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Chapter 253 - Solve

The Queen of Everything
     Chapter 253: Solve

    During this peaceful moment, everyone was suddenly shocked.

    Even the people in the nearby carriages looked over.

    Everyone was stunned.

    The beautiful and delicate girl had extended a hand expressionlessly and grabbed the fat man's wrist tightly, almost twisting it into a 180-degree spin. While her eyes showed no emotion, she exerted force on her hand and there was a crack. Almost everyone had sensed that terrifying sound that made their hair stand on end.


    The fat man screamed miserably. Le Anqi was scared out of her wits and rushed over.

    "Let go! Let go!"

    As the man screamed, sweat broke out on his forehead due to the intense pain. His face turned red.

    Su Cha's eyes remained calm the entire time. Because she was too calm, it was also too scary.

    "Su… Su Cha…"

    Le Anqi curled up next to her. Just now, when she'd felt something strange, she was scared.

    This was the first time she had encountered something like this, and the other party's height was especially too oppressive. She'd panicked immediately.

    She did not expect Su Cha to teach him a lesson so decisively.

    "The train has arrived…"

    When the train reached a stop, some panicked people started to get out of the car. The fat man's hand was hurting so much that he almost lost consciousness. He endured the pain and wanted to follow the crowd.

    Su Cha squinted her eyes and grabbed the man's wrist tightly. The moment she saw a gap, she flung her hand and raised her leg to give him a heavy kick. In an instant, the tall man was kicked out, and with a "bang," he crashed into a pillar that was right in front of her.

    The train doors closed when the stop was over. By the time the man could react, the train had already left.

    The surrounding passengers looked at Su Cha in shock and admiration. No one expected that this refined young girl would have such strength.

    Some people did not know why they suddenly started fighting, but they could roughly guess the reason.

    A few others quietly put away their phones.

    Now that videos and many apps were popular, people would often take pictures of others with their phones.

    Su Cha was pretty. A few boys in the subway had already raised their phones to take photos of her. They did not expect her to show them such a scene.

    As one man looked at the girl's calm face from beginning to end, his heart raced.

    Le Anqi could not help but say in admiration, "Su Cha, you are amazing!"

    She was so anxious that she was about to cry. While she had been trying to think of a solution, Su Cha had already made a decisive move. Le Anqi did not think about whether or not Su Cha did the right thing. If not for the fact that she could not make it in time, she would have gone out to deliver two kicks herself.

    "Are you alright?"

    Su Cha glanced at Le Anqi and ignored everyone else's expressions.

    Le Anqi shook her head. "I'm fine."

    In just a few seconds, Su Cha had made a move. She did not feel that anything she did was wrong and was in a good mood.

    However, Le Anqi was now afraid of the subway. When she saw men approaching her, she subconsciously squeezed towards Su Cha.

    Le Anqi heaved a sigh of relief when she got off the train.

    She felt that it would be better to take a taxi wherever she went in the future. Or if that's not possible, she should not take the subway when there were too many people…