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Chapter 304 - Or They’d Have A Clean Break (2)

My Mr. Gu is Courting Death Again
     Chapter 304: Or They’d Have A Clean Break (2)

    Even so, if he truly loved her since three years ago, why had he turned his back on her after their sweet night together. Why had he called off the engagement remorselessly that night?

    Three years ago, she had been completely confident that she and Gu Yu were deeply in love with each other. She had been confident that they had been the luckiest couple in the world and their affection for each other had been mutual.

    Unfortunately, reality hit her hard enough to bring her out of her ignorant stupor.

    Gu Yu’s thoughts were the biggest mystery she had ever encountered in her life. The whole time, she had never been able to read him at all.

    At that moment, she suddenly became reckless and wanted to directly ask him what had happened three years ago. She desperately wanted to find out his reason for backing out of the betrothal and treating her this way!

    Xu Weilai opened her mouth, “Gu Yu…”

    When she called his name, Gu Yu turned to her with a deep and fathomless look in his eyes. As he gazed at her intently, he affectionately replied, “Hmm?”

    Xu Weilai’s mouth was already in position to say the word “three” when she met his eyes. At the sight of his gaze, she suddenly felt the words die in her throat.

    Her hands clenched tightly and forcefully around her blanket out of instinct, and her brows furrowed. She tried very hard to voice her question aloud. Unfortunately, after grappling with herself for some time, she was eventually unable to ask out loud.

    Gu Yu had no idea what was going on, but his eyes flashed with worry upon seeing her expression. His voice deepened with concern as he asked, “Are you feeling unwell? Is your injury hurting?”

    Xu Weilai forced a superficial smile onto her face and shook her head.

    In her heart, she knew that she was too afraid to bring herself to ask that question.

    She already knew what a disappointment she was. In the past, she had at least been able to convince herself that she no longer cared about Gu Yu. From the moment she had disregarded her own safety and rushed to block the knife from Gu Yu with her body, she knew that she hadn’t let him go at all.

    Therefore, Gu Yu’s apology caused all of her pent-up emotions to violently erupt. The grievances and despair that she’d held in for a long time had suddenly translated into tears pouring out of her eyes.

    However, the pain he had inflicted on her was not something that could be resolved with a small apology. She accepted Gu Yu’s apology because that was what he owed her. However, that did not mean she could forget about how horribly he mistreated her.

    In this case, the whole concept of forgiving and forgetting was outright impossible! She remembers all the good things that Gu Yu had done for her the same way she remembered the bad ones. As a result, the ache in her heart was not something that could be resolved so simply. She couldn’t bring herself to forgive him so easily.

    However, when he had said that he would make an effort and asked her to give him some time…

    Well, it was not that her heart had softened. Rather, she had wanted to give both of them another chance. Indeed, it was for both of them.

    She was giving Gu Yu another chance. More importantly, she was also giving herself another chance.

    The scar that Gu Yu had left on her heart was too deep. It was nothing like the page in the dictionary that could be torn off when it suited her. Right now, she was certain that she did not want to tear this man out of her life just yet.

    She still craved the affection and joys that their relationship brought her.

    She knew that her way of thinking was very absurd. Starting three years ago, she had obstinately clung to her own way up to the present day.

    The three years that she had spent abroad had not been enough to erase Gu Yu from her memory. Rather than resigning herself to a lifetime of sadness and yearning as a result of her inability to let him go, she instead wanted to give herself another chance.

    Either they would live happily ever after, or they would finally have a clean break.

    If it turned out that Gu Yu ultimately wasn’t meant for her, at least she would know that she had tried her best; Xu Weilai would have no regrets. With that, she’d finally be able to let go.