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Chapter 515 - The Youthful-looking Human-Rabbit Hybrid Clan Leader

The Unparalleled Spiritual Doctor: Demon Emperor's Defiant Love
     Chapter 515: The Youthful-looking Human-Rabbit Hybrid Clan Leader

    Seeing that it was already impossible to escape the claws of the leader of the human-wolf hybrid clan, Yun Jiuge could only use her Holy Power to tie him up with the Moon Spirit Silk Thread.

    She did not expect the human-wolf hybrid to struggle frantically as it crashed into the whole straw hut and sent it flying.

    The weeds in the collapsed straw hut were scattered in disorder. Most of them fell on top of the iron cage.

    In the distance, the human-wolf hybrids who were fighting with Zi Shang heard the ruckus and they all ran toward the straw hut.

    Rows of arrows whizzed toward her in a frenzy, with a lot of them also piercing straight into the iron cage. A lot of human-rabbit hybrids were injured within a short time.

    The wounded human-rabbit hybrids woke up in an instant and roared wildly in anger, “Let us out.”

    The whole cage kept shaking, which caused more human-rabbit hybrids to be hurt.

    “Calm down,” Yun Jiuge shouted at the human-rabbit hybrids while trying her hardest to control that human-wolf hybrid.

    This frantic state of the human-rabbit hybrids would only cause them to die faster once they were released.

    “Step aside.” The lower half of Zi Shang’s body transformed into a black colored snake tail and whipped all the human-wolf hybrids into a dizzy.

    After which, with a twist of his body, he slithered to Yun Jiuge’s side and broke all the hands and legs of the tall, sturdy human-wolf hybrid.

    The tall, sturdy human-wolf hybrid fell to the ground with a loud bang. Even with his hands and legs broken, he was still undaunted and crawled toward Yun Jiuge.

    A cold glint flashed across Zi Shang’s eyes as he wanted to wring its head off, but he was stopped by Yun Jiuge.

    “He’s been completely controlled by the Demon Qi and basically cannot help himself. Killing him is useless,” said Yun Jiuge as she took out the Lightning Fire Needle to jab into the tall and strong human-wolf hybrid’s temple. Only then did he stopped struggling.

    Zi Shang used the grass rope to tie up all the human-wolf hybrids.

    Yun Jiuge examined them one by one. She found that these human-wolf hybrids’ heads had all turned gray, and it was spreading downward.

    “Can these human-beast hybrids still be saved?” Zi Shang could also tell that these human-wolf hybrids were more troublesome than the ones they had encountered before.

    “It’s hard. Their heads have been completely taken over by the Demon Qi,” Yun Jiuge said, shaking her head. After their Subconscious minds were completely eroded, they would only leave behind empty shells even if the Demon Qi were expelled.

    “This is the human-wolf hybrid’s crossbow. See if there’s anything wrong with it,” said Zi Shang, handing over the crossbow to Yun Jiuge.

    Yun Jiuge closely examined it. The structure of the crossbow was remarkably similar to what the human-snake hybrid clan used, except that the arrow was not the same.

    The arrowheads of the human-snake hybrid clan were poisoned, while the arrowheads of the human-wolf hybrid clan were dull gray. There was nothing special about them.

    Yun Jiuge wanted to study the arrowhead carefully when she heard the human-rabbit hybrids shouting hysterically behind her, “Let me out, let me out.”

    Yun Jiuge had no choice but to turn around and say to the human-rabbit hybrids who knocked the metal cage out of shape, “I can let you out. But first, you’ve to calm down.”

    “Who are you?” A worn-out but calm voice rang out.

    Yun Jiuge looked over to see a human-rabbit hybrid in the middle of the metal cage with a youthful appearance, fixedly staring at her. Its red eyes showed the vicissitudes of life.

    Yun Jiuge inexplicably felt that this human-rabbit hybrid was extraordinary and then said to her, “My name is Yun Jiuge. Your clan members have entrusted me to save you all.”

    “I’m the clan leader of the human-rabbit hybrid clan. I promise they won’t mess around. Please let us out,” the young-looking clan leader spoke with a deep voice, strangely convincing.

    “You’re the clan leader?” Yun Jiuge recalled that Guo’er had repeatedly shouted Clan Leader Granny earlier.

    “You can’t tell, can you?” the young-looking clan leader said and smiled, but did not explain anything. This seemed like their human-rabbit hybrid clan’s special make-up skill.

    “I really can’t tell. I’m going to let you all out now, and I hope you don’t run around.” Yun Jiuge opened the metal cage.

    The human-rabbit hybrids indeed did not run wild. The sober human-rabbit hybrids who walked out, threw the arrows from their bodies onto the ground right away and began to take care of the unconscious clan members.

    Yun Jiuge wanted to go up and help check on the human-rabbit hybrids.

    But the human-rabbit hybrids looked at her with watchful eyes. Apparently, they had not let down their guard.

    “I’m a Spiritual Doctor. Only I can expel the poison in your bodies,” Yun Jiuge said directly to the human-rabbit hybrid clan leader.

    “In that case, I’d have to trouble you to help take a look at me first,” said the human-rabbit hybrid clan leader who believed Yun Jiuge.

    “Clan leader.” The other human-rabbit hybrids were unwilling to.

    The human-rabbit hybrid clan leader waved her hands and walked toward Yun Jiuge.

    Yun Jiuge reached out to take the pulse of the clan leader and found that their meridians were sealed by a special kind of poison.

    However, the poison was very insubstantial and did not require the use of Holy Power to remove it.

    “Clan leader, I’ll plant a needle in your body in awhile to force the poison out. I hope you don’t get nervous,” Yun Jiuge said to the human-rabbit hybrid clan leader while she took out the Lightning Fire Needle.

    “No way. Who knows if there’s any poison on your needle?” Before the human-rabbit hybrid clan leader could speak, a male human-rabbit hybrid suddenly jumped out to stop Yun Jiuge.

    This male human-rabbit hybrid was very tall and handsome. Other than his white hair and red eyes, he looked no different from human beings.

    “Da Meng, don’t be rude, back down!” Although the human-rabbit hybrid clan leader looked youthful, she was very stately. She stopped Da Meng’s rude behavior with one look.

    Da Meng reluctantly backed down.

    “Miss Yun, can I ask if the poison will be immediately expelled once the needle has been planted?” The human-rabbit hybrid clan leader asked cautiously.

    “If things go well, it’ll be expelled immediately.” Yun Jiuge nodded. The poison was not difficult to neutralize.

    “Then please go ahead. Do you need me to lie down?” The human-rabbit hybrid clan leader asked, fully compliant.

    “No need for that. Just have a seat.” Yun Jiuge walked to the back of the human-rabbit hybrid clan leader and used her hands to carefully dot a few acupuncture points as she said, “This poison has blocked three acupuncture points of the meridians in your bodies such that you cannot use the power of transformation. When I use the needles to force the poisonous blood out later, it may hurt a little. But it’ll pass over once you endure it.”

    It was only after seeing the human-rabbit hybrid clan leader nod that Yun Jiuge picked up the Lightning Fire Needles to jab at those aforementioned acupuncture points.

    A stream of black colored blood soon flowed out.

    With the progress of detoxification, the originally young-looking face of the clan leader slowly became old. Her hair turned white and her face slowly grew wrinkles.

    The other human-rabbit hybrids saw the changes in their clan leader but did not make a sound to stop anything. It seemed that this was the true face of the human-rabbit hybrid clan leader.

    “It’s done,” Yun Jiuge said, removing the needles.

    The human-rabbit hybrid clan leader could clearly feel the return of her strength. Then she earnestly asked Yun Jiuge, “Miss Yun, this method is amazingly effective. I wonder if you can teach us? We can use items as an exchange.”

    “While this method works, I don’t recommend you to use it yourselves. Because if you don’t have a good grasp of the force, it’s easy to cause significant damage. The least of which the veins will be damaged, and the most serious case will be paralysis by stroke,” Yun Jiuge said seriously.

    “I just hope to be able save my people’s lives at the critical time.” If Yun Jiuge had not saved them this time, they would most likely have met with demise.

    The human-rabbit hybrid clan leader did not place the fate of the clan in other people’s hands.

    “I’ll help plant the needles for your clan people one by one in awhile. It’s up to your abilities as to how much you can learn.” Yun Jiuge did not intend to barter for things, lest there would be trouble in the future.

    “Thank you very much,” replied the human-rabbit hybrid clan leader. She immediately arranged for the clan members to sit in a row.

    Yun Jiuge worked swiftly with the needles and began to help the human-rabbit hybrids detoxify.