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Chapter 516 - The Cave Has Been Ransacked, Guo’er Disappears

The Unparalleled Spiritual Doctor: Demon Emperor's Defiant Love
     Chapter 516: The Cave Has Been Ransacked, Guo’er Disappears

    The human-rabbit hybrids quietly discussed at the side as they watched Yun Jiuge administer the acupuncture treatment.

    “Do you understand what you’re seeing?”

    “We seem to be getting a feel for it, but she moves too fast.”

    “Don’t we still have the pinholes on our bodies? We can apply Red Shades Flower on them to study them slowly once we get back.”

    It was a rather clever idea.

    Yun Jiuge smiled. She liked clever people.

    “Miss Yun, these human-wolf hybrids are up to no good. I suggest that you stay here,” said the human-rabbit hybrid clan leader, who saw the human-wolf hybrids tied up in a bunch. He could not help showing a look of hate.

    “These human-wolf hybrids have violated the intergenerational decree of not killing one’s kind by actually attacking our human-rabbit hybrid clan. They deserve to die!” Da Meng roared angrily. The other human-rabbit hybrids were also in an uproar.

    “Calm down, everyone,” Yun Jiuge interrupted the human-rabbit hybrid clan. “They’re just being controlled by Demon Qi. They’re not necessarily plotting against you.”

    “What does it mean to be controlled by Demon Qi?” the human-rabbit hybrid clan leader asked.

    Yun Jiuge remembered that the clan leader did not know about the matter of Demon Qi, so she explained things again.

    “Do the people who’ve brought in the Demon Qi have anything to do with the black rain?” The human-rabbit hybrid clan leader asked with a heavy voice.

    “I’m not sure about that,” Yun Jiuge said. “We can talk about this later. First, I’ll take you to Guo’er and the others. But I can only do so after you change into your rabbit forms.” The space inside the Spiritual Beast Bag was limited. She was unable to take with her such a large group of human-rabbit hybrids.

    “Sure,” replied the human-rabbit hybrid clan leader. It trusted Yun Jiuge slightly more now and did not stop the clan members from turning into their rabbit forms.

    “The cloth bag is too cramped. I’ll put you in this Spiritual Beast Bag instead. The Spiritual Energy inside will allow you to recover faster,” said Yun Jiuge, using A’dai to show her own Spiritual Beast Bag.

    The human-rabbit hybrids were immensely surprised and expressed their satisfaction after they tried out the Spiritual Beast Bag.

    Yun Jiuge finally settled this group of human-rabbit hybrids and was about to deal with Zi Shang. Instead, she saw him standing in the distance on a small earth mound and waving to her, saying, “Look what I found?”

    Yun Jiuge walked over to have a look and discovered that there was a big hole. Around 1,000 pieces of black stone were placed inside.

    “What’s this?” Yun Jiuge picked up a piece to weigh it in her hand. It was very heavy and not an ordinary stone. It slightly resembled iron ore.

    “These are all iron ore. Once they’re refined, they can be made into weapons,” said Zi Shang, who was still thinking about where to obtain iron ore for weapons. That was now solved.

    “No wonder the human-wolf hybrid clan would stay in this godforsaken place. It’s for the sake of these iron ore,” said Yun Jiuge. Needless to say, it must have been Nangong Yue who made them collect it.

    “At least this trip wasn’t made in vain. Quickly put them all away!” Zi Shang said with satisfaction.

    Yun Jiuge unceremoniously put away all these iron ore.

    “Let’s head to the cliff,” replied Yun Jiuge. She kept those human-wolf hybrids controlled by the Demon Qi at the bottom of the Spiritual Beast Bag and began to make a mad dash with Zi Shang.

    Although she could not use her Spiritual Power, the Ten-thousand Beast Technique had laid a solid foundation for her body. Her running speed was as fast as a wild horse.

    After running for about an hour, Yun Jiuge and the others arrived at the cliff but saw that the grass curtain hanging at the cave entrance had disappeared. Everything inside was in disarray. At a glance, it looked like it had been ransacked.

    Yun Jiuge tensed up and hurriedly shot out the Moon Spirit Silk Thread into the cave.

