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Chapter 307 - Mr Gus Ideal Type (1)

My Mr. Gu is Courting Death Again
     Chapter 307: Mr Gu's Ideal Type (1)

    Xu Weilai looked at her piece of paper instinctively. She had asked all the questions she wrote down. What was missing?

    She furrowed her brows and thought for her moment. She felt that all her questions were well-designed and they covered all aspects of his life. Why was Boss Gu Yu still not satisfied? Or was it because… Gu Yu personally felt that he should add some information?

    That kind of situation was normal during a personal interview. Besides the questions that the reporter asked, the interviewee might want to reveal some information voluntarily sometimes.

    Xu Weilai straightened her back and asked Gu Yu ‘modestly', "Mr. Gu, please give your opinion. Our Z Magazine publication company will try our very best to make sure that every single interviewee is satisfied!"

    Gu Yu tapped the handle of his chair lightly with his long fingers. When he heard her professional speaking tone, he put on his professional front and asked her, "Normally, during such personal interviews, besides questions about my profession, shouldn't there be questions regarding my love life too?"

    Gu Yu raised his chin and nodded towards the piece of paper in her hand. "However, none of the questions you raised asked about my love life. Miss Xu, am I allowed to question your professionalism?"


    Xu Weilai was stunned for a while. She blinked her eyes and blinked them again. She almost thought that she was hearing things.

    Gu Yu actually voluntarily mentioned about his love life? Was the sun rising from the west?

    She knew his personality. He was someone who had never allowed his personal life to be exposed to the public eye. Once, some paparazzi followed him secretly and a reporter wrote about his matters irresponsibly. Very soon, that newspaper agency closed down. That reporter was also never seen again in the media world anymore.

    Thus, she took the initiative to cancel all the questions that were related to his personal life or his love life.

    Yet, in the end, her thoughtfulness became unprofessional in his eyes?

    Xu Weilai was unable to endure this. She was a top-class reporter. She had a huge lead as compared to her colleagues in terms of her achievements. For instance, that Zhou Meiqi was forever being surpassed by her and could only be number two in her magazine publishing company.

    She forced a smile on her face and replied, "Sure, since Mr. Gu wants to share about your love life with the public, I'm very willing to ask you about it. However, some questions might be very personal so I hope that Mr. Gu won't feel unhappy."

    Gu Yu raised his hand slightly and signaled for her to start.

    Xu Weilai turned on the voice recorder on her phone once again and started asking her questions. "Mr. Gu, as a successful businessman, everyone has always been curious about your personal life. You are so handsome and so capable. I'm sure that there must be many ladies chasing after you."

    Handsome and capable…

    Gu Yu knew that she was just being polite but a faint smile still appeared in the depths of his eyes. Regarding this question, he replied directly without much thought, "No, there isn't."


    No? What the hell are you talking about!

    Three years ago, while she was still by his side, she saw numerous women rushing and chasing after him. They would even try to seduce him right in front of her! Was he saying that everything she saw was fake?

    Hmph, if he didn't want to reply, he could just stop her from asking. What was the point of giving a fake answer?

    Gu Yu paused for a moment and moved his lips. He added, "You have to ask my fiancée this question. Those women were all stopped by her. They couldn't reach me at all. Hence, I don't know about them."


    Xu Weilai's complaints stopped instantly.

    Fine, if he put it this way, he was saying the truth then…