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Chapter 305 - Was It Out of Gratitude or Love (1)

My Mr. Gu is Courting Death Again
     Chapter 305: Was It Out of Gratitude or Love (1)

    Their current relationship had finally improved a little since then. She was afraid that if she asked about what had happened three years ago, she would be unleashing a furious storm upon herself.

    Having already seen Gu Yu's heartless side, she didn't want to experience it a second time.

    That was a question she would inevitably obtain an answer to… but now wasn't the time to ask.

    At the very least, she had to wait until she was certain that Gu Yu truly liked her and wouldn't turn his back on her for no reason again. After all, she no longer possessed the level of self-confidence she had three years ago.

    She had no choice but to tread carefully.

    Regardless of how silly her way of thinking now was, she would still leave some leeway for herself. She wasn't going to repeat the same mistake three years ago where she had given her all to him without even knowing if she truly liked her or not.

    Her greatest source of courage was Gu Yu, and that had enabled her to shield him with her own body. However, Gu Yu was also her greatest source of fear. Thus, she didn't dare to even ask the question.

    As she thought about it, Xu Weilai couldn't help but deride herself.

    If she was a fairy who came to the human realm to undergo trials and tribulations, Gu Yu would be her greatest trial. She couldn't help but wonder how this story would end; would she overcome the trial and rise back into heaven, or would the trial crush her soul and ultimately kill her from inside?

    Gu Yu saw that Xu Weilai was silent for a long while with a dazed expression in her eyes. He furrowed his brows further as he asked, "Xu Weilai, say something! Is your wound hurting so much? I'll get the doctor!"

    With that said, he lifted the blanket and was about to step out of the bed.

    Having finally recovered her senses, Xu Weilai reached out gently to pull his sleeve. Gu Yu stopped and turned back to look at her as she shook her head and replied, "I'm fine. It's still bearable."

    "Are you sure?"


    Not wanting to continue talking about it, Xu Weilai instead changed the subject. "Didn't you want to watch the movie with me?"

    She raised her chin, and with the demeanor of a proud queen looking upon her subject, she replied, "I shall allow it."

    Gu Yu initially reacted in shock; he wasn't used to this attitude of hers. However, a hint of nostalgia soon appeared in his eyes.

    This was the Xu Weilai from three years ago…

    A more accurate explanation was that this was the original Xu Weilai.

    This was also… the Xu Weilai he loved the most.

    Gu Yu returned to his original position on the bed and gazed at Xu Weilai with a smile. His voice was very light and gentle as he replied, "Alright. Let's watch the movie."

    Xu Weilai had never imagined that the first movie she ever watched with Gu Yu would be in the hospital. It truly was… very unusual.

    From now on, she had another precious memory to keep.


    In the following days, Xu Weilai had spent her time recuperating. Regardless of how busy Gu Yu was, he never left the hospital room and kept Xu Weilai company the entire time. To ensure that her rest wasn't disturbed, his cell phone was switched from nine at night to nine the next morning every day. Nothing was more important to him than keeping his wife company.

    He hadn't hired a caregiver, so he did everything for Xu Weilai personally. Even for a matter as simple as getting a glass of water, he insisted on doing it for her and even held the glass to her lips.

    Gu Yu had never taken care of anyone else before, so his actions were a little stiff and clumsy. Even so, he continued to persevere.

    As Xu Weilai watched him, she was reminded of herself. Having learned through trial and error, she slowly figured out on her own how to take good care of him. She had never expected that there would come a day when the roles would be reversed, and he would be taking care of her.

    However, she did it out of love back then. In that case, then what about Gu Yu? Was he doing it out of gratitude or love?



    Because of her injury, Xu Weilai had been unconscious for several days. The news regarding Gu Corporation's press conference had already been published by various other media outlets. It was no longer necessary for Xu Weilai to write the article. In other words, she hadn't completed the assignment.