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Chapter 306 - Was It Gratitude Or Love? (2)

My Mr. Gu is Courting Death Again
     Chapter 306: Was It Gratitude Or Love? (2)

    This was just a small mission and there wasn't a huge amount of reward waiting for her at the end, but ever since Xu Weilai entered the Z Magazine publication company, she had always completed the assignments she was given with flying colors. She was extremely responsible while carrying out her duties. No matter how big or small the assignment was, she would always want to do her best!

    She hoped that she wouldn't leave any regrets behind in her professional career!

    Also, Big Boss just rewarded her with a million RMB year-end bonus. If she screwed up such a small assignment, she would still feel uneasy even though she had a valid reason. She would have a guilty conscience and think that she had disappointed both the reward and trust her big boss had in her!

    Since the piece of news couldn't be pursued anymore, she was thinking of replacing it with another worthy piece of news.

    After enduring for a week, Xu Weilai's condition finally stabilized. Her wound was slowly starting to heal and it wasn't as uncomfortable as before. Thus, she requested for Gu Yu to bring her laptop for her.

    Gu Yu, who had been granting all her wishes for the past few years, rejected her without hesitation. "You need to rest. You shouldn't look at the computer."

    "… I'm already feeling much better. You took very good care of me, right~"

    Xu Weilai placed her hands in front of her body and put her palms together. She gave a sincere expression and softened her tone. "My bones are stiff from lying down all the time. If I don't use my brain, I will become useless soon."

    Gu Yu didn't even flinch. He continued to reject her. "No."

    "Gu Yu~ Just for a short while. I will just take a look and see if there are any pieces of news worth reporting recently." Xu Weilai blinked at Gu Yu with her black and round eyes.

    Gu Yu wasn't swayed at all. He didn't even look at her, rejecting her for the third time. "No."

    What the f**k. Are you a recorder? Xu Weilai was infuriated. She bit her lower lip and glared at him angrily.

    Gu Yu seemed to feel her angry stare. His gaze finally shifted away from the word-filled report and landed on Xu Weilai. He pursed his thin lips slightly and elegantly crossed his slender and long legs. He opened his mouth and said in a calm tone, "You just need a piece of news. Why do you have to be so hardworking and search for it?"

    "…" Xu Weilai remained speechless for a long while. She asked him, "If I don't look for it, where will I get the news?"

    The man moved his thin lips and said, "It may seem far away but it's actually right in front of you."

    Xu Weilai didn't understand what he meant at first. She remained stunned for a moment. Soon, she realized what he was saying. "You're willing to let me INTVW you?"

    INTVW was the abbreviation for interview. Xu Weilai was used to saying it so she said it instinctively.

    Gu Yu's eyes lit up slightly. A hint of a smile flashed past his face. When he spoke again, his voice was deep and hoarse. There was even a tinge of provocation in it. "You can INTVW me as much as you want."

    "…" As expected, men are naturally irritating and loved to tease people.

    Gu Yu had never accepted any interviews before. He had always kept a low profile. No matter how reputable the media company that asked for an exclusive interview was, he would reject them. Yet, he volunteered to let her interview him. What a waste if she gave up the chance!

    Xu Weilai immediately smiled. "Give me some time to prepare the questions!"

    She didn't have a laptop so Xu Weilai took a pen and a piece of paper. She wrote some questions regarding his work and his personal abilities. Half an hour later, she checked through the questions and confirmed that they were alright. Finally, she raised her head and said seriously, "Gu Yu, can we start?"

    Gu Yu stood up and took a step with his long legs. He walked to the side of the bed and pulled a chair over. He sat down with an elegant posture and a noble aura.

    Xu Weilai took her phone over and tapped the recording function. Then, she placed it between the two of them. She cleared her throat and started asking her questions.

    Gu Yu was extremely cooperative. He answered all the questions she posed.

    Every piece of information about him was priceless. Xu Weilai could already imagine how well that issue of the magazine would sell after she published her interview. That way, she would be able to earn a lot of money~

    After answering the last question, Xu Weilai happily ended the voice recording. Just as she was about to thank Gu Yu for his cooperation, she heard him opening his mouth first and saying, "There's a question lacking."