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Chapter 333 - I’m Back!

She Became a Heartbreaker After Entering the Novel
     Chapter 333: I’m Back!

    All the critics on the internet fell dead silent at the sight of all these irrefutable evidence. There was no more room to fight, it was Ning Meng's complete victory.


    Su Tiantian felt as though she had just been hit hard on the head when she saw this Weibo post. She stared at the screenshots in disbelief. Sourandsweet was Ning Meng? How could this be!?

    She was stunned on the spot and could only sit in the room in a daze. When she finally regained her senses, she abruptly stood up and clenched her fists tightly. Ning Meng must have known early on that she was going to wreak havoc with Lemon Entertainment and had made early preparations just so that she could not say anything in return at this point.

    How could that woman be this poisonously evil!

    Su Tiantian's eyes were smoldering with fury and her body trembled all over in anger. She knew that she was done for. She had been completely outwitted this time!

    Her manager and agent soon rushed into her room, and her agent angrily reproached, "I told you not to act on your own accord but you just refused to listen! I told you not to create so many fake accounts, but you ignored me on this as well! Did you know that people have managed to dig out your fake accounts!"

    It was adding fuel to the fire. Things could not get any worse than this.

    Su Tiantian abruptly turned toward her agent. The agent was about to go mad as he kept looking for people on his phone contact list to delete these online posts.

    "Who would be this indecent to not only hack into your computer and scoop out your pseudonym accounts but even manage to dig out your conversation history with the Internet Navy you hired! This person organized all of these and posted them out!"

    As soon as she heard this, Su Tiantian picked up her phone. "What do you mean the posts could not be deleted? What? They would reappear the moment you delete them? Aren't you a hacker? You can't even deal with such a small matter?!"

    "We're doomed!"

    The manager looked as though she was about to burst into tears. She yelled out, "Who is this immoral person who would bring Sis Tiantian down and even release news that she was slacking off in the production company!? They even had photos of that!"

    The agent fretfully hung up and anxiously contacted the Public Relations Department of the company, however, this situation had been blown way out of proportion, and he knew that there was no saving Su Tiantian anymore. They were beyond salvage. Their only hope was this TV drama!

    The agent stared at Su Tiantian and said to her with conviction. "No matter how intense the blows you're facing now are, you need to film this TV drama right!"

    When Su Tiantian was in the peak of her fame, she had not spared Li Dao any courtesy. Fortunately, the filming for this TV drama was nearing the end, so it would be too late to change the female lead. Still, it was for certain that Li Dao would try to harm her in the remaining filming sessions!

    Just as the agent was thinking about this, Li Dao's voice could be heard from outside the resting area. "Are we not filming for the night anymore? Do you really think that you're some big shot!? How are you not embarrassed for making so many people wait for you?"


    Su Tiantian's reputation was beyond repair and tens of millions of her fans left her fandom. Her various support groups backed by a few Big Vs and their fan group leaders left one by one as well after seeing that sourandsweet was Ning Meng. The entertainment world was shaking with a series of unrest.

    Ning Meng did not care for all of these things anymore. All she cared about was…

    Ning Meng: [I have not gone out for so many days. I'm suffocating! We need to go out and play until we drop tonight! If any of you don't turn up, you're a spineless coward! @Zhen Shanmei @Qi Shan @Su Ye @Fei Bai @Li Shiyao]

    Zhen Shanmei: [I'm in.]

    Qi Shan: [Yeah, me too.]

    Su Ye: [No problem.]

    Li Shiyao: [Okay.]

    Fei Bai: [Can't wait.jpg]

    After she had sent out her message, Ning Meng booked a restaurant for the night and logged into her Weibo. She wanted to savor the moments that Su Tiantian got insulted online, yet, she did not expect to see a new Weibo post from the person she had been observing.

    @NingMeng521: [I'm back!]

    Location: Airport.