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Chapter 321 - Charming and Friendly Big Sis

Beware Mr. Officer, Tread Carefully!
     Chapter 321: Charming and Friendly Big Sis

    Leng Yu looked at her. “Are you not Jian Qi?”

    Cough cough…

    “I am.” Jian Qi smiled. What a cool and seemingly dull Big Sis!

    “We are here.” Jian Qi stood in front of a room and smiled. “I’ll knock on the door.”

    Jian Qi immediately went to the door and pushed it open.

    Leng Yu. “…”

    They had a different understanding of the idea of knocking on the door.

    “Instructor Tang…” Jian Qi said as she ran into the room just to find out that there was no one inside.

    Jian Qi wanted to take a good look at the charming sleeping beauty, and her plan failed.

    Tang Jinyu was probably out for training.

    Just when they came out of the room, there was a group of people coming from the room next door.

    “Leng Yu, you’re back!” Crocodile was excited.

    The rest went up to Leng Yu warmly.

    They all reached out to give Leng Yu a warm hug.

    Before Jian Qi could appreciate the touching moment of comrades reuniting, she was shocked by the scene that followed.

    Crocodile was the first to go up to Leng Yu and everyone else followed.

    She saw Leng Yu grab Crocodile by his arms and throw him over her shoulder.

    Everyone was stunned while Leng Yu proceeded to throw everyone else to the ground.

    Lu Yao and Zhao Yu were standing by the door and it was their first time seeing Leng Yu.

    They were both shocked by the violent and cold… lady.

    After Leng Yu put everyone that came toward her to the ground, she looked toward Zhao Yu and Lu Yao. Zhao Yu instinctively took a step backward.

    When Leng Yu realized that they were not familiar faces to her she turned and looked at Jian Qi.

    The cold, murderous look was gone. “Done.”

    At first Jian Qi did not understand why she did that, after what she said, Jian Qi then had a sudden realization.

    Leng Yu was fulfilling what she said about dealing with the people that said mean things about her.

    She was really strong and invincible!

    Simple yet violent at the same time, charming!

    “Leng Yu, what are you doing?” Crocodile was hunched over in pain as he stood up.

    Lightning also complained, “Leng Yu, you have to explain this. Why did you throw us to the ground?”

    Feng Yi continued, “Even if you didn’t want us to hug you, you shouldn’t have thrown us to the ground. It hurts…”

    Regarding everyone’s complaints, Leng Yu said, “Jian Qi wasn’t happy. So I just did her a favor.”

    Everyone looked toward Jian Qi.

    Lightning complained again, “Big Sister Qi, what did we do to you now? And since when did the both of you start working in cahoots?”

    Jian Qi’s lips twitched. “Cahoots?”

    Lightning swallowed his saliva. Before he could explain, it was already too late. Leng Yu was in front of him and she threw him onto the ground again.

    Lightning lay on the ground grunting in pain. “Can somebody tell me what is going on?”

    Everyone moved to the side. They were all afraid of Leng Yu.

    Jian Qi smiled and teased them, “What are you guys doing? She’s such a charming and friendly Big Sis. Why do all of you look so defensive?”

    Everyone. “…”


    ‘Big Sister Qi, are you blind?’

    “Aren’t all of us comrades? Why are you all being like this? How can you guys treat the members of the Special Fire Team so indifferently? It was a simple gesture of greeting.” Jian Qi smiled warmly.

    Everyone. “…”

    They were all quite sure that these two women were now in cahoots.

    They were suddenly afraid of their days to come.

    One could annoy you to death and the other one could easily beat you to death…