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Chapter 318 - Little Tang Tang, I Can Feel a Green Halo Above My Head

Beware Mr. Officer, Tread Carefully!
     Chapter 318: Little Tang Tang, I Can Feel a Green Halo Above My Head

    “Instructor Lu, I have always been curious about the two of you. Are you sure you aren’t going to satisfy my curiosity?” Jian Qi smiled at him innocently.

    Lu Yao was looking toward the front and he did not want to talk to her.

    “Are you going to let me guess?” Jian Qi laughed. “Please correct me if I’m wrong, okay.”

    Lu Yao took a deep breath. He knew she was going to say things that were extremely outrageous.

    “Was it love at first sight but then my Instructor Tang was too arrogant so you started hating him…”

    “Jian Qi, please shut up now before I punch you!” Lu Yao was gritting his teeth. Why was this girl so talkative?!

    Jian Qi raised her eyebrow. She was excited.

    She had not actually fought with Lu Yao before.

    It would be nice to move around in such cold weather.

    “Come, fight me!” Jian Qi smiled brightly and taunted him.

    Lu Yao took a deep breath. Before he could shout at her, a voice came from behind them. “Even on duty you have to be mischievous.”

    Jian Qi immediately stood still when she heard the voice.

    “Instructor Tang, I just wanted to move around to warm up my body in the cold weather.” Jian Qi looked at him calmly.

    “Cold?” Tang Jinyu raised his eyebrow. There were no emotions in his tone.

    Jian Qi nodded and the snow on her cap immediately fell off.

    “Look, I’m already turning into a snowman.”

    “Really?” Tang Jinyu’s lips twitched. “I’ll let you warm up.”

    “Are you going to fight with me?” Jian Qi said as she looked at Lu Yao who was standing at the side. “You guys must be a thing! He’s fighting me on behalf of you!”

    Tang Jinyu frowned. Even though he did not know what Jian Qi was talking about, he was sure that it was not something good!

    “Jian Qi, go run on the field. You’ll stop when they finish their duty!”

    After Tang Jinyu finished saying so, and seeing that she was not moving, he opened his mouth again. “Do you need me to repeat myself?”

    Jian Qi looked at him, obviously irritated. “Little Tang Tang, I can feel a green halo shining above my head!”

    Lu Yao. “…”

    He really wanted to kill this girl!

    Before Tang Jinyu could say another word, Jian Qi had already run off.

    Tang Jinyu went back to the training field and watched her run. He did not say anything.

    When Jian Qi passed by him, she started complaining, “Little Tang Tang, I can’t believe that you would become gay just like that…”

    Tang Jinyu was initially confused about what Jian Qi was talking about previously and now he finally understood.

    His face turned black.

    “Jian Qi, run faster!” Tang Jinyu shouted.

    Jian Qi. “…”

    Jian Qi lamented when she saw Tang Jinyu turn and leave. “Angry men are always so terrifying.”

    Everyone was on duty while Jian Qi was running on the field in the snowy weather.

    After a brief rest, they were all back to training again.

    When they finally got to rest, everyone was surprised as Jian Qi was really quiet.

    “Big Sister Qi, what’s wrong?” Crocodile went to her and asked.

    Jian Qi smiled deviously. “I’m thinking if I should kill Instructor Lu.”

    She lifted her hand and made a swiping motion across her neck.

    Everyone raised their eyebrows. This girl was really violent.

    “What did Lu Yao do to you now?” Lightning teased her.

    Jian Qi scoffed coldy, “He turned Instructor Tang gay!”

    Everyone. “…”

    ‘Girl, are you serious?!’