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Chapter 322 - Boss, Are You Using This as a Chance to Get Revenge on Her?

Beware Mr. Officer, Tread Carefully!
     Chapter 322: Boss, Are You Using This as a Chance to Get Revenge on Her?

    “What are all of you doing?” Someone said.

    Everyone looked toward Tang Jinyu who was walking back, their eyes begging for help.

    “Boss, Leng Yu beat us up when she has just returned,” Crocodile complained.

    Leng Yu looked at Tang Jinyu and said, “Boss.”

    Tang Jinyu nodded and ignored what Crocodile said. He then commanded, “Leng Yu stay back, the rest of you, five-kilometre marathon!”

    Everyone. “…”

    They were the ones that were bullied!

    ‘Boss, are you blind too?’

    “Leng Yu, follow me!” Tang Jinyu said and ignored the others. He then walked back into his room.

    Leng Yu followed him.

    Jian Qi was ready to go back to her lookout point and Lightning stopped her. “Big Sister Qi, Boss said the rest of us, which includes you as well, why are you running off?”

    “That’s right, Big Sister Qi, let’s go!”

    Everyone dragged Jian Qi along.

    Jian Qi’s lips twitched as an uncanny smile appeared on her face, one that terrified the others.

    “I realize that you guys are especially afraid of Big Sis Leng Yu.” Jian Qi smiled.

    “You’re wrong. We just let her be since she’s a girl!” Lightning replied calmly.

    “I’m interested to see what it would be like if you guys had not let her be!”

    Everyone. “…”

    This girl was planning something evil!

    “Big Sister Qi, since when did you get so close to Leng Yu? To the point where she would beat us up for you?” Crocodile asked.

    Jian Qi’s smile deepened now that they were on this topic.

    “She told me about how you guys commented about me…” Jian Qi glanced at everyone and then continued, “Turns out I am a mean, thick-skinned, arrogant, proud, narcissistic, and sly person. I didn’t know you guys thought so highly of me!”

    Everyone. “…”

    “Big Sister Qi, that was a misunderstanding. Leng Yu must have heard wrongly. We said that you are cute, pretty, smart, have snowy-white skin… and a charming young lady!”

    Lightning smiled bluntly.

    Everyone nodded along. They all wanted to live!

    Jian Qi’s smirk was even more wicked now. “Didn’t you guys lose a bet last time? I know what I need you guys to do now.”

    “What is it?” Lightning looked at her, entirely defenseless.

    Jian Qi laughed hysterically.


    Meanwhile, in the room, Leng Yu reported her mission back to Tang Jinyu.

    “We will be assisting the counter-terrorists on a mission next month, and the snow mountain training this month is to improve on the bond between you guys and the new recruits.” Tang Jinyu looked at her and asked, “Is there any problem on your side?”

    Leng Yu shook her head. “Nope. I can go back to training any time.”

    Tang Jinyu nodded. He got up and handed over a backpack to her. “These are yours.”

    “You’ll be staying next door with Jian Qi. If she ever annoys you, I’ll allow any kind of violence to keep her quiet!”

    Leng Yu. “…”

    “Lightning and the others said that Jian Qi has been flirting with you. Boss, are you using this as a chance to get revenge on her?”

    Leng Yu said it out of curiosity and she meant no harm at all.

    Tang Jinyu was startled and then he changed the topic, “Since you just got back, you should go get some rest and then resume training with them tomorrow afternoon.”

    Leng Yu did not continue asking about the question that Tang Jinyu had just ignored. She nodded and left.

    After the door was closed up, Tang Jinyu took a deep breath.