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Chapter 563 - There’s No Residues, No Excess!

Medical Master
     Chapter 563 There’s No Residues, No Excess!

    “Wow, it’s so green.”

    “Today’s stock market is too environmentally friendly.”

    “Ha-ha, I haven’t seen such a bear market for a long time.”

    “Serves you right! That’s not the end. It’s only the first day. You’ll reach limit down again tomorrow!”

    “Master Fang Qiu, you’re awesome and domineering!”

    “Fang Qiu is so cruel and merciless this time.”

    “I don’t know if Fang Qiu speculates on the stock market or not, but I do know that from now on, Fang Qiu has become the new generation of ‘Stock Master’. Although he isn’t in the stock speculation field, there is still a legend about him.”

    Whether it was on Weibo or post-bar, netizens were very happy. They not only made a joke about the decline of the stocks of the six companies but also openly began to tease Fang Qiu.

    With the opening of the stock market, the staff of the six companies paid attention to the share price in the first place. After seeing that their company’s share price was falling rapidly and didn’t slow down until it hit bottom, leaders and employees of the six companies were all frustrated.

    The people in the PR department looked even worse.

    They were good at dealing with crisis public relations. From last night to now, they had been planning to minimize the loss of the company and had been busy for a whole night. When they saw the share price, they found that the perfect public relations trick that they had worked so hard to make was actually useless!

    Undoubtedly, with the decline of the stock price, the market value also lost a lot. The chairmen of the six companies were all furious.

    In Siqi Pharmaceutical Company, “Ask leaders of all departments to have a meeting right now!” As soon as he returned to the company and saw the stock price, Commander Zuo, with a gloomy face, picked up the phone and roared.

    The secretary hurriedly notified the leaders of all the departments.

    Soon, the leaders of all the departments of the company all rushed to the meeting room.

    “PR department!” As soon as the personnel arrived, Commander Zuo stared straight at the director of the PR department and then asked in a cold voice, “I pay you with such a high salary, and I gave you a whole night to deal with it. And this is the stock market you want me to see?”

    The director of the PR department fell silent.

    He had tried his best to work out every possible solution.

    However, he wasn’t able to control the stock market.

    Moreover, the methods of public relations were also instructed by Commander Zuo himself.

    “Humph!” Commander Zuo was furious. He slapped on the conference table and shouted at the executives present, “Today, you have to think of a way to deal with it. If you don’t give the public a perfect explanation and things continue to follow like this, the stock price will also fall tomorrow. The amount of market value which we lose for a day is enough for you to work for a lifetime!”

    It was not just the Siqi Pharmaceutical Company.

    The other five listed companies were also doing the same thing.

    However, except for the six listed companies, people of other pharmaceutical companies were all extremely depressed.

    They didn’t do anything but their stock price dropped for no reason.

    They just suffered from a calamity without any reason!

    “Damn, it’s not that there’s something wrong with our medicine. Why do we have to lose our stock prices?”

    “We’re so wronged.”

    “It’s all those six companies’ fault. If it weren’t for them, how could our share prices fall?”

    In addition, some of the companies that only sold Western Medicine were also implicated.

    “We didn’t f*cking produce Chinese Medicine, but why does our share price also decline?”

    Companies with the same situation were not few.

    Even the pesticide companies’ share price also fell, which became one of the bear markets.

    For a moment, people of the companies that were implicated were speechless and depressed.

    This was simply an unexpected calamity!

    Under public opinion, the stock price plummeted and it became everyone’s laughing stock.

    Just when the six companies began to search for solutions desperately, another more serious problem that was beyond their expectation appeared.

    At first, everyone just regarded this matter as a simple revelation on the Internet.

    However, while they were discussing fiercely, a person followed Fang Qiu’s path and suddenly exposed another type of problem medicine.

    After that, there was a gradually rising trend of resisting the black-hearted drug producers and exposing the problem drugs on the Internet.

    It didn’t matter if it was the drug producer or a drug.

    As long as they had been harmed by a drug, everyone began to expose one after another.

    Some people even exposed a black-hearted hospital.

    In the beginning, the revelation of black-hearted drug producers and medicine caused a lot of turmoil, but it was not severe. However, with the exposure of the black-heart hospital, it immediately triggered a terrible wave of opposition online.

    An ordinary worker went to the hospital because he was sick. However, the doctor of the hospital directly gave him a prescription without even confirming what kind of illness he had.

    As a result, not only the patient’s disease had not been cured, but the more he was treated, the worse his illness became. In the end, there was a serious consequence, which made the worker disable.

    Once this matter was exposed, it immediately made a large number of netizens scold.

    Under such circumstances, almost all the Weibo exposing black-hearted drug producers, problem drugs, and hospitals had been crazily reposted by all netizens.

    For a moment, the stock prices of those black-hearted pharmaceutical companies decline and hit bottom one after another. And the black-hearted hospital was even madly boycotted by netizens. It suffered a great loss and was even made a special report by a TV station.

    For a moment, all the people of pharmaceutical companies or hospitals were trembling with fear. They were afraid that they would be exposed.

    Now it was time that all the people in the country focused on their industry.

    Once it was exposed, it would attract the attention of all the people.

    By that time, they would be over.

    While they were worried, those companies which had not been exposed yet secretly ridiculed those peers who had been exposed.

    After all, for them, those were all competitors.

    They couldn’t wait for all their competitors to be eliminated, leaving themselves to dominate this industry.

    With the development of the situation, the National Food and Drug Administration responded very quickly.

    An article was posted at 12 o’clock at noon.

    It said that the National Food and Drug Administration would officially carry out a thorough examination to inspect the quality of Chinese Medicine.

    At the same time, it would also check all other medicines with different levels of intensity.

    They would punish the company if they found there was a problem.

    The Administration also asked people to supervise.

    Actually, when Fang Qiu began to expose Siqi Pharmaceutical Limited Liability Company, some netizens went to leave comments below the official Weibo account of the National Food and Drug Administration, requesting a thorough investigation of it.

    However, at that time, the people of the National Food and Drug Administration obviously did not expect that things would develop to this extent.

    In the beginning, they thought that Fang Qiu would stop until he revealed one or two companies. Besides, Fang Qiu was only a college student. Of course, he had some influence, but he certainly couldn’t compete with a large listed company like the Siqi Pharmaceutical Company.

    After all, it was a listed company with a market value of billions. How could it be taken down by a college student? As long as Siqi Pharmaceutical Company did its crisis public relations, it could easily resolve this matter.

    It was also because of this that the National Food and Drug Administration didn’t take it seriously.

    But they didn’t expect it at all.

    Fang Qiu didn’t only reveal the Siqi Pharmaceutical Company, but also exposed Letian Pharmaceutical Company, Taikang Pharmaceutical Company, and so on. Every one of them was a large-scale listed enterprise.

    In the end, seeing that Fang Qiu had exposed six companies in succession, the leaders of the National Food and Drug Administration could not sit still anymore. They immediately asked someone to discuss what should be done.

    After all, this matter was getting out of control.

    If they punished the six listed companies at the same time, it would cause a serious chain reaction, so they had to consider clearly if they wanted to deal with each listed company.

    That night, people of the National Food and Drug Administration were also waiting.

    They were waiting for the public relations of the six companies to give a reason to convince the netizens.

    However, under the lead of paid Internet trolls, the online public opinion still didn’t get better.

    In addition, the share price of the six companies had fallen, and the netizens had spontaneously resisted them. In addition, more and more people had left comments on their Weibo accounts, which led to the final decision of the National Food and Drug Administration to thoroughly investigate!

    Since the matter had already gotten out of hand, then they would solve them all at once. They would also want to warn the other companies with crooked ideas and tell them to behave themselves.

    As expected, with the announcement of the Administration, people started to exclaim on the Internet.

    “Great, you guys did a good job this time!”

    “I support you! This kind of harmful company must be thoroughly investigated.”

    “This is the first time I’ve fallen in love with the Administration. I’m so impressed by this decision. Now, it’s up to the government departments to carry it out!”

    The netizens were very happy and excited.

    At least Fang Qiu’s revelation and their spontaneous resistance to the black-hearted drug producers had indeed been approved by the national department.

    Meanwhile, those exposed companies were frightened by the post of the Administration.

    “What the f**k!”

    “Is it really going to take it seriously?”

    “It’s over, it’s really over this time!”

    So many things happened in those companies that had not been exposed.

    Some guilty companies didn’t dare to think much about it and immediately stopped production in order to avoid inspection.

    Some companies had to improve the production line as soon as possible, followed the country’s procedures of production standard, and collected and destroyed all the previous problem medicines.

    In addition, there were also drug merchants who knew that there was pesticide residue in their drugs. But in order to avoid being investigated, they immediately stopped cooperating with pharmaceutical companies. Although the price of this unqualified drug was very cheap, how dare they continue to sell the problem drugs in such a tense environment?

    At the same time, there were also some very rigorous pharmaceutical companies. Although they were confident about their own company, in order to make sure there was no problem, they also began to investigate themselves.

    For a moment, it seemed that the entire pharmaceutical industry was experiencing a metamorphosis. Although it seemed difficult, once the metamorphosis was completed, the Chinese Medicine industry would become much better.

    But when all the pharmaceutical companies were looking for self-examination and changes, a Chinese Medicine pharmaceutical company named Nine Herbs Hall suddenly posted a Weibo. “No residue, no excess, no problem. Feel free to inspect. Don’t worry about taking our medicine!”

    A miracle appeared as soon as this Weibo was posted.

    The share price of this Chinese Medicine company, named Nine Herbs Hall, actually stopped declining. Instead, it slowly began to rise!