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Chapter 418 - Magical Medicinal Effects

Let Me Game in Peace
     Chapter 418 Magical Medicinal Effects

    the six soldiers quickly woke up. it was fine even if they hadn’t woken up, but the poison that zhou wen had injected was so excruciatingly painful that it jolted them awake.

    lu su quickly did a checkup on the six soldiers and discovered that the toxins and red spots on their bodies had receded. their spirits were slowly recovering. it was unbelievable.

    this is unbelievable. how did he do it? lu su was shocked, but she didn’t stay idle. she dealt with the six soldiers’ wounds with the two nurses.

    although the toxins and red rashes had subsided, the festering wounds had not healed. they still needed treatment.

    after working for half the day, when the six soldiers were deep asleep, the surprise in lu su’s eyes intensified. it could be confirmed that the rashes on these soldiers had indeed subsided after a short period.

    how did he do it? lu su had researched the rashes for a long time, but she still couldn’t find a way to treat them. it was fine if the rash didn’t act up, but once it did, the patient would definitely die.

    however, the six soldiers today, who had already taken half a step into the jaws of death, recovered with a simple injection from zhou wen. it was unbelievable.

    what medicine is he using? why is it so effective? lu su thought to herself.

    “thank you, doctor lu,” the officer said to lu su gratefully.

    although lu su didn’t save her comrades, she had done all she could to deal with their festering wounds. this was already very precious.

    “i’m asking you, were you really splattered by the blood?” lu su looked at the officer and asked.

    “that’s right. if i could have reacted in time, i wouldn’t have let my comrades get soaked in the blood,” the officer said.

    “then why aren’t you infected with rashes like them?” lu su asked again. she naturally believed the officer’s words.

    the officer thought for a moment and said, “it should be this morning. i got doctor little zhou to give me a shot. perhaps the shot’s medicinal effect is still present in my system?”

    now, he was very glad that zhou wen had given him the injection. otherwise, they would all have been left unconscious there. by the time the other patrols discovered them, they would have been dead.

    in comparison, the little pain he suffered was nothing.

    could it be that the medicine has lingering effects or it has created antibodies? lu su thought to herself. if it was the latter, the medicine zhou wen used would be even more precious.

    lu su planned on finding a time to have a good chat with zhou wen and see if there was any chance of mass-producing the medicine. she believed that zhou wen would be reporting to her very soon. lu su was the in-charge of the medical team, so all interns should report to her.

    however, lu su didn’t see zhou wen the next day.

    lu su was not angered because of this. she knew very well that an intern doctor had to report to her first before their lodging and identification documents were arranged and distributed by the medical team.

    zhou wen didn’t report to her, but he already had a residence and identification documents. clearly, his identity wasn’t ordinary.

    furthermore, zhou wen could actually treat the rashes. this made lu su even more convinced that he didn’t have a simple background. therefore, lu su planned on visiting him personally.

    the officer often went to see his comrade, so learning where zhou wen stayed wasn’t difficult. but when lu su arrived at zhou wen’s dorm, she realized that the door was locked. there wasn’t anyone inside.

    however, after seeing zhou wen’s living quarters, lu su was even more certain that zhou wen wasn’t an ordinary intern doctor. how could an intern doctor have a single room? even ordinary low-ranking officers didn’t receive such treatment. as the main supervisor of the medical team, she had barely managed to get herself a single room.

    lu su thought for a while and returned to the medical team, planning to visit again at night.

    zhou wen really wasn’t at the encampment, as his phone had been taken away by the flower. he couldn’t contact his schoolmates—he hadn’t requested absence of leave from wang lu, considering his promise to buy breakfast for her.

    therefore, zhou wen asked for a travel pass from qin wufu’s adjutant before heading to a nearby city to buy a new phone.

    he didn’t have many requirements for his phone. he just needed it to work, so he bought a relatively cheap phone and got a new number.

    although he could request his old number back, zhou wen was afraid this might cause trouble with the flower, so he decided to change his number.

    after finishing everything, zhou wen logged into his communications app and planned on sending a group message to inform them that he had changed his number.

    however, the moment he logged in, the messages kept ringing. when he opened them, he saw that many of them were from wang lu.

    “big liar, you aren’t a man of your word.”

    “you’re not sincere. you just held on for one day. you didn’t even last to the second day.”

    “miser, stingy.”

    “why didn’t you tell me that you can’t bear to pay for breakfast?”

    “are you not daring to say a word because you know you are in the wrong?”


    “sorry, i was hunted by someone and lost my phone. i had no time to contact you. i won’t forget what i promised you. wait for me to return,” zhou wen replied.

    zhou wen also replied to li xuan’s and huang ji’s messages.

    finally, zhou wen saw a system notification. when he opened it, he saw a friend request.

    zhou wen subconsciously wanted to swipe away the message. typically, he wouldn’t randomly add friends unless he had agreed on a friend request ahead of time. however, zhou wen was alarmed when he saw the id of the requester. his hand, which was about to press the delete button, froze.

    the thearch… it can’t be… it’s just a coincidence… there’s no signal at chess mountain… that flower doesn’t have hands. how does it use a phone? it even knows how to add me as a friend! zhou wen looked at his friend request in horror and had the urge to immediately delete it.

    however, zhou wen knew that escaping wasn’t a solution, so he approved his friend request to see if the thearch was the flower or just a coincidence.

    just as he accepted the request, the thearch sent a message. “why did you take so long to accept my friend request? are you tired of living?”

    zhou wen found it unbelievable that a flower could use a phone, but from the person’s tone, it was identical to the flower’s.

    “who are you?” zhou wen probed.

    “what’s the matter? have you forgotten me so quickly? do you want me to make another wish for you to deepen your memories?” a message quickly replied.

    “ah, it’s really you, the thearch. i never expected you to be able to use the phone. i didn’t think there was any signal there, right? how did you get on the internet?” zhou wen replied.

    “it’s trivial. how can it daunt me?” the thearch’s reply clearly contained a hint of smugness, but she didn’t say how she did it.

    “since you know how to use a phone, i suggest that you check out books or television dramas on the internet. i recommend super gene. it’s especially good. you should be interested.” zhou wen regretted the moment he sent the message, but it was too late to recall it.

    “alright, i’ll take a look.” the thearch had already read the message and quickly replied zhou wen.

    zhou wen was very vexed. perhaps the flower wasn’t really just a harmless flower that could survive thanks to the sun. however, if it read super gene and started becoming a glutton like the characters in the book, wouldn’t many humans be in trouble?