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Chapter 329 - What’s the World Coming To?

She Became a Heartbreaker After Entering the Novel
     Chapter 329: What’s the World Coming To?

    Li Dao was startled by how anxious his assistant was, and he immediately took the phone from him to have a look. It was the police’s announcement on Weibo.

    He could barely believe his eyes. “How… how could this be?”

    Their TV drama had been able to gain so much free popularity due to leveraging Ning Meng’s scandal, and yet now, it was revealed to be a ruse?!

    Li Dao quickly stood up and brought his assistant to the rest area. After knocking on Su Tiantian’s door a few times, the prideful actress’s voice could be heard from inside. “Who is it?! What?! Am I not allowed to rest for just an hour? How am I supposed to be well-rested for work later?!”

    Hearing this, Li Dao pushed the door open, not waiting for her to invite them in.

    Su Tiantian glared at him in disgust. “What now?”

    After reading the Weibo post that Li Dao’s assistant showed her, Su Tiantian gasped in shock. “What?! How could this be?!”

    Was this the Ning Meng she knew? Her sister was not the kind of person who would extend a helping hand to a stranger, what more, aiding the police to solve a crime!

    After pausing for a moment, Su Tiantian concluded, “This must be the works of Huo Beichen. He probably bribed the police to come up with an excuse for her to evade responsibility! Yeah. This must be it. Look! This Weibo post is quite vague, this has to be a trick!”


    Li Dao stared at Su Tiantian in confusion.

    It was true, the way the Weibo post was written was indeed a little vague.

    Sitting on her sofa in her resting room, Su Tiantian’s mind was now in a total mess.

    She had been quite careful when dealing with this. When she had first heard of this incident, she did not go to confront Ning Meng about it directly, but rather, she chose to utilize her fans to flood Weibo with negative comments about her.

    If Ning Meng did not come out and say anything, then she could leverage on the situation as long as she could. Even if she did come out and say something, she could still claim that it was all “just the words of her fans” and that she had not accused Ning Meng of anything.

    However, what had happened next was Ning Meng deactivating her Weibo account and spending money to take down the tags from the Hot Search Engine, hinting that it was indeed her fault.

    That was what had emboldened Su Tiantian to continue with her witch hunt campaign, to not only get back at her sister but to also promote her TV drama.

    Yet now, the police had released this announcement… No. This announcement was the result of Mr. Huo Beichen’s bribe. Whatever that was written on this Weibo post, it had to be all fake!

    Therefore, Su Tiantian ordered her manager, “Contact the fans. We need to do some PR damage control over this!”


    And so, after the police’s Weibo announcement was released, countless negative comments were popping up on the post.

    @NingMengIsABitch: [Heh, I didn’t know the great police of China would be bribed by the rich like this? If a fighter of justice like you can be bribed, who else can we trust in this world?]

    @Yuyu2002: [Hey, I suppose money can indeed buy anything on the planet. Even the police!]

    @UltimateB*tchNingMeng: [Stop lying! Why don’t you tell us the details of that incident now, hmm? Come on, let’s be real. How much money did Mr. Huo pay you?]

    @TiantianFan123: [But… from the looks of it, it could actually be true, could it not?]

    @Colorblind69: [@TiantianFan123 Hey, you’re so naïve. Don’t be fooled. There are a lot of evil people living on this planet, you know?]

    A few hours later, the police still had not given any further response or clarification. Seeing this, Su Tiantian could not help but feel that her hunch was correct.

    However, before she was able to cheer herself a victory roll, the tables were turned yet again!

    It was already night time when Su Tiantian saw that there was a press conference being broadcasted live on the television.

    At the press conference, the first person to appear on screen was the very same woman who was almost taken away by the human traffickers.

    The girl looked at the camera and solemnly opened her mouth. “Over the past week, I’ve been watching everyone defame and insult the very person who saved my life through my phone screen. I’ve been wanting to stand up and tell everyone the truth! Yet, the police asked me to hold off my words because they needed to infiltrate the human trafficking ring. Now that it’s all done, I can finally come out and defend Sis Ning Meng! Shame on you! All of you! All you knew to do was throw accusations and insults at an innocent and kind person through your screen without even bothering to investigate what had actually happened! When you keyboard warriors were berating her all for your own ego, Sis Ning Meng had quietly and justly saved a life!”

    Then, the girl’s voice cracked into a sob. “Before I lost consciousness… when I was drugged by those evil men, I was pleading to the passersby for help, but no one extended a helping hand to me. No one! They all thought that all that was happening was a quarrel between me and my ‘husband’. But was it too much to ask for you all to at least come forward to help? Even if it was a domestic dispute, you should have at least brought me to the nearest police station to settle the issue! And when all you knew was to stand idly by when a woman needed help, the only kind person who stood up to help had to receive so much venomous hate and harassment on and off the internet! When I looked at all of you on my phone, I could not help but ask… What’s the world coming to?!”