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Chapter 670 - Black bellied president’s deep kiss (Part 29)

Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping
Chapter 670: Black bellied president’s deep kiss (Part 29)

    “Is this the team that was last at the last winter show!”

    “It seems like…..Wang Ze’s team.  The design is quite conservative!”

    “Didn’t Wang Ze go to A Team?  Who was the designer who designed this?”

    “I never heard of them, they should be new!”


    After Bai Shi Shi finished, it was the Marilyn Team led by Wang Ze.

    The first model on stage made Luo Qing Chen give a cold sigh, “This really is saving on cloth……”

    Luna was wearing a backless ice blue skirt and there was only a little cloth covering where her butt was.

    Luo Qing Chen turned and asked Lu Xi Feng, “What do you think about this?”

    After a while, Lu Xi Feng said with slightly cold eyes, “I think that the Lu Group can still afford this bit of cloth.”

    “Pu.”  Luo Qing Chen gave a slight snort, “These clothes are good for a show, but who would actually buy these!”

    There were many kinds of backless dress, but there wasn’t a need to show the entire back, alright?

    “Un.”  His eyes had a faint sparkle as he said, “My fiancee’s words are reasonable.”

    After the final team had finished, the stage lit up.

    All the names of the teams were put on the screen and the host’s passionate voice rang out, “Now let us welcome all the models onto the stage with passionate applause to witness this exciting scene!”

    “Pa, pa, pa, pa.”  There was a round of applause.

    The host continued, “Next we invite the judges to say a few words.”

    Leader Wang was the first to speak, “I feel that the Hundred Charm Team was very in line with the theme this time.  The white wedding dress with a bit of embellishment.  I can only say…..that it really was great!”

    “Thank you judges!”  Xu Nai gave a bow as she revealed a proud look.

    Another judge named old Wang commented, “This time the Marilyn Team’s breakthrough was very good.  This show allowed me to see a different side of designer Wang Ze, this bold creativity with little embellishment really is professional!”

    “This, I disagree with old Wang’s idea slightly.”  A elegant youth with glasses slowly said, “I feel that it was the worst design of the winter show.”

    Luo Qing Chen heard this and narrowed her eyes to look at the name plate in front of the youth.  It was a good thing the name plate was big enough, otherwise she couldn’t see it from her position.

    That youth was called Lin Xing.

    He didn’t seem to feel the embarrassment of the host and continued, “This is the winter show and a dress that shows the back is a very bad idea.  Furthermore, I heard that there are many big names at the show today, there’s little market for a dress that shows this much back, would they bid for it?”

    “Un, it is indeed like this.”  The host warmed the audience while following, “I would be embarrassed to wear this!”

    After that, another judge named Wan You Cai raised his plate and said, “I feel that although the clothes designed by the Dream Team didn’t suit the theme, the overall feel was quite dazzling.  I heard that it is a new designer, this design isn’t bad!”

    Bai Shi Shi’s heart jumped up as she quickly said with a bow, “Thank you judges.”

    Wang Ze backstage looked at Bai Shi Shi with complicated feelings in his heart.

    Luo Qing Chen in the VIP stands nodded in agreement as she said, “He has good eyes.”

    Lu Xi Feng sitting by her saw this and revealed a smile…...