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Chapter 316 - So Embarrassing, You Might As Well Leave

Pocket Hunting Dimension
     Chapter 316 So Embarrassing, You Might As Well Leave

    When Lu Ze received the reply, he nodded. “Thank you, Professor Jian.”

    At this time, Chris said, “Lu Ze, how about we move to a deserted place?”

    With that said, he looked at the Gula people on the ground. “There are so many of them here. If those people are here for us, these innocent Gulas will be implicated.”

    Lu Ze then nodded. “The ship needs some time to arrive here, so let’s move.”

    He didn’t have any emotional connections to these Gula people, but he didn’t mind moving a little since he was called their war god.

    Otherwise, he would not be able to take care of several people upon the arrival of powerful beings.

    Chris smiled. Even the other people looked at Lu Ze with softer eyes.

    As biologists, they cherished life.

    Lu Ze’s agreement gained their goodwill.

    At the side, Jian Wen smiled. “In that case, the remaining void beast is one that is good at concealment. If we were not tracking it from the start, we might not even be able to find it. Its location is near barren woods. Should we go there? Maybe, it could even help us.”

    Lu Ze rejoiced. Great! No wonder those three void beasts didn’t bring the last one. They were not the same breed.

    With how chaotic the void beasts were, they would attack anyone who came past. If they were careful and didn’t get caught, then perhaps the void beast would attack the three ships instead.

    Even though their firepower was at the mortal evolution state, they could not eliminate the chance that an accident might occur. It would be a big responsibility if the ship was struck by a power at the aperture opening state with 500 apertures.

    Of course, if those ships noticed the void beast first, the void beast would be fried.

    Thinking about this, Lu Ze suddenly realized that he hadn’t tasted the meat of a void beast yet.

    Should he…

    At this moment, Lu Ze recalled the image of the black blood in his mind, and his mouth twitched. It seemed poisonous. He probably shouldn’t eat it.

    Right then, Jian Wen and Chris went back to their ships while Lu Ze and Lin Ling headed to the rented ship.

    Lu Ze looked at the silent Lin Ling and smiled. “What’s wrong? Not in a good mood?”

    Did he crush her mentally?

    Thinking of this, Lu Ze tried to comfort her. “Your power has improved greatly already. I’m different from you. My god art is rather strong. I will give you more energy ball in the future. Your progress will be even greater. Don’t be dejected.”

    Lin Ling rolled her eyes when she heard his words. “I’m not going to be dejected just because of that! Don’t underestimate me!”

    Lu Ze frowned at her answer. “Then, what is it?”

    She bit her lips. “Although I don’t know who is coming, they probably are not weak. It’s just like on planet 25, in the beast caves. Am I dragging you down again?” Lu Ze finally understood the reason for her gloomy mood. Ah, it turned out to be because of this.

    He then smiled at her. “How can you say that? Your god art in the caves helped out a lot. If it wasn’t for you, I can’t even kill the first core martial state level nine beast, not to mention the situation after that.”

    Lin Ling became stunned. “Really?”

    Lu Ze rolled her eyes at her question. “When did I lie to you?” *Cough* Well… pocket hunting dimension didn’t count.

    Lin Ling’s eyes flickered a bit. Subsequently, she raised a brow and said, “Then, if there’s a powerful enemy, I can use god art to help you.”

    Her god art had always been her pride. It was the same god art as her most respected great-grandpa. Lu Ze nodded with a smile. “Mhm.”

    Just a while ago, he was afraid that this fella lost her confidence. Now, it seemed that she was already feeling better.

    Eventually, Lin Ling smiled. “Then, I’ll recover first.”

    Accordingly, she sat down and began healing. The three ships left and soon flew toward where the void beast was found.

    At this moment, they received another call from Jian Wen.

    “Lu Ze, we found the three ships. They have used warp travel a few times in a short distance. They are only 3000 kilometers away from planet Gula. The ships are small-sized. There aren’t many people on board.”

    Then, he smiled helplessly. “But their firepower isn’t weak.”

    After all, a weapon with a level near the mortal evolution state was quite expensive.

    They were just a scientific research team, not the military. They weren’t going to have this level of weapons.

    Such weapons were considered high-class, even in the military. Clearly, there was something wrong with them.

    At this moment, Jian Wen said, “By the way, does your ship have a stealth mechanism? If not, you will be discovered.”

    Lu Ze nodded. “Computer, open stealth systems.”

    A robotic voice could be heard just now. “Ready, Captain.”

    Then, the flying ship was enveloped in an invisible force field.

    With this, ordinary detection devices and organisms would have great difficulty finding this ship.

    Of course, for those civilizations with high technology and powerful martial artists, this was nothing

    But the void beast’s power was only so so, and they do not have a high perception.

    Soon, they stopped by the forest and shut down their engines, only leaving on the stealth system and comms.

    Ten minutes later, Jian Wen sent a message. “The three ships have arrived. They seem to be looking for something.” Afterward, he shared the surveillance screen.

    Lu Ze looked at it curiously. It was a ship with a similar size to their mission ship.

    They flew around together first and soon separated.

    They seemed to be searching for something. Lu Ze frowned at this. “What are they searching for?”

    Jian Wen pushed his glasses before he replied, “I don’t know.”

    At this moment, a projection of Chris had connected as well. “Let me show you something.”

    He then shared a surveillance screen.

    Although the ship kept changing directions, it was flying toward the forest.

    Everyone had their focus on the screen.

    Soon, the ship came above the forest. Right away, a deafening roar occurred, and a ten-meter in diameter energy ball whirled toward the ship.

    The attack came so fast that the pilot didn’t even open the shield in time.


    The ship just exploded like that…

    Afterward, the void beast revealed itself.

    It was only 20 meters long, and its skin looked smooth while reflecting the sunlight. Its head looked hideous.

    It roared in pride.

    Lu Ze rubbed his head.


    The ship with firepower near the mortal evolution state was destroyed just like that by a void beast at the aperture opening state with 500 apertures?

    Where are the people inside?

    What about the powerful beings?

    What about the barrier of the ship?

    So why did he want to ambush them?

    If he knew they were so noob, why would he be scared?

    This was embarrassing-he should leave.

    Next time, if he sees the other two ships, he would just go and fight right away!