    Zi Shang lightly stepped on the precipice a few times and followed Yun Jiuge in.

    They saw a lot of bloodstains in the cave, mixed with gray feathers and white rabbit fur.

    “It looks like the mole you’re talking about has appeared,” said Zi Shang as he looked around the cave. He dabbed a bloodstain in the corner and rubbed between his fingers.

    “Even if there was a mole, Advisor Jun and the others were around. How could they be destroyed so quickly?” asked Yun Jiuge. She originally thought that with the Eagle Clan and human-rabbit hybrid clan around, the mole would not be able to strike so easily.

    “We’ve to ask them about that,” answered Zi Shang as he looked at the bottom of the cliff.

    “Are they down there?” asked Yun Jiuge. She followed Zi Shang’s line of sight towards the bottom of the pitch-dark cliff.

    “The bloodstains continue downwards. They should be down there. Hold on to me tight.” Zi Shang embraced Yun Jiuge’s slender waist and jumped to the bottom of the cliff.

    The wind roared past her ears. When she was about to fall down, she shot the Moon Spirit Silk Thread upwards to steady her body, and then slowly descended.

    A strong smell of blood wafted up from the bottom of the cliff. Two figures lay among a pile of stones.

    Yun Jiuge went over to take a look and saw A’gu inside.

    He lay face down on the ground with bloody wounds in his back. Both his wings were drenched red.

    Behind A’gu was Advisor Jun, lying on his back. He appeared to be losing his consciousness. When he saw Yun Jiuge, he wanted to call out to her but could not make a sound.

    “Don’t talk,” instructed Yun Jiuge as she hurriedly administered acupuncture treatment to stop their bleeding. Then she poured a few Hemostatic Spiritual Pills and Vitality Strengthening Pills that she had brought with her, into their bodies.

    The effectiveness of the Spiritual Pills was obvious. The bleeding on both men stopped.

    “Miss Yun, go quickly to save Guo’er and the others,” Advisor Jun said in a hoarse voice as he struggled to sit up.

    “Who attacked you?” Yun Jiuge asked.

    “It was A’hui,” said Advisor Jun, revealing an expression of great pain.

    He did not expect to be betrayed by one of his own men.

    “A’hui? How could it be him?” replied Yun Jiuge, who was also taken aback.

    “I don’t know why he did it,” said Advisor Jun, who recounted what happened with much difficulty.

    “Nothing was unusual when A’hui came over. He even took the initiative to help the human-rabbit hybrid clan draw water in order to speak to them about building the city.

    Just as they were having a lively discussion, A’hui suddenly pulled out a sharp wooden stake and stabbed them in the back. Then he made those human-rabbit hybrids leave with him by threatening them with the lives of Guo’er and her child.

    “I’ll send you back and then go after them,” answered Yun Jiuge, who wanted to send Advisor Jun to the top of the cliff.

    “No, quickly go after them. You cannot let A’hui send the human-rabbit hybrids to the Divine Envoy.” Otherwise, their Eagle Clan would be doomed.

    “Very well, I’ll go after them first and come back for you,” Yun Jiuge said. Once she saw that their injuries were stable, she did not pursue the matter further. She threw out the Moon Spirit Silk Thread toward the top of the cliff to leave.

    “Treasure-hunting Scorpion, do you still remember the scent of that particular human-rabbit hybrid from before? Can you help me find her?” Yun Jiuge asked as she let out the Treasure-hunting Scorpion.

    “Has that human-rabbit hybrid been taken away by someone? Who would be so evil to pounce on a pregnant female?” shouted the Treasure-hunting Scorpion angrily. “I’ll kill him once I catch him!”

    Having said that, it jumped to the ground and took a few turns before pointing in the west direction, saying, “That way.”

    “Let’s give chase!” shouted Yun Jiuge. She threw the Treasure-hunting Scorpion on her shoulder and moved rapidly ahead with Zi Shang toward the west.

    They ran for two hours before they saw a flying figure in the distant sky. It was A’hui.

    “Are you going to just knock him down or go over to see where he’s going?” Zi Shang asked. He wanted to cast a bigger bait to catch the big fish. But Yun Jiuge might not be willing to put the human-rabbit hybrids at risk.