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Chapter 330 - Did You Ask Me to Apologize to a Human Trafficker?

She Became a Heartbreaker After Entering the Novel
     Chapter 330: Did You Ask Me to Apologize to a Human Trafficker?

    The girl's furious scolding silenced everyone present at the press conference.

    At first, the journalists had come in in a wave of rage, wanting to reveal the truth for justice, wanting to probe the police and ask if they had indeed been bribed by Huo Beichen. However, after seeing the victim's teary yet seething eyes, they all shut their mouths.

    Wiping her tears, the girl resumed speaking. "My apologies. I got too agitated earlier. I know, all of you are probably laughing at me, saying that I'm so emotionally feeble. Yeah, sure. Cry me a river, you say. You all did not know the truth, so you are all blameless, you say. Those words that came out of your mouths and keyboards were mere ‘words', there was nothing to get worked up about. But have you considered this? That when I was at my lowest point… when I was practically crying and begging for help, I had to witness everyone walk by, almost as if the entire society had forsaken me. This was a person about to be kidnapped by a human trafficker! Do you know how helpless I felt?! I had used up all my strength to ram into her car. I thought she would ignore me like the other strangers, and yet, she did not. No. Instead, she saved my life! If it is excusable for all of you to berate a good Samaritan like this, if such a thing were to happen again, who else would help the next victim?!"

    The girl started sobbing again. "I… Even now, I can still see that evil man's face. In fact, I haven't slept well in the past week. Every day, when night falls, I've dreamt that those evil men snuck into my home to take me away. You'll never understand how miserable it was for me…"

    Then, her voice cracked into a long sob before hiccupping into a weep.

    Seeing that the victim had totally broken down in tears and was unable to speak any further, the police chief walked onto the stage to comfort her. Then, he ordered an officer to escort the girl off the stage before giving full details of their whole operation to the press—from how Ning Meng had noticed something was off with the victim to how they had infiltrated the human trafficking ring to bust them down. Every single detail was laid out as clear as day in front of the press and internet, the evidence and deductions were so logical and convincing that no journalist could object them.

    Finally, the police chief stood up and said, "And that was the whole truth. Now, before we end this conference, there's still one more thing to do."

    Then, he raised his hand to his head to perform a salute. "We, the police force, would like to present our highest salute to Ms. Ning Meng on behalf of the victim that was on the stage earlier as well as the thousands of other women whose lives she had saved!"

    The police chief's salute and his earnest, respectful eyes were broadcasted to the whole nation through the camera, shutting the keyboard and social justice warriors' mouths.

    There was no denying it now.

    No matter how wealthy Huo Beichen was, there was no way he could establish an entire human trafficking ring in such a short time. Besides, now that they thought about it, Ning Meng's "stubbornness in asking for the car repair compensation" and "unwillingness to issue an apology" was entirely understandable.

    Now, countless people flooded to Ning Meng's Weibo account to delete their venomous, berating comments.

    @Mikasukasa: [I was wrong. You are actually a goddess. How could I say that you don't deserve to live? In fact, we need more people like you in this world!]

    @NingMengDidNothingWrong: [I'm sorry. I'm really, really sorry! We should not have said all those things about you!]

    @UltimateGoddessNingMeng: [When I think back on how we've wronged you, I could not help but feel so bad that I teared up. You are such a kind, joyful girl. I hope we have not caused you too much harm.]

    @TiantianFan123: [See? I knew this had to be true! I knew the police were not lying!]


    Tons and tons of apologies swarmed into Ning Meng's Weibo page.

    Under normal circumstances, Ning Meng would issue a statement to say that she was fine and that she understood that the public was just trying to fight for justice. This would show that she was a generous person, and by doing so, she would acquire more fans.

    However, Ning Meng was Ning Meng after all.

    She just had to go the opposite route.

    @ComicArtistLemon: [Hey, if I'm not mistaken, were you the one asking me to apologize to a human trafficker? @SuTiantian]


    Everyone was stunned upon seeing her response.

    Then, they recalled that Su Tiantian had indeed sent her fans to harass and berate Ning Meng, calling her out for not apologizing to the "victim".

    And thus, this time, everyone flooded to Su Tiantian's Weibo page.

    As expected, Su Tiantian had already deleted that interview clip from her page. However, whatever that was posted on the internet stays forever on the internet. Many had seen that video and had publicly endorsed her TV drama. Now, the more popular "Love in the Summer" was, the more people knew about this.

    Ning Meng's Weibo roast was, essentially, a huge slap to the face for Su Tiantian.

    In an instant, Su Tiantian's fans appeared en masse to support their idol.

    @Yuyu2002: [Look, even if you weren't wrong in this case, it was just one good deed you did. It doesn't dismiss you of all those things you have done to Tiantian!!]

    @SuTiantianMyLove: [Yeah! Even if it was just her misunderstanding you, was it necessary for you to hit her?!]