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Chapter 419 - The Thearch Has Learned How to Use the Interne

Let Me Game in Peace
     Chapter 419 The Thearch Has Learned How to Use the Interne

    the thearch was like a teenager who had just learned how to chat online. or perhaps she had been alone for too long. she kept chatting and talked about any topic under the sun. she asked zhou wen all sorts of questions, giving him no time to do anything else.

    after returning to the encampment, the thearch was still asking him all sorts of questions regarding the internet. she appeared very excited.

    just as zhou wen was thinking about how he could send the thearch along her way, he suddenly received another message: “what does it mean when the phone notifies me about a low battery?”

    “a phone is powered by a battery. if the battery’s charge is used up, the phone will automatically be switched off. only after charging it can it be used.” zhou wen was immediately amused as he thought to himself, i doubt your crappy place has any power cables. you definitely won’t be able to charge it. let’s see how you can come online and bother me in the future.

    “how do i charge it? can i strike it with lightning?” the thearch sent another message.

    “definitely not. a lightning bolt’s charge is unstable. it will overload the phone. you will need ordinary household power to charge a phone. you also need a specialized charger. you can look it up on the internet,” zhou wen said.

    zhou wen was secretly delighted that there was no news from the thearch. he wondered if her phone had run out of battery and he could finally be rid of her.

    after a while, the thearch sent another message.

    “you need to bring me a small diesel dynamo, a barrel of diesel oil, and the phone’s charger before noon tomorrow. otherwise, i’ll make a wish for you to become a limbless cripple.”

    zhou wen was immediately awash with sadness. his mouth opened, unable to say a word.

    “i’m being pursued by an enemy now! how can i have the time to do those things for you? besides, i have to go to a nearby city to buy those things. even if i were to go, i won’t be able to return before noon tomorrow. besides, i don’t dare go since the powerful enemy is chasing me every day,” zhou wen complained.

    “what enemy?” the thearch sent a message.

    zhou wen recounted ják’s various abilities and even embellished and exaggerated them. he deliberately exaggerated ják’s strength, as though he would be killed by ják the moment he went out.

    “i thought it would be some extraordinary character. so it’s just a lowly character. how about this? before evening tomorrow, bring me all the things i want. i’ll give you something good so you can easily kill that enemy,” the thearch said disdainfully.

    “what is it?” zhou wen’s heart stirred.

    “you’ll know when you arrive. remember, you have to deliver the items before the sun sets tomorrow. otherwise, i’ll make a wish for you to be limbless.” after the thearch sent the message, there was silence. it was unknown if she was out of battery.

    zhou wen sent a few more messages, but there was no response. she had likely run out of battery.

    i wonder if the flower’s wishing ability can be effective from a distance? zhou wen thought for a moment and felt that it wasn’t worth it to bet his limbs on a diesel dynamo and some diesel oil. furthermore, the flower had said that it would give him something good to kill ják. zhou wen felt that he could make the trip.

    he then left the door and rode the mutated stone chi to rush to the nearby city at full speed. he wanted to return quickly and satisfy the flower so that he could read and game in peace.

    the mutated stone chi was as fast as a car. furthermore, there wasn’t a need to take the main roads. zhou wen headed straight for the nearby city and quickly bought all the items needed.

    he originally imagined that he would encounter ják’s ambush on the way, so he had been very careful, but nothing happened. ják never appeared.

    it wasn’t that ják didn’t wish to ambush zhou wen, but that he had no time at all. shen yuchi had indeed given him quite a number of companion beasts, but they had owners. shen yuchi had to think of a way to transfer their companion beasts over.

    those people were all criminals from heaven prison. when shen yuchi sent them over, he never expected them to return alive.

    ják robbed them of their companion beasts one by one, spending quite a bit of time and energy. it couldn’t be done quickly, so he had no time to ambush zhou wen.

    zhou wen took the mini diesel dynamo, a twenty-kilogram drum of diesel oil, as well as the charger to chess mountain and found the flower.

    “just place the things besides the mountain wall.” a familiar woman’s voice sounded from the flower.

    “the thearch, i’ve spent more than half of my savings to buy these things. you have to use them sparingly. if they’re damaged, i won’t have the money to buy you any more later,” zhou wen said as he lamented because he didn’t want the flower to get him to buy more items.

    “don’t lie to me. i saw that the price is very cheap on the internet,” the thearch said.

    “the price is very cheap, but i don’t have the time to earn money. without an income, how would i have the money? i’ve almost used up all my savings to buy these things,” zhou wen said.

    the thearch seemed to think that what zhou wen said made sense. she thought for a moment before saying, “i have something here. take it and exchange it for money. i’ll leave it on the stone steps at the top of the mountain. take it yourself. the thing i promised you is also there. you can use it to deal with your enemy. as long as you aren’t too stupid, he will definitely die if he comes looking for you.”

    “what is it?” zhou wen asked.

    “you will know when you see it.” the thearch didn’t tell him directly what the item was.

    zhou wen had no choice but to climb to the peak of chess mountain. indeed, there were two things on the stone steps—one was a dimensional crystal, and the other was a petite bone flute.

    “if your enemy comes looking for you again, blow the bone flute. when the time comes, it will definitely be of use. you can exchange the dimensional crystal for money.” the thearch’s voice came from the mountain wall.

    zhou wen saw that the bone flute was very ancient and crude. he didn’t know which animal’s bone it was made of, but he didn’t see any special aura flowing from it. it looked no different from something ordinary.

    the dimensional crystal was a primordial energy skill crystal. the shadow inside was in the form of a jade lute. it looked somewhat gorgeous, but he had no idea what level this primordial energy skill crystal was. he could only use his mysterious phone to check when he returned.

    he was afraid that the flower would take a fancy to his mysterious phone if he took it out.

    “how do i use this bone flute?” zhou wen put away the dimensional crystal and asked while holding the bone flute.

    “when you see him again, use all your primordial energy to blow the bone flute. when the time comes, it will naturally be of use. however, let me tell you, this bone flute can only be used once. don’t use it randomly,” the thearch said.

    seeing that she wasn’t willing to say more, zhou wen had no choice but to put away the bone flute. when he reached the foot of the mountain, he saw that the diesel dynamo and diesel oil had disappeared. he did not know where they had gone.

    the flower didn’t make another sound and ignored zhou wen. this suited zhou wen’s intentions as he rode the mutated stone chi out of chess mountain.

    after he left chess mountain, he hurriedly took out his mysterious phone and snapped a picture of the dimensional crystal. this shocked him. the dimensional crystal was a mythical primordial energy skill crystal.