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Chapter 417 - He“s Really A Doctor

Let Me Game in Peace
     Chapter 417 He“s Really A Doctor

    lu su frowned and said, "our medical team doesn't have the doctor zhou wen you mentioned previously. if there is, how could we not get him to save you all?"

    "how can that be? he's clearly from your medical team, and i've even seen his identification documents. oh right, he's not a doctor yet; he's just an intern doctor," the officer said.

    "there's no such person even amongst the intern doctors. there's no one with the zhou surname either." lu su felt that grief had gotten to this officer's head that he started spouting nonsense. if he had really been hit by the blood, how could he come back alive? he even dragged his comrades back while remaining fine.

    "impossible. he's clearly here…" as the officer spoke, he seemed to think of something. he ran outside as though he had gone crazy.

    "ah! what madness!" lu su sighed.

    the present era was an era that drove people crazy. although humans possessed superpowers that they never dared to dream of, they were still burdened with unimaginable pressure. many people couldn't withstand the impact and this devolved into psychological problems.

    to lu su, this officer was someone who couldn't withstand the blow which resulted in psychological problems.

    the officer didn't have that many thoughts. he ran all the way to where he had met zhou wen. he remembered which dorm he was in. he came for zhou wen, not to prove his existence as doctor little zhou, but to get him to save his comrades.

    zhou wen was reading in bed when he suddenly heard a series of urgent knocks on the door. then, he heard someone shouting desperately outside. "doctor little zhou… help… doctor little zhou… are you there?"

    zhou wen could tell that the officer was outside, so he opened the door. "doctor little zhou, i'm so glad you're here. please save my brothers."

    upon seeing zhou wen, the officer felt like crying. without another word, he pulled zhou wen towards the medical team.

    as he was being pulled to the medical team, zhou wen asked, puzzled, "what's the matter?"

    "my brothers were suddenly attacked by a dimensional creature while they were patrolling alongside the river. they were sprayed with blood and quickly fell unconscious. they have rashes on their bodies and they are rapidly festering. the doctors are helpless. it will be too late if you don't do something," the officer said.

    zhou wen quickened his steps when he heard that. he didn't wish to see a living person die in front of him. he would do his best.

    soon, zhou wen was pulled to the medical team by the officer. he saw six soldiers lying in a special ward with two nurses and a doctor taking care of them.

    however, their situation hadn't improved at all. the rashes on their faces and hands had already turned into bloody holes. from afar, they looked as if blood-colored flowers had bloomed on their faces. there was no beauty about it and only made one shudder.

    "doctor little zhou, quickly save my brothers. quickly give them the injection," the officer said anxiously as he pulled zhou wen along.

    "are you the doctor zhou wen they mentioned?" lu su sized up zhou wen suspiciously. she was certain that zhou wen wasn't from the medical team. she knew everyone from the medical team, and there wasn't such a character. furthermore, zhou wen looked too young. he was probably less than twenty years old. it was no wonder the officer called him doctor little zhou.

    usually, one would attend university at the age of 16. after graduation, they would be 20 years old.

    "i'm a new intern doctor, zhou wen. i haven't reported to the medical team yet," zhou wen said as he showed his identification.

    lu su took the document and looked at it. it was true. he was indeed an intern. this person was not a figment of imagination fabricated by those soldiers.

    "can i take a look at their injuries?" zhou wen asked lu su.

    "of course." lu su also wanted to know if zhou wen could treat the poison. if he could really treat it, lu su would be very grateful to him.

    the military wasn't a hospital. there wasn't any competition or selfishness that ordinary doctors had. saving a soldier's life was more important than anything. furthermore, if zhou wen could treat the rashes, it would be a great thing for the garrison in chess mountain. it would resolve a huge problem.

    seeing lu su agree, zhou wen went to an injured soldier and looked at his injuries. the two nurses beside him looked up curiously.

    zhou wen looked a little younger than them, but he was called a doctor by the officer. furthermore, he seemed to have placed all his hopes on him, making them curious as to what kind of person zhou wen was. they were curious as to whether zhou wen could really treat the soldiers' rashes.

    zhou wen could tell that they were indeed the same as the red rashes he had seen previously. immediately, he summoned doctor darkness to possess him and used fight poison with poison. a syringe appeared in his hand.

    without any hesitation, zhou wen grabbed the soldier's wrist and stabbed it.

    lu su jumped in fright, but it was too late to stop him. because zhou wen had delivered an injection with just one look, this made him appear somewhat unreliable.

    however, on second thought, lu su felt that no matter how unreliable he was, there was still hope. even if zhou wen didn't inject the soldier, the soldiers wouldn't be able to survive, so she didn't stop him.

    from his two previous experiences, zhou wen had a general idea of the dosage needed to be injected. therefore, he stopped after a certain amount of dosage was injected and walked towards the next soldier.

    there were only six soldiers in total. in just an instant, zhou wen had fully administered it to them all.

    "it's done. that's all i can do. i'll have to trouble the nurses to help deal with their festering injuries," zhou wen said.

    "doctor little zhou, are they alright now?" the officer asked nervously.

    "if nothing unexpected happens, it should be like liu gui. they need to recuperate for some time. i still have matters to tend to, so i'll be heading back now," zhou wen said as he walked out.

    the officer trusted zhou wen very much. upon hearing zhou wen's words, the weight on his heart was lifted. after thanking him, he ran to the beds to see his comrades.

    lu su frowned as she watched. from his attitude when he injected the patients, she could tell that zhou wen was extremely unprofessional. he even had problems being an intern doctor.

    for such a seriously injured patient, he had to observe their reactions after injecting a drug. yet, he didn't even look at them and left after the injections. he didn't look like a doctor at all.

    lu su had no idea that zhou wen wasn't a doctor. he didn't know any medical skills, so it was useless staying.

    she wanted to stop zhou wen, but before she could speak, she heard a nurse cry out, "he… he's reacting…"

    lu su hurriedly looked at the nurse and saw her pointing at a soldier, shock filling the nurse's face.

    she looked at the soldier and surprise colored her face as well. the soldier grunted softly and woke up. furthermore, his rashes seemed to have stopped festering.