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Chapter 667 - Black bellied president’s deep kiss (Part 26)

Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping
Chapter 667: Black bellied president’s deep kiss (Part 26)

    Luo Qing Chen narrowed her cold eyes as she watched Xu Nai leave before a chill radiated from her.

    She thought that she was a star, shining wherever she went.

    She didn’t know that she was a target, she really was dazzling.

    “Although I also hate Xu Nai very much…..”  Momo on the side sadly pouted her lips and lowered her head as she said, “But offending her like this, we won’t have a good day……”

    “It’s fine, it’s fine.” Bai Shi Shi comforted her, “Anyway it’s already pretty bad, it’s fine if it gets worse!”

    “Ai.”  Luo Qing Chen looked over and said, “There is an old saying, one will be saved unexpectedly!  Everyone just needs to do your best and leave the rest to the judges!”

    “It’s fine not to talk about the judges, but your heart hurts when you do!”  Momo said with a sigh, “I really want to know who votes for us each time.  If I knew, I would definitely invite him to a meal!”

    At least it wasn’t a snob!

    Luo Qing Chen gave a soft laugh before looking at the time, “I need to go out, Shi Shi, do your best.  If something happens, Momo or Xiao Yi can call me!”

    “Go ahead!”  Bai Shi Shi said with pouted lips, “I’m not afraid……”

    This was her first time without Wang Ze by her side and this was her first time walking down the catwalk without Wang Ze’s designs.

    Although she was a bit lost, it felt like walking on the catwalk for the first time in her heart.

    If everything was done over again, she still had a chance…...A chance to fight.

    Luo Qing Chen waved her hand and said, “I’ll be under the stage, don’t panic.”

    She found a dressing room and quickly changed her pure white sweater with a red coat and she put on a hat with two small ears up top.  She put on large sunglasses that covered two thirds of her face and added in a mask!

    Un, perfect!

    When she left backstage, she passed by Xu Nai with a certain judge.

    Xu Nai couldn’t recognize her at all, she was talking to the judge in a coquettish voice.

    “Leader Zhang, you know our Hundred Charm Team, we’re in the top ten each year.  We have this ability and will strive for first!”

    “Un!  I know…...But this time director Lu is here and I’m afraid that it needs to be more strict!”

    “Aiya, leader Zhang!  There is a beach party the day after tomorrow, my sisters haven’t seen leader Zhang in a long time and miss you very much!”

    “Oh?”  The man seemed a bit moved as his lips couldn’t help curling, “That C girl last time wasn’t bad.”

    “Aiya, little sister C is always telling me how she thinks of you!”

    “Alright!  I’ll call you the day after when I have time!”

    “Then we’re done talking about it!”  Xu Nai narrowed her eyes and a thick charm appeared in her sulking voice.


    Luo Qing Chen was too lazy to care about her since each team leader only had a single point.  Last year's champion had won with twenty one points, this showed how competitive it was.

    It seems like Lu Xi Feng’s secretary should have spread out his thirty points.

    She fixed her sunglasses and headed towards the VIP seats on the second floor.

    Lu Xi Feng was surrounded by many models, but they were all stopped by the security guards.

    It seemed like he just needed to casually sit there and he would become the center of attention, not wasting any effort at all.

    Luo Qing Chen half walked and half squeezed over, but was pushed back by one of the girls.

    She arrogantly rolled her eyes and said, “What are you pushing for, do you think that you can pass?”

    Less than three seconds later, the security guard immediately came over, “Young miss Luo, this way please.”

    Luo Qing Chen cleared her throat and looked at this person who had been ‘slapped three seconds later’, “The world isn’t that dark, the place you can’t go doesn’t mean that other people can’t!”