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Chapter 251 - Go to Another Studio to Practice from Now on

The Queen of Everything
     Chapter 251: Go to Another Studio to Practice from Now on

    "It's fine."

    Dai Xiaofu shook her head. She did not want to waste any more time on this matter. "Let's continue the class. Your competition is about to begin. Let's hurry."

    Su Cha did not care. She was just asking casually. She could guess that it was not easy to deal with what happened yesterday.

    After all, those students did not seem to have an ordinary background.

    Dai Xiaofu was in a bad mood today.

    Su Cha could tell that she was looking at her with a hesitant expression. It did not seem like it had something to do with yesterday's events.

    While practicing a new song recommended by Dai Xiaofu, Su Cha took off her earphones halfway. "Do you have something to tell me today?"

    "Oh? No."

    Dai Xiaofu quickly denied it, but because she denied it too quickly, she then looked embarrassed, as if she had been caught red-handed. "I just keep thinking about something when I see you."

    Her eyes flickered as she realized that she could easily expose herself. She stood up and walked out. "I'll go out to take a look at the students in class. You can practice for now."


    Su Cha watched her leave silently.

    The change in Dai Xiaofu's demeanor was very subtle. In the past, Su Cha might not have been able to tell, but now, she was very sensitive and could detect anything wrong with her. Right now, Su Cha felt that Dai Xiaofu was hiding something from her.

    She seemed to want to say it but also did not seem to want to.

    Su Cha continued practicing her songs.

    Dai Xiaofu, who was walking out, met the teacher who came to see her. "Teacher Dai, there is a call from the hospital. Zuo Nanfan, the child, found out about the person who saved him. He said that he wanted to meet that big sister. It was the student who just arrived, right? I just wanted to ask you, doesn't Zuo Nanfan's sister resemble that student a little…?"

    Dai Xiaofu's expression changed. "Teacher Wu, you must have seen wrongly. You should tell Nanfan that that big sister came here by chance and will not come here again. I will thank her on his behalf."


    Teacher Wu hesitated, but after some thought, she nodded and said, "I'll go back to him."

    After she left, Dai Xiaofu touched her forehead and smiled bitterly. As if she was talking to herself, she said, "I don't know if I'm right or wrong, but I at least have raised you for a while… Sigh."

    After Su Cha had been practicing alone for a while, Dai Xiaofu walked back in. Her expression had become much more natural as she said to Su Cha with a smile, "Su Cha, my friend has a studio. You can practice in that studio from now on. Their recording studios and equipment are specialized. I will also go over there to teach you. I have already told my friend to give the address. I will send it to you later. After you go home at noon today, take a breather and go over there tomorrow."

    Su Cha took off her earphones and asked curiously, "Is today's class over? I want to practice a little more."

    "You can practice for now, then come out for lunch with me. I have something to do in the afternoon. Anyway, it's the same whether you practice here or go home. I do have something to ask you though. We've been meeting for two days and we haven't talked much."

    With Dai Xiaofu's words, Su Cha could not refuse anymore.

    She could tell that Dai Xiaofu was avoiding something.

    But since she had said that much and Su Cha was here to learn, she would not express her opinions.