.

    After a long time, Qin Yu managed to compose himself. A sharp light flashed in his eyes. If he wanted to enter the Infinite Realm, the first thing he needed to do was obtain an Infinite Token.

    Qin Yu suddenly thought back to the day he left the wilderness and saw the two Blue Sea masters battling. They had spoken about a token.

    This was most likely the Infinite Token!

    Thinking about this, Qin Yu felt a bit regretful. If he knew earlier he would have stayed behind that day. Perhaps there would have been a chance for him to fish for opportunities in the chaos, maybe even obtaining the Infinite Token.

    But now it was far too late.

    Fortunately, listening to that Divine Soul cultivator explain things, it seemed that more than one Infinite Token had appeared in Square Wave City. Qin Yu turned and left; he needed to obtain one.

    The primary reason he chose this inn to stay at was because of its large size. If this inn could build such a large business and on such good land, it was clear their background wasn’t weak. These sorts of establishments with a deep background would often become places where people of all kinds gathered and various bits of information flowed about.

    Qin Yu entered the inn’s restaurant. After choosing some food and wine, he soon heard news he was interested in.

    “This time, three Infinite Tokens have appeared in Square Wave City. The first one was forcefully taken away by the county city master using mighty supernatural arts. I heard he plans to bestow it on the son he favors the most. He wants to send him into the Infinite Realm so he can seize his own good fortune. The second one went through countless twists and turns. Two Blue Sea masters intensely competed for it, and there was even a chaotic battle royale for it afterwards. No one actually knows who managed to obtain it in the end. Right now, there is only a single token left in Square Wave City and it’s in the possession of the Hu Family.” The cultivator who spoke had a head of gray hair and a wizened face. Although he had a lonely and glum expression, from the way so many people paid careful attention to him when he spoke, it was clear his information was credible.

    A sixth level Divine Soul cultivator said, “I hear that the county city master is an existence with strength comparable to a Revered Blue Sea. And the second token disappeared without a trace so it’s unlikely it will ever appear again. The third token is in the hands of the Hu Family, but while their Old Ancestor isn’t at the Blue Sea realm yet, I hear his true strength is actually more terrifying than that of an ordinary Blue Sea. Although the Infinite Realm is said to hold good fortune for those at the Divine Soul and below, we are all people without roots. We cannot even obtain an Infinite Token, so how can we compete?”

    These words resonated in the hearts of many. Lots of Divine Soul cultivators revealed looks of grief and indignation. The reason they had gathered here was for the Infinite Tokens; who knew this would be the result?

    The wizened cultivator drank a cup of wine and lightly said, “If you want an Infinite Token, it isn’t impossible.”

    With these words, the surroundings turned quiet. Everyone’s eyes widened in disbelief.

    “Are you serious?”

    “Could there be another Infinite Token?”

    “Fellow daoist Wu, please clarify your words!”

    Cultivator Wu clearly wasn’t in a hurry to speak. His faint eyes swept past everyone, “Although the Hu Family obtained an Infinite Token, their family has no good successor yet. It is likely this token will appear in the auction market.”

    After he finished speaking, he threw down his tab and swaggered away.

    Bang –

    The restaurant instantly boiled over. Excitement blazed in the eyes of all cultivators. That Wu fellow’s information was normally correct and he wouldn’t ruin his reputation for nothing. Since he dared to say that out loud, this was bound to be true.

    Go! Go! Go! They had to immediately make preparations and amass as much wealth as they could in the shortest time possible. This was their best and final chance to obtain an Infinite Token!

    In the blink of an eye, the bustling restaurant had been cleared out.

    Qin Yu looked up, a sharp light flashing in his eyes. He laid down some spirit stones to pay his tab and then slowly walked out.

    The Hu Family was quite famous within Square Wave City. It didn’t take long to find the massive residence that they occupied. Qin Yu stood in an alleyway outside and looked in at them, furrowing his eyebrows a little.

    Within the Hu Family’s residence, powerful array formation fluctuations surged outwards. This was clearly a warning that they were prepared to meet any enemies. Qin Yu shook his head; it was impossible to steal it in such a situation. He turned and walked away, his thoughts racing. Since he couldn’t steal it, he could only win it at the auction.