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Chapter 332 - You’re a Piece of Sh*

She Became a Heartbreaker After Entering the Novel
     Chapter 332: You’re a Piece of Sh*t

    Two of her roasting posts caused someone to dwell deep in her thoughts. On the internet, it was peaceful and the public had not reacted yet.

    At the production company.

    Su Tiantian saw that Ning Meng had consecutively tagged her in two of her Weibo posts. She was so furious that she aggressively threw her phone onto the ground!

    Dior dress…

    She was humiliating her!

    At that time, she had just joined the Ning family and had wanted to attend a formal dinner. When she turned up at school, her classmates had all laughed at her and called her dirt poor for not having a proper dress, and she had cried when she returned home.

    Ning Meng had then brought her an exquisite pretty dress and arrogantly lifted her head as she casually threw the dress onto her bed, nonchalantly saying, "Hey, you naïve little bun, I don't want this. You can wear it."

    Her casual charity had made her feel as though she had been slapped twice. Ning Meng had always been this way. She liked to act so almightily to the point that Su Tiantian felt that she could not even find her dignity in the Ning family.

    Which part of that was treating her well!? Hmph!

    Since Ning Meng had attacked her official account on Weibo, if Su Tiantian did not reply, she would be admitting defeat and parading her weakness. These situations were like drinking water. Only the person drinking it would know if it was hot or cold. Even if she decided to roast her back, it would not be to her advantage. Ning Meng claimed that she had treated her well, but did she have any evidence?

    As Su Tiantian thought about it, her resentment toward Ning Meng only increased as she seethed inwardly. She immediately took up her phone and made a post on her official account.

    @SuTiantian: [I'm truly grateful for all the love and care that the Ning family has showered upon me which is why I had not said anything over the years. However, I am a person, not a pet. You should not hit me anyhow you want. It does not matter if we're at home or in school, you should never resort to cold violence.]

    This post had made her stand on the pedestal of morality!

    Numerous fans were downloading the video of Ning Meng slapping her, continuing to throw out insults:

    [That's right! Can you imagine that this one incident was the only one caught on video? How many more times has my poor Tiantian been bullied but they were just not caught on camera?]

    [Support Tiantian! Don't believe that venomous snake!]

    Ning Meng's every insult was for this very moment. Seeing that Su Tiantian had finally succumbed to anger, she chuckled. She warmed her wrists up by twisting them around and finally wielded her ultimate weapon.

    @ComicArtistLemon: [Please refer to the attached images. So, this is what you meant by cold violence at home and in school.]

    She sent out the images in a neat layout.

    The first screenshot was sourandsweet's registration information on her private account: Ning Meng. This was eight years ago when Su Tiantian had just graduated from high school and entered Lemon Entertainment that very year.

    The second screenshot showed sourandsweet channeling tens of millions to Su Tiantian as a charity.

    The third screenshot was of sourandsweet vigorously flattering Su Tiantian when she only had tens of people in her fandom.

    The fourth screenshot was…

    Every image showed sourandsweet's relentless support for Su Tiantian over the years. It displayed her care, approval, and unceasing love for her younger sister. The final image showed that she had just only left the fandom less than two months ago.

    @Witch: [OMG! I'm about to tear up seeing all these! Miss Ning and Su Tiantian are stepsisters, right? But she was willing to go this far for her!]

    @Rainofpromise: [I finally understand what is going on after all this drama. Miss Ning just looks cold on the outside, but she is brimming with warmth on the inside.]

    @Alwaysdreaming: "Miss Ning is willing to give her tens of millions, how could she possibly hit her! I'm so a fan of her now!"

    @ComicArtistLemon: "If your heart is filled with love, you will see that the world is filled with love. If your heart is filled with sh*t, then all you can see is sh*t. @SuTiantian"