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Chapter 331 - She Is Too Cool!

She Became a Heartbreaker After Entering the Novel
     Chapter 331: She Is Too Cool!

    [You've been bullying Tiantian so many times. If you can treat your own sister this way, how is it possible for us to believe that you could be nice to the people outside of your family? I suspect that you were just lucky in that situation. You guilt-tripped and forced people to pay compensation and caused such a big scene that even the police had to come by. How else would you be able to tell that he was a scammer?]

    [What this guy said is eerily accurate!]

    [Did the police not just mention that the lady was wearing a Gucci T-shirt? Miss Ning was able to tell because of this fact! Can you all use your reasoning?]

    [So, you're saying that we can solve cases by just looking at one T-shirt? Who would be staring at people's clothes when we're out in the streets?]

    [?? I don't agree with you. I like to stare at people's shoes, what gives?]

    [Let's not talk about this human-trafficking scammer. Can we not consider her slapping another person just because she did not like what she had said?]

    There was not one winning side in this war of words. The press conference at the police station had caused a lot of discussion among the public and in fact, someone had cut the earlier viral video to Ning Meng's words just before she had slapped Su Tiantian.

    "Su Tiantian, there's a rumor online that claims that I kept bullying you. In that case, let me confirm this rumor."

    The moment this video was posted, many started to leave comments.

    @Gongziyansbooksareawesome: [Am I the only one who thinks that Ning Meng is so cool!?]

    @Autumnorwinter: [Ahhh, I can't help it!! I'm so impressed with this lady! What she said is just too refreshing!]

    @Commoner: [That does not justify her hitting others! I mean, others have offended her too, but she did not hit them, right? Isn't it obvious that Su Tiantian is just easily bullied?]

    @Fallendevil: [For those who can understand why she had hit her, can you just not let it go? This has escalated to the point that the younger sister had to take the lead in asking for an apology. I would not have been able to stand this situation if it was me!]

    @Aunty: [No need to say more. I'm so totally a fan of this lady!]

    Ning Meng felt comforted when she saw all that was happening online. She was also a normal person, it was not as though she had a heart made of steel and was invincible. When she was not directly involved in any troubles, she could easily say that all those netizens were just liars, why would she need to care about anything they said?

    However, now that this incident was a direct hit on her, she understood how one could easily fall into despair. She closed her eyes halfway, refusing to let Su Tiantian off the hook, thus, issuing another Weibo post.

    @ComicArtistLemon: [Yes, I've been bullying you since young. I should not have given you that brand new Dior dress worth one hundred thousand when you wanted to go for the formal dinner. I was insulting you. I should have let you go to the street stalls and respect your financial capacity. Lemon Entertainment has also bullied you. We should not have given you all the best roles and neglected our own artists. We're more jealous of you now because we could not give you the best role in the best TV drama. Lemon Entertainment is just a small entertainment company who cannot provide for you. Even the stray dogs know to wag their tails in delight when I feed them meat buns. How about you? @SuTiantian]

    Soon after the Weibo post was posted up, some people started speaking up for her.

    @Imgongziyan: [This reminds me of a story. A rich guy used to give a beggar one hundred USD every day. Two years later, that rich man went bankrupt and gave the beggar one USD. The beggar immediately threw the money back at him and asked, "How could you do this to me?!"]