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Chapter 252 - Meeting a Perver

The Queen of Everything
     Chapter 252: Meeting a Pervert

    At noon, Dai Xiaofu did not say anything.

    She only told Su Cha what she’d been doing in the Imperial Capital these many years.

    After she divorced Su Mingzhe, she went to the Imperial Capital to work hard. She used to study singing and had some basic skills. First, she found a place where she could teach others. Later, when her voice was no longer good enough, she learned music.

    She met her current husband, a local in the Imperial Capital, and had a son. He was already 11 years old.

    She had a child with Su Mingzhe before, but she had a miscarriage and did not manage to keep it—the main reason for her divorce with Su Mingzhe.

    The current Dai Xiaofu could be described as happy and satisfied with her life. This tutorial class was run under a partnership, with years of financial aid and the Fu family’s help. Dai Xiaofu had even said that if Su Cha had any difficulties, she could look for her.

    Others might not know it, but Su Cha was still the daughter of Dai Xiaofu.

    “If you have time, you can come to my house as a guest. My husband and his family are very nice.”

    Su Cha smiled. “Does he know that you have a daughter?”

    Unexpectedly, Dai Xiaofu nodded. “I said I had a daughter, but I never said that you were adopted by Su Mingzhe and me. At that time, I thought of myself as your mother. Su Mingzhe also told me not to tell anyone about this. I was divorced, so what’s so strange about having a daughter? I just didn’t expect you to find out the truth so quickly.”

    Dai Xiaofu’s act had saved Su Cha some trouble. At least no one else knew that she was not her biological daughter.

    After Su Cha and Dai Xiaofu finished talking, she did not go to her class in the afternoon.

    She wanted to go home, but the production crew suddenly sent a message saying that they wanted to take group photos of the contestants, which they would post on the official website. They asked Su Cha to come.

    It was three o’clock in the afternoon. They would be able to make it there by taking the subway.

    She met Le Anqi halfway and they went to join the production team together.

    “Didn’t you say that you would be busy with many things after the competition? Why are you taking photos now?”

    Le Anqi could not stop complaining when she saw Su Cha. “I was too anxious so I went out. Last night, I thought about that drama until midnight and did not sleep well. Look, I didn’t even put on any makeup. Is my skin very sallow?”

    Su Cha looked at her pretty face.

    “Hey, let me tell you some gossip. All the contestants have to come for today’s shoot. I’ve basically found out who the contestants are from the hot areas…”

    Le Anqi had done her homework before she came. Just as she was about to take out her notebook to discuss with Su Cha, her smile froze.

    When they passed a subway station, a large group of people came in.

    The train was very crowded. Su Cha looked out of the train window and listened to Le Anqi’s casual speech. Suddenly, she felt that the other had stopped talking. She turned around and saw a scene that could not be ignored.

    Le Anqi’s expression was stiff. She looked at Su Cha with tears in her eyes.

    Behind her was a plump man.

    There was originally a crowd in the subway. Su Cha was leaning on a seat, so there was no space for her to squeeze in. Le Anqi was originally standing next to her, and a strange man was squeezing closely behind her. His fingers seemed to be moving, and the people around him were all looking at their phones in another direction. No one noticed.

    She met a pervert, and Le Anqi dared not make a sound.

    The man was tall and strong, and his tall and fat body was very intimidating. When he saw Su Cha turning her gaze over, he smiled at her, his smile extremely wretched.

    He even made a fierce gesture.

    Su Cha also revealed a smile. The difference was that her smile was much brighter and purer, like that of an obedient girl.

    Amid the loud noises of the train, a man’s scream rose within the quiet car.