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Chapter 959 - You’re Not Wrong, I’m the One at Faul

Reborn Aristocrat: Return of the Vicious Heiress
     Chapter 959: You’re Not Wrong, I’m the One at Fault

    Later on…

    Wen Xinya raised his arm and stared at the hand which was previously attached to the tube. To her surprise… the needle and tube had already been removed. She immediately tensed up and questioned, “Why… why did you remove the tube?”

    She was a little infuriated.

    Knowing that she was worried, Si Yiyan coaxed her softly. “It’s just some disinfectant drip. It doesn’t matter when I do it. Don’t worry.”

    She bit her lip, feeling an urge to berate him but decided not to. Everything that happened just now proved that… it was her fault. She said softly, “I’ll get the doctor to come here and take a look at you.”

    Si Yiyan laughed and said, “It’s such a trivial matter. There’s no need to be so troublesome.”

    While talking, he had already grabbed the needle and poked it into the vein on the back of his hand before securing it with some tape.

    His skillful moves made her feel a tinge of misery.

    Draping her arms around his neck, Wen Xinya said softly, “Si Yiyan, I’m sorry!”

    She admitted that she should have thought twice before acting rashly at the Duke Moville’s Residence, be it when teaching Anatoli a lesson or competing with Avrora. Although it seemed that she had achieved her goal after pulling the moves that she had meticulously planned, she actually had some selfish reasons.

    She had known long ago about Si Yiyan’s background, but she still found it rather uneasy and terrifying when she took part in it.

    She was greeted with the social hierarchy of the aristocrats and everything she saw belonged to a whole new world that she had never understood before in the past. It was the real land of power and rights.

    It was her first time discovering that she was worlds apart from Si Yiyan and that they were actually very incompatible. The shocking discovery made her grow flustered.

    Manipulating with the human heart was not her forte.

    Hence, she began doubting herself for the first time. She questioned herself,

    At this moment, Avrora appeared. The clout of being the greatest beauty of Russia and the princess of the Moville Family gave Avrora a sense of pride and superiority over Wen Xinya.

    At that instant, she realized how weak and small she really was and deep down, she continuously compared herself to Avrora. She realized that there was nothing she could do to help Si Yiyan, apart from give him love and affection.

    Overwhelmed with uneasiness, uncertainty, and anxiety, she began to feel out of her element.

    She taught Anatoli a lesson because she wanted to stand up for Si Yiyan and prove to him that she was not his burden or his Achilles’ heel. She wanted to prove that she had the ability to help him and defend her man’s power.

    Since Duke Moville despised her and regarded her lightly, she decided to cooperate with Si Yiyan and retaliate against Duke Moville. She decided to play mind games and tell Duke Moville that she was not just a useless vase who managed to get to where she was just because of her good looks.

    Although Avrora colluded with the wealthy heiresses to insult her, she did not take their comments to heart. What angered her most was that Avrora undermined the significance of the Lucifer matriarchal token which Si Yiyan had given her, and even openly expressed her interest in Si Yiyan. Not one to be trifled with, Wen Xinya definitely wouldn’t allow anyone to despise her man.

    That was the reason she decided to use the transferral document as a stake. She painstakingly plotted against Avrora, just so she could make her embarrass herself in public and become the laughing joke of the upper-class circle.

    In the end, Avrora surprisingly handed over the document and used it as a stake. At that moment, Wen Xinya was overwhelmed with excitement and agitation. She was bent on getting her hands on the document and, just like Avrora said, she was indeed trying to please Si Yiyan with the document and prove that… she was not completely of no use to him.

    The words that Avrora said to her, were just like daggers piercing through her heart. She could not deny that Avrora was telling the truth.

    As a girlfriend, there was nothing much she could do for Si Yiyan, and he was usually the one who doted on her and pampered her. As the matriarch of Lucifer, she too, could not do much for Si Yiyan. The feeling of helplessness made her feel extremely miserable.

    Upon hearing her suddenly apology, Si Yiyan understood what she meant. “Xinya, you’re not wrong. I was the one at fault. I… belittled you. You’ve never been as superficial as I thought. You’re smart, sensible and conscious of the pros and cons of everything. You also have many shrewd tactics and a broad perspective. You’ve never been a sheltered and needy girl who needs my protection.”

    He partly had his own selfish reasons for taking her to Duke Moville’s banquet, though he was also hesitant and stuck in a dilemma. Yet, he actually forgot that she was just as emotionally strong and ambitious as him despite seeming vulnerable on the surface.

    She knew exactly how to deal with Anatoli and his rude behavior of making use of that Chinese boy to insult Si Yiyan. She racked her brains to come up with an idea to retaliate against Duke Moville’s disdain and contempt towards her. She used her scheming tactics to deal with Avrora’s constant taunting and provoking. She also struck Avrora with a fatal blow. At last, she managed to shun all the responsibilities and remain unscathed.

    He obviously had a part to play in the planning, though the majority of their success was accredited to her scheming tricks.

    She was not just the woman whom he wanted to grow old with.

    She was the woman who could share weal and woe, and go through thick and thin with him.

    He should not have looked down on her. Instead, he should have had more faith in her and just protect her regardless of what she did.

    “I’m not as good as you make me sound.”

    Stunned beyond words, Wen Xinya stared at Si Yiyan, who seemed to still be in a post-coitus mood, his beautiful brows appearing as refined as ever. He was exuding an alluring, masculine charm.

    Si Yiyan answered, “I’m well aware of how good you are!”

    Although Xu Xianghu looked silly, he was actually rather ambitious and conscientious. Although Yueze seemed to be immature on the surface, he was actually the most intelligent of all his subordinates. Although Gu Yuehan seemed cold and aloof on the surface, he was the most capable assistant of Si Yiyan and he could see everything clearly, even though Wen Xinya may not.

    One’s strengths were not measured by wealth but rather, by status and power. Firstly, it was personality, followed by quality and a scheming mind. With those, one would definitely acquire wealth, status, power and reputation.

    Wen Xinya was at a loss for words.

    Staring at her profoundly, Si Yiyan said, “Xinya, you don’t have to feel stressed about being Lucifer’s matriarch, and you don’t need a strong background either. However, you can’t lack cunning tactics and a scheming mind. You also need brains to plan strategies. You’ve done that very well!”

    Ever since they entered the Duke’s Residence, he had sensed the changes in her emotions. Having slept next to each other for such a long time, they had already had a strong spiritual connection and he could guess what she was thinking. That was also why he tolerated her actions and allowed her to do what she wanted. However, he had an intense reaction because he did not expect her to covet the document.

    Avrora could not hold a candle to her at all, be it in terms of slyness or mind games.