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Chapter 317 - How Is This Possible??

Pocket Hunting Dimension
     Chapter 317 How Is This Possible??

    Perhaps, due to the destruction of the ship, another flying ship immediately shifted its direction in the screen, accelerating toward the forest.

    Although the remaining ship could not be monitored at the moment, it should have received the news as well and proceeded here at the same time.

    The explosion shocked Lin Ling who was healing herself. She then opened her eyes and asked, “What happened?” Lu Ze shook his head. “One ship was ambushed and destroyed by the void beast.”

    Moments later, Lu Ze, who had a complicated expression, continued, “Not a single person got out of the ship after the explosion. They are all dead.”

    Lin Ling: “…”

    She blinked her eyes as she remained silent for a moment. “Isn’t that ship pretty strong?”

    “That void beast has a powerful stealth ability, and the attack happened so suddenly. The ship didn’t have the time to open its barrier.”

    The energy on a ship was limited. Maintaining a barrier costed large amounts of energy. It wouldn’t be constantly open unless the situation required it.

    Of course, this might also be due to their carelessness.

    When Lin Ling heard Lu Ze’s explanation, her mouth twitched. Finally, she asked, “Then, what do we do now?”

    He was silent for a while. Subsequently, he answered, “By the looks of it, the people on the ship are not strong. Otherwise, they would not be unable to run from the void beast. The remaining two ships should not be too different then. When the two ships arrive, we will assess the situation. If they really are not strong, we will capture them and ask what their motives are.”

    Regardless, the sudden appearance of these unregistered ships was too suspicious.

    Lin Ling nodded at his words. “Mhm.”

    Outside in the forest, the void beast concealed its chi again and lay low on the ground.

    Compared to the other three void beasts, this one was much more sneaky.

    Soon, the remaining two ships flew over and surveyed the air carefully.

    Just now, they didn’t even know what happened to the third ship. They carefully opened up the defense barrier and began searching

    At this time, a gray ball of energy surged and bombarded the barriers of one of the ships.


    The collision of the two created a deafening sound.

    Afterward, the barrier flickered, and then, the ship flew out a few kilometers before wobbling and finally stopping.

    Before the ship could react, the void beast appeared on the side of the defense barrier and sliced it heavily.


    The ship wobbled once more.

    This was the difference between martial artists and flying ships. The agility of flying ships was too low. The ship had a powerful attack, but after being ambushed, it couldn’t even release an attack.

    If the void beast kept attacking, the ship’s energy would soon be depleted. It would be unable to sustain the barrier. Consequently, the ship would be torn to pieces.

    At this moment, the other ship finally noticed the situation and started charging up its energy cannons.

    In a few seconds, a few meters thick, white energy beam shot heavily toward the void beast, penetrating its body without resistance.

    Moreover, it even lightly scraped the defense barrier of the other ship.

    The barrier started flickering vigorously as though it had reached its limit.


    The body of the void beast exploded, leaving a huge and bloody hole within. A wailing sound could be heard afterward. Black blood gushed out from the wound, splattering everywhere in the air and landing on the energy barrier. Then, the powerful energy immediately vaporized it into black smoke.

    The life force of the void beast weakened. Its bloodshot eyes flashed with chaotic and tyrannical light as it opened its mouth and shot a mouth cannon toward the barrier.


    A few seconds later, the void beast’s body crashed down from the sky.

    In the air, the ship appeared to be malfunctioning. The smoke billowed out as the ship wobbled down from the sky.

    When Lu Ze saw this scene, he gasped and could not help but look at the void beast with approval.

    This beast destroyed a ship and damaged another one all by itself.

    This guy was a pal! It would forever live in Lu Ze’s heart!

    At this moment, Lin Ling exclaimed, “Ze, look at the flying ship!”

    Lu Ze looked over, and his eyes soon widened in disbelief. “How is this possible??”

    The malfunctioning ship’s door opened, and four figures were revealed.

    However, these four figures were not humans but blade demons!

    Lu Ze frowned at this.

    Why would blade demons appear here?

    He wasn’t surprised that blade demons, who were below planetary state, could sneak into the Federation. After all, he had encountered them before he went to the Xiaer battlefield.

    At that time, they had planned to ambush Nangong Jing. Instead of succeeding, they were planted upside down.

    But now, Lu Ze couldn’t understand why they came to such a poor planet. Were there some hidden resources? Was this like the 25th planet?

    Lu Ze rubbed his forehead due to a bit of headache.

    He just wanted to calmly finish a mission. Why did things turn out this way?

    How did they get an unregistered federal ship with weapons at the level of mortal evolution state?

    The technology of the two races was different. They shouldn’t be able to produce federal ships.

    Even if they created a shell and the inside components were different, the scientists would be able to tell.

    Even Lin Ling was confused as well. Jian Wen and Chris saw what happened too. Both were surprised after seeing the blade demons emerge from the ship.

    Jian Wen frowned and touched his glasses. “Why did blade demons appear here?” Chris also said, “Is there something here that they are interested in?”

    Right then, Lu Ze asked, “Professor Jian and Chris, aren’t you surprised that the blade demons have an unregistered federal ship?”

    The two became dazed due to the question. They also turned to look at Lu Ze and Lin Ling with surprise. It seemed they were shocked to know that the two students were unfamiliar with it.

    Accordingly, Jian Wen asked, “Have you two not been in missions involving underground forces? With your powers, you should have come into contact with quite some missions of the sort.”

    Usually, new students and maybe even second-year students might not receive missions related to underground forces, but Lu Ze and Lin Ling were probably the strongest among the students of the entire Dawn System.

    “Underground forces missions?” Lu Ze and Lin Ling froze for a moment. They then remembered the Bloody Night pirates mission. However, that one was an accident as well.

    Lu Ze said, “We have annihilated a space pirate group before.” Chris smiled when he heard his reply. “They can count as one of the underground forces. Quite some criminals would build cities on uninhabited planets. These are underground forces and the targets that the Federation wants to suppress.” Lu Ze nodded to express his understanding.

    Eventually, Chris smiled. “Several of them are criminals. As long as there is enough profit, they would give up the welfare of the entire human race. They would traffick rare resources and unregistered ships to blade demons.”