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Chapter 249 - Only You Know. Do You Want to Remember?

The Queen of Everything
     Chapter 249: Only You Know. Do You Want to Remember?

    Su Cha leaned her head against Bo Muyi's chest and said softly, "Don't say such things. It won't happen."

    Su Cha's heart ached at his words.

    After all, all those things had happened before.

    She would not be able to control herself and imagine how desperate Bo Muyi was in her first life.

    She seemed to have forgotten something. These things had something to do with Bo Muyi. The old lady's words "he has only you now" meant something else.

    At that time, Su Cha did not care. Now, Su Cha wanted to know what her lost memory was.

    She felt that Bo Muyi knew about it.

    She grabbed Bo Muyi's sleeve and said softly, "Muyi, did you know me before? Did I forget something?"

    Actually, she could not blame herself for not having any memories in her first life. Before she could notice anything, something had already happened.

    After so many years of having hazy memories, Su Cha had accepted that she was just an ordinary girl from the Su family. How could she have thought that her identity would be problematic?

    There was a time period wherein the person's environment would affect that person. Her memories were just of an ordinary life. How could she have imagined that she had a lost memory?

    Most people's lives were ordinary. There were no big accidents. Su Cha had always thought that she was one of them.

    Bo Muyi was silent.

    He rested his chin on Su Cha's head and patted her shoulder. After a while, he said, "Yes."

    Su Cha was shocked.

    She tightened her grip on Bo Muyi. "What is it?"

    "I don't want to tell you."

    Unexpectedly, Bo Muyi rejected her directly.

    His reason was simple. "That's not a good memory for you. You can choose to never remember it, even if it has me in it. Cha Cha, if you want to know, remember it yourself. Only you can know whether you are willing to remember that past or not."

    Bo Muyi had thought about whether Su Cha would be willing to accept him again, but now, she no longer needed him.

    Su Cha was already with him. That memory was not a good memory for her. Otherwise, she would not have forgotten that memory.

    On one hand, he did not want Su Cha to think about it now. On the other hand, he was wondering if that was fair for that person.

    Perhaps he also hoped that Su Cha would not remember it. It was already very good for her to be like this.

    After listening to Bo Muyi's words, Su Cha vaguely understood something.

    She really knew Bo Muyi in the past. It might not have been love at first sight, but Bo Muyi might have liked her at that time.

    All her memories started with the Su family. In other words, those other memories were from before.

    She pursed her lips and asked, "Is it related to my parents?"


    The man's deep voice came out from his throat, his fingertips touching the corner of Su Cha's eyes. "Cha Cha, let's just let nature take its course."

    She nodded obediently and closed her eyes. She hugged Bo Muyi's neck and lay quietly in his arms for a while.

    Until she received a message from Dai Xiaofu, saying that she was fine and that she could attend today's classes as usual.

    Bo Muyi set off for the company and sent Su Cha to Dai Xiaofu